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First Crash

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Demaros, Aug 21, 2005.

  1. Well yesterday was eventful, i got into my first ever actually car crash. I was turning to fast around a roundabout when i lost my grip on my steerwheel and went over a give way sign and smashed into a van, the give way sign went through the drivers sign window and was about 10 cm's from the drivers head.
    Everyone involved is alright but once my brother gets home i'm most likely gonna lose my car.

    Funny thing is when i checked if my indicator still worked, it did, whats weirder is that my headlight has no intact globe in it but it still works.

  2. ouch. are you insured?

    oh, and glad to hear you're ok :)
  3. Bugger. Gotta get out of driving them cars, man, they're dangerous things. Bikes are MUCH safer.
  4. Yea i'm insuredm and yea i really need to get a bike but i currently have almost $1000 in cop fines.

    My car looks like c@*$ but i drank ALOT of tequilla with my gf at her place so it was a good day.

    Oh btw i no longer have a front licence plate or bumper or right headlight lol
  5. Glad nobody got killed/seriously hurt.

    But $1000 in fines???? :roll: This suggest to me that you either, don't know the road rules or that you are blatently disregarding them. Correct me If i'm wrong.

    Please buddy take care out there!!
  6. i can understand giving it some on the freeway but wat do you get out of that?
  7. hey Demaros, I have been spending a lot of time lately being sorry for you, but I'm beginning to wonder if it's wasted effort when you write stuff like this. I presume the consumption of teqila was AFTER the accident and not before?
    And how can you have $1,000 in outstanding fines? Obviously there's a lot you're not telling us......but I don't know what we are supposed to do as a community when you relate stuff like this???
  8. Glad to hear you didn't kill some inocent road user.
  9. I can't understand what you'd get out of giving it some of the freeway...? :p
  10. Hmmm thinking the same as you hornet !! :?
  11. I hope we don't see you on a bike with $1,000 in fines already, your profile says 18, man you need to stop what you are doing before you go near a bike. :eek: :eek: :eek:
  12. Yea i was drinking after the accident...i don't drive even if i SMELL like alcohol.

    The fines are as followed $174.50 for SPITTING at sunshine on a rainy day (correct me if i'm wrong eswen), 3 overdue parking fines about $131 each, a $200 and $131 speeding fine (both were 6k's over the limit in an open zone) an outstanding TXU bill and a overstanding phone bill. So all up about $944.50. Oh and and upcoming tailgating fine i got about a week ago (not sure how much that is).

    I usually a good driver but everyone has their days when make a few mistakes, this happens to be one of them.
    I've heard of some of the people on this forum doing some dangerous things while on their bikes yet no-one has a go at them. I'm a p-plater of course i test the limits and now i know where my limits lie, i'm not gonna to be going that fast around corner anytime soon or anywhere for that matter. Almost killing someone with a give way sign kinda puts things into perspective.
  13. Let's hope then you learnt something from this and your perspective has changed for the better.
    Glad to hear you are ok.
  14. fcuk em, i'm on your side
  15. I make that $331 in real fines (plus the tailgating one)

    The only one I'd bother passing comment on as being relevant here is the tailgating. A whole 6k over is not all that much especially if it was in a 100 zone). Being tailgated is however (pardon the expression :LOL: ) a pain in the arse...

  16. If it was the same speed over the limit (6km/h) and in the same zone (open) why are your speeding fines a different price?? Speeding fines up here in NSW have the same $$ amount for a fine set to a speed over the limit e.g. 0-15 = $XXX, 16-30 = $XXX, 31-45 = $XXX and 45+ = $XXX(and your fcuked)
  17. Both were in a 60 zone but in different locations. Alexandra parade was one of them, those damn red light/speed cameras, the other i can't remember.
    Seeing as my car is under my brothers name the fines get sent to him then we get them chagned to my name...wat i thought was interesting was that when i got my first one under my brothers name it was about $178, when we changed it into my name it went down to $140..my brother is 32 years old and got a full licence.

    I have learnt alot from it, i haven't sped anywhere since :D
  18. You seemed to be glossing over this fact a little bit don't you think? One line about that and numerous lines about your own woes. Your perspective might need a little more perspective.
  19. If you have a speeding fine after having a clean record you can write a letter and use a single get out of jail free card to change the fine into a warning. Search on the forums it should still be around here somewhere. But I suspect the second fine will eliminate you from eligibility since you'd wouldn't have a clean record in regards to speeding.

    Good to see.
  20. I'm not gonna contest the speeding fines...i was speeding both times so i'm just gonna cop them sweet.

    I'm not glossing over it at all, I don't know about you but almost killing someone over my own stupid mistake kinda makes a big impact on me.