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First Cruiser

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Declant, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Im looking at getting my first cruiser on the learner licence so needs to be under 250, Ive been looking at the kymco venox 250, and honda vt250 mainly, I've read alot about the VT250 but havent been able to get much information on the kymco, ive seen other threads asking the same thing but nothing recent, if you know of one please post a link, any information would be great thanks

  2. And don't forget the Suzuki Intruder 250.
  3. try Kawaski Eliminator. i have had one for exactly a year now. they look bigger than the intruder and virago 250. the only bike that i like as much is the honda custom 250, but they dont ride as well. the kymco venox is the SPITTING image of the honda so its a good looker, for sure, but parts availbility/quality is a ???
  4. There is a dealer not far from my place in brunswick, they mainly specialise in scooters but I'd assume theyd be able to help me out with any more parts, couldnt comment on the quality though, the broucher says they're good though haha

    thanks for the advice, I'll look into the other bikes now
  5. because i spotted the HONDA custom before the eliminator, i was pushing for that initially. then i found a dealer on the way to my work, that sells KYMCO venox. i looked REAL hard at that bike over and over again....

    then as a twist of fate, my barber, (who rides a scooter he bought from that dealer) told me to steer well clear of them, (the dealer not kymco. they sold other brands as well) as they have shocking service dept. they smashed his scooter and made him wait 12 months....for replacement parts.

    so i gave up on the venox after that. but guess what? that dodgy dealer has since closed down. now that is a twist of fate!!

    anyway i have seen ONE venox on the road. i heard a huge note thinking it was a big capacity cruiser, and it was a venox riding past. it made my eliminator sound like a victor mower.....
  6. I'd rather ride your eliminator though JP... You look less like a pretentious prat if you have a small capacity bike that looks the part and nothing more. If you have a small capacity bike with drag pipes, yeah, you're tugging it too much.

    Pretty much every brand does a small capacity cruiser these days. Its just a matter of having a good look around and seeing what you really, really like.

    Harley does a LAMs bike too. (I saw one the other day... unless it was something else re-badged as a harley :rofl:)

    Kymco is a relatively new brand, i'd look that horse in the mouth and ask for references. Could end up with a lemon with little after sale service.

    I'd also advise to go second hand.

    Keep us posted on how you go!
  7. I went into the store today, the one that sells the venox, and spoke to them about it, always hesitant to trust a sales person, but the guy was really helpful, gave me alot of information not just on the bike, but on the brand, he said they sell a lot according to him, (also said they havent had any issues with previous customers, and that people have come back and given them good feedback about it, however i am new to the purchasing of motor vehicles and could be falling into a classic trap) and i actually saw one on my walk home, it does look nice.
    I was thinking of changing the pipes, but wouldnt do that for a while, and not really sure of the price range
  8. Sounds like you were getting a good blow job....

    FCAI Stats

    Bit of a comparison on bike sales... Uh the venox doesn't come up anywhere in there. So I don't know what "lots" is, but it isn't enough to feature on ANY top 10 list. So thats worrying.

    Oooh, just found a better one:

    Total summary

    Kymco sold 120 bikes in 2010 at this time and they have sold the same amount so far this year. Compared to the big 4 who have each sold about 1,000 and hyosung with 400.... If i'm reading it right. Maybe have a poke around and see if you can suss out the sale numbers for ROAD BIKES. Kymco have some impressive combined ATV, Scooter and MC numbers. But if they only sell a few dozen roadies, that really ain't a good thing.

    Its complete BS that they haven't had bad feedback. Either they have and he ain't gona tell you, or the people have been so pissed, that they have gone somewhere else and they have never found out about it.

    I'd be very careful buying one of these fringe brands. I pretty well guarentee you the build quality will be poor and when it comes to time to fix something (because something will break), you will be left high and dry by the dealer and the manufacturer.
  9. I had a look at the Venox when I was looking for a bike. Seemed really damned expensive, especially for a 250. Have you got a price on one?
  10. VIC dealers are flogging them off for $5800.00 'ride away' with 2 years warranty. they are based on the Honda custom (magna 250) as well. try and pick the difference....

    if you read the background on Kymco, the been supplying HONDA with bits an pieces sicne 1963....Also the new BMW 400 trail bike has it engines made by Kymco.

    it sounds like HYO SUNG which supplied SUZUKI with bits and pieces since the 70's. the hyo 650 is supposed to be 'identical' to the suzuki orig.
  11. Do you live in a state that doesn't have LAMS?
  12. 5 grand!!!!

    Hot damn. When he said I cheap, I was thinking like 3... 4 max!!!!

    Anyway, you are right however, Hyosung are making an effort to get into the bike market by making some decent bikes. Kymco are making bikes as a side show to their Scooter enterprises... I know which one I would choose.

    For $5k, I would go buy a second hand look alike from any of the big 4 OR one from Hyosung. I would not buy a new Kymco for that money. Not when you can have a ninja or CBR or GT250R for the same price. In terms of "learn-ability", an entry level sport bike will kick the bejeebus out of a cruiser. And then it will actually kick the bejeebus out of it in the hills :D
  13. thats what i was thinking
  14. @b12mick and Goz
    Yeah I'm in Victoria
  15. and im just not a fan of the look of sports bikes, never have been really
  16. Decant - in Vic under the LAMS scheme you can ride quite q few cruisers up to 650cc so not sure where you got the idea that you are limited to 250 cc from?

    Perhaps some research on Vicroads web site into what you can and can't ride might be an idea beofre restricting yourself unnecessarily

    Having said that, a lot depends on what you will be using the bike for and when / if you plan on upgrading.

    Search the forums - there's a lot of good advice and reviews already on here

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  17. I'm EXTREMELY surprised that the people where you got your L's did not introduce you to the LAMS, did you go straight to vic roads or something?
    There are DOZENS of bikes you can ride over 250cc on LAMs. May I suggest, if you don't like the look of sports bikes, you get a road legalable trail bike? They handle way better than cruisers, and they will have more power to weight to keep you out of trouble, good bikes to learn on.
    Here is a small list of LAMS bikes that will have enough power for you to keep you happy until you are on your unrestricted license:

    Yamaha Virago 535 (XV535) - likely to have starter clutch issues
    Yamaha XVS650
    Honda XR400 | ridden one before, highly recommend, no longer being made
    ....................|}these bikes will require work to make them road legal
    Honda XR600R|
    Suzuki DR650 - my ride, also highly recommend, still in production
    Suzuki DRZ400 (I recommend the DRZ400SM for on road use)

    I've also heard of a Honda XR400R (not learner legal but tame enough for a new rider IMO) being registered as a Honda XR400, so this might also be an option for you.
    Go and have a look at bikesales.com.au and ebay to get a general idea of the purchase price for these motorcycles, make sure you factor in rego, any repairs required and dual sport kits (if you go the XR option) as costs.

    I strongly recommend that YOU DO NOT get a 250 as your first bike, unless it's a nice and grunty 250 like a CBR250RR, but you've mentioned that you don't like sports bikes so you'll be hard pressed to find a grunty one. You WILL get sick of the lack of power after a while, and they WILL NOT have enough power to get you out of trouble.

    DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, I repeat, under ANY circumstances purchase a motorcycle without having somebody who is knowledgeable about on-road bikes with you. The type of person who will most likely tell you not to buy the Kymco Venox. They will also be able to tell if the dealer is trying to take you for a ride. I've made the mistake of purchasing a motorcycle on impulse decision before. The bike looked good, it felt nice when I first rode it after having ridden a 50cc scooter around, and it was dead cheap to buy brand new on road. However it turned out to be a complete and utter piece of crap.

    Get advice on how bikes should feel to sit on. General advice would be: if the bike feels cramped to sit on with both feet on the pegs, don't buy it. If it feels as though the bike was made for you when you sit on it, then that's a good indication that you may have found the right motorcycle for you. But it's not the be all end all either!

    Purchasing a motorcycle, especially your first motorcycle, is one of the best experience any motorcyclist goes through. If done right, you should get a long time of enjoyment out of the motorcycle until you are ready to upgrade. Have fun choosing your first motorcycle and best of luck to you!

    P.S.: If you don't know anyone who knows much about bikes then I'd be more than happy to come with you to have a look at various bikes.
    Also, here is the full list of motorcycles that you are legally able to ride in Victoria on your Ls and red Ps. http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/NR/r...F70D8CCE9/0/LAMSlistpublishedMon16May2011.pdf
    If you find a used learner approved bike for sale, make sure it has the letters LAM (learner approved machine) in the bottom ride hand corner of the registration label, or else the police will try to fine you for not riding a learner approved bike.
  18. The only bike Harley-Davidson has ever made that is on the Victorian LAMS list, is a vintage dirtbike, the Harley-Davidson SS350. Good luck finding one in good condition lol.
  19. youve managed to change my mind on the 250, im looking at the xvs650, http://www.tradingpost.com.au/Automotive/Motorbikes-ATVs/AdNumber=D575801203549?AdOnTop=
    ive read abit about it here ->https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=61920&page=1
    what do you think about the price? im going to go check it out either tomorrow or monday, have a feel of it.
    And i dont have my L's yet, im going on the 20th so thats why i wasnt told about the details of the LAMS.

    I dont really know anyone who is fimilar with bikes, my dad and uncle both rode, but that was over 20 years ago, i cant imagine them being too useful
  20. Well that price isn't too bad I guess, especially coming from Peter Stevens (renowned for being rip offs). If you're going to buy a bike from a dealer I recommend you steer clear of Peter Stevens, because dealerships are likely not to honor their warranty if you get the bike serviced elsewhere, and Peter Stevens are horrendously expensive for even the most basic motorcycle services. So basically, if something big goes wrong with the bike and you've had it serviced elsewhere... you'll basically be up shit creek.
    Make sure you look at dozens of bikes online before deciding. Have you had a look at the trail-type bikes yet? How do you like the look of those?