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first day as a fully licensed rider on the Firestorm!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by idontlikemondays, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. well after 16 months, 37000kms, 2 points, 4 drops of varying severity, the old faithful VTR250 got rerolled to the humble commuter. (the ventura milk crate tied down on the back confirms and embodies this!)
    And so, after 3 months, about a grands worth of stopping and going upgrades, the firestorm finally got rolled out of the garage for her "first" day of action. it was tuesday actually, not today so the weather was decent.
    Finally getting away from sydney and battling through the mid morning traffic for 40 minutes, i finally hit the F3 and headed for the berowra exit. filling up at the berowra mobil, i finally got onto to what can be described as mothers milk for north sydney riders, the old road. a quick warm up of the tyres next the truck rest area and it was down to business.
    that first 65kmh sweeper was sweet heavan on the firestorm. the bike set up and entered the sweeper effortlesly, and its tractable and strong torque ensured a very dileberate and strong exit. things only got better the other side of cowan and heading down the hill into brooklyn. the storm was completly settled though the bumps of the brooklyn twisties. it really is a delight after the 250, which although will handel the mid corner bumps pretty well, it still requires alot more rider input and assertion to stop the wheels from skipping over the bumps.
    over the other side of the bridge, with all the resurfacing the road quility improved drastically and i felt confindant the give the new baby a bit more squirt up the hill through the twisties. the one thing i came away with more than anything else from this section was how much easier it is to do a hill climb on a bigger bike. on the 250, you would be pinning the throttle reving its tits off, and frantically trying to keep the front as loaded up as possible. its fine if you are feeling energetic, but it does become a bit of an effort after a while, especially when you finished work at midnight the night before.
    no such dramas on the storm. the overall greater feedback from the front and the rear was fantastic, and lazy revs still meant a solid urge from the motor. getting up the top just before road warriors, i was seriously wishing i had another 50 kays or so of twisties to go (even more so than usual), but unfortunatley since i had work at 5, i didnt have time to do the putty loop.
    pulling past road warriors, and onto the long straight, i noticed two dogs on the road near the top of the hill. getting closer, a jack russel and a stafi were buggerising about on the road. as i got closer the jack russel dissapeared. and the staffi had his eye on me. little bastard i thought to myself. sure enough, as i got close to him i slowed right down. he was on the left shoulder, i was on the right, ears pricked and eyes set on me. he went for me. i gave the throttle a hit the rear squirming and fishtailing a fraction. the last i saw of the little mongrel was him barking and trying to latch onto my foot. the rear squirmed and fishtailed again as he clipped the rear rim.
    thats the second time ive had to bork a dog. jeez i feel sorry for posties.
    i got to the calga interchange, and headed back, i didnt want to push my luck on the closed off section, i bet the coppers hang around there.
    stopping at road warriors on the way back for a goffa. everyones head turned when i pulled up next to the other bikes (haha admitedly there were only 5 poeple there).
    as i came out and started into the ginger beer, one of the other blokes came over and started chatting and asking about the storm, mods i'd done etc. as soon as i metioned it was my "first" day on a "real" bike, and instantly the condescending comments started :roll: like "dont go too hard, you might crash you know" thanks for telling me dickhead, its not like i didnt know that already.


    on the way home was just as good, but it was the trip up that has stuck with me, and still etched in my memory like the first day i got my 250 and rode it around the back streets of cammeray.
    the other thing which made a big impression on me is that despite the mnassive gaps on paper between the two VTR's, the same soul shines though of it being a bloody enjoyable bike the ride, happy to take it easy at a cruising pace as much as hitting the throttle and scrapping the pegs.
    i cant wait till i get her on the road again!!


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  2. Congratulations mate, glad to see you enjoyed her so much. Now if you need a spot of fuel and I'm on the same ride, don't be shy to ask :p
  3. Congrats, Dom! Sounds like you've got yourself a fun, yet far more sturdy bike to play on. Somethings are so much easier on a larger bike (other than accelerating), I've just come to realise recently.
  4. Very nice. It's always good to have another Storm rider to rag on :p. I envy you being able to keep the VTR250, I don't think I'll be able too...shame really.

    I'm in the same sort of boat, got my upgrade all lined up just watching the clock now.

    Two weeks as of tomorrow, but who's counting?
  5. ah bloody congrats dom, gotta love the storm, i know exactly the feeling your talking about, after taking mine for the test ride up one of the various mountains up here, watching my sister on her bike disappear in the mirrors, throwing the bike through the corners effortlessly

    everything that took abit of work on the gs, just seemed to happen on the storm, tucking down a little pointing the chin over the left bar, thinking oh this just feels right, twisting on the juice coming out, and the bike lept into overdrive pulling the bike up perfectly on line, setting up for the next series of relatively open sweepers (55 and 65 posted)
  6. Good on u mate, I eill wait for my chance : :LOL:
  7. dude thats my fav ride.

    i originally was a berowra boy....... so lots of riding the old road 4 me (on my moto and pushy).

    not long ago i also live on artarmon road..... very close to cammaray, not much good riding round there, except if ur into dirt.

    we will have 2 go for a ride some time on the old road when im in syd
  8. absolutely mate. i do envy you being in kiama, jamberoo and maq pass! i used to live in cammeray too, where is this dirt you are talking of?!?! the ol 2fiddy dont mind a bit of dirt here and there!

    update: did the oxley and waterfall yesterday, then rode back to sydney, almost 1100kms in one day! (thats including about 8 laps of waterfall way!) jesus i love the storm, i used to think she was too big and heavy for the tight stuff. NAH! she is perfect! easy handeling, with the ball breaking low down punch that you only get from a big twin. and shes just so happy to be thrown from one side to another, with beautiful grip and feedback, yet with forgiving steering geometry. all that torque but does mean you have to be carefull at which point you find the throttle stop, the front dancing when you are mid exit is a little disconcerting at times!
    then for the long slog home, 2.5hour stints were more than doable, the bike is comfy enough for it. i wasnt sad to get home and get that cold beer down my throat but!

    for the oxley crew, all the best coming home today, here's hoping for a safe and incident free day and i'll catch up with ya soon!
  9. 1100kms in a day, outrageous!!! If you don't know the bike now, you'll never know it! Congratulations.
  10. bloody awesome sounding bike too. hear ya for miles coming up Waterfall :LOL:
  11. I loved the storm too thanks dom, nothing like getting left behind by your own bike, :(

    Your bike is a hell of a lot more responsive (Handling, not acceleration) than mine at the lower speeds, but when you get some pace is hard to define which ride hugs the road better, eg our run into dorrigo saturday,