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First Crash

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gordon, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. Heading to uni on Friday mourning (peak hour), i decided to stop and get a drink of water out of the back pack, hadnt been feeling very well. There was a road about 40m up to turn left at and traffic was stationary so i used the bike lane. Anyways there was a four wheel drive letting through a car into a car park so i didnt see the car until i was 1.5 cars length from it. I thought my reaction rate was top notch and keep the bike straight, although did a nice little n-doe into the rear panel. Bikes all cosmetic and im perfectly find. Didnt even fall ova. Crash speed would of been less the 15km/h, so ive just got a bit of muscle soreness in my sholder and at the time some very sore balls. All i could think of was my god the pain!! But they are all right now!! The bikes at the shop and an assessor is coming on tuesday!!

  2. Every aftermath of a bike crash I've seen in Sydney has been a bike filtering quickly, or using the shoulder/bike-lane/etc where traffic has left a gap for oncoming turning vehicles.

    The turning car pulls out coz well - traffic's stopped right?
    Except not the bike - which promptly T-bones the car.

    Careful! Look! Stand up if you have to! They just can't see you, and it's not an unreasonable assumption on their part that it's clear for them to get through.

    Glad you're well enough to type, dude!
    Best of luck getting repairs and stuff sorted.
  3. Jesus we're dropping like flies. Lift your game VTR riders.
  4. Sounds like you had the reaction time down, otherwise you could have been worse off.
    Good to hear the damage was minimal and your still able to have kids :wink: , and that your bike is alright.
  5. Not everybody is a gangsta as you and haggismaen :LOL:
  6. someone must have cursed vtr riders be it 250's or 1000's :LOL:

    good to hear your alright and no serious damage to the bike
  7. Yeah im pretty damm greatful im alright.

    The thing that annoys me, is i wasnt trying to filter (this time) just wanted a simple drink!! Oh and the other thing, i asked the guy in the 4wd to hang round and be a witness or at least get his number. he told me to get fuked and drove off!! I had my indicator and all on!! Im in the right arnt i?
  8. Custardmaen rides to bloody slow to have any significant off, and I don'y actually ride...I just go down stairs and polish mine with a silk cloth and virgins blood.
  9. unfortunately no you were passing on the left in the bike lane
  10. But i was turning left, and arnt i allowed to travel 50m in the bike lane as long as my indicator is on and that is my intention
  11. yeah but how gangsta do you want he has the 15cent peg repair
  12. That's ghetto brother. Ghetto.
  13. lets just say i wouldnt hold it as gospel, prettu sure the bike lane can not be used by any mototr vehcile at any time, except to cross, but you were passing other road users which could land you in some grief
  14. Should be free Oggy Knobs with every VTR the way this is going!
  15. ha thats what i menat the kero is getting to my head
  16. dont worry you will be next :twisted: :LOL:
  17. i think it was a bad day for VTR250s today.

    at least you reacted ok and not too much pain.
  18. I reckon! :shock: I'm not real keen to follow suit on this 1 either
  19. rida: ditto :shock:
  20. At least you are ok except for sore goolies. They are still making motorbikes. You can always get another.