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First crash write up.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by HunkyDory, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. Hey guys.

    Thought I could just describe my first failure on a motorbike, only 3 weeks after having my bike. :'( About 7:30pm on Thursday night, I was on my way to Basketball. I had my mate and fellow NR member just behind me in a staggered formation. And his missus trailing about 2 cars back, in a car.

    So we hit the on ramp, and obviously hit 90 - 100ish to match the freeway speed (100km), almost immediately the merging lane (left lane) was clogged up with idiots who had never seen a police car with flashing lights. This immediately met with idiots slowing down to 40km's per hour (I have to say again) immediately after an onramp, in the merging lane... -_-'

    So I managed to get on, and rode my brake in constantly but smoothly, last remembering I had gone past what was around 80k's an hour, still braking... I was in the right side of the left lane (2 lane freeway) with my mate behind me on the left side, riding staggered formation with sufficient reaction time.

    Anyway, I guess I don't have to explain how dangerous the situation already is, with people merging slower, possible people overtaking from the on-ramp, still riding my own brake, I had a quick peep to see if I could shift over to the next lane and the next second I looked ahead, the person in front of me must have been on the brake pretty hard because I was right behind her.

    Her 4 brakes with ABS were no match for my Ninja 250r at 60 - 70k's. Being an inexperienced rider and being almost about to ride up her ass, I guess I paniced and grabbed too much of the front brake and before I knew it, I had locked up the front brake, it went left and right, pretty swiftly (according to my mate) and I was on the asphalt, rolling. Me not remembering much of the actual incident, I apparently did 3 - 4, gymnast-like rolls with my head finally stopping on the right lane, and most of my body remaining in the right side of the left lane.

    All I remember was getting up, almost instantly after stopping tumbling and running across that left lane and into the emergency lane. My mate had already caught up to my bike by this stage, switched her off, put her back in gear and shifted her off the road. I have no idea where the bike stopped.

    Damage was quite extensive but I guess it could have been worse-off for this situation. 1 side lower-fairing completely scratched, some parts even scratched very coarsely, mutiple cracks in the fairing probably due to the indicator, even though it looked like the indicator was completely sliced off. A section of the rear/tail fender was cracked off along with my singe-seat cowl, exposing all the stuff I had under the rear seat bit. It fell exhaust-side down so there are a few scratches on the exhaust, including a bit off the bottom which looks like it melted and formed a glob of metal, near the bottom of it. My mate recalled plenty of sparks flying when I went off, hence the brake pedal didn't snap off, but infact it had sort of melted and curled inwards along with the brake lever bending very awkwardly.

    Anyway, I was fine, textile jacket held up, only a small hole and some stitching came loose. My Adidas shoes stayed on, hehe, and my JustJeans jeans held up amazingly with the 60 - 70ish k's fall. No holes in the jeans so I got no gravel anywhere. Just really sore right wrist, probably from breaking my fall. Will see how it goes over the next few days, can't fist it yet or put pressure like opening a bottle lid. Will let you know how I go.

    I left her on the road overnight, only with it's steering lock, hoping it would get stolen... To no luck. :p I managed to ride her home, 2 - 3k's, started up promptly, had the old man escort me in a car behind at 40k's the whole way. Seems like forks were still fine. I'll have to get towed to a mechanic in the next week or two though to see if there's any non-cosmetic damage.

    Bike is already a work in progress, decided to replace the entire fairing, along with frame sliders which I had planned to get from day 1, however never got around to it. And I'm sure it would have saved my back pocket if I had got around to doing it. -_-' Fairing arriving from overseas in the next 2 weeks or so. I've already taken off all the fairings etc. Put a cover on her and making sure I start her everyday and let her run for a good few minutes, making sure she still has a pulse. :p

    Anyway, let me know your opinions or questions on the incident. If you've had a similiar situation or how you would react.

    Thanks guys.

  2. What would you do different next time?
  3. Well I'm hoping I never get to another sitation when I get some idiot trying to kill everyone coming off the onramp when jamming their brakes to 40k's to pass a police car with it's lights on in a 100k's zone.

    What I should have done and what I would do next time are very different things. I believe, given that scenario again, without prior knowledge I would have done the same thing. I apparently had distance to overtake but I just didn't know why I didn't change lanes. It could have been that I thought that the cars in the other lane were going to speed past since I was probably travelling at 70k's, opposed to their 100k's when I spotted them in my mirrors.

    However, I know next time not to trust idiots who've never seen a police car with it's lights on... -_-' I guess I'd just have to not think about overtaking next time and just ride with the car infront, hoping not to get crushed from behind? :S
  4. slow down....
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  5. Could the flashing lights have been due to a hazard on the road? Sounds like a long winded excuse to me, I think you summed it up with the words 'my first failure'. If vehicles infront were slowing down for whatever reason with significantly faster vehicles to the right I would have been watching the traffic infront of me in the lane I was in rather than focussing attention on trying to immediately getting in the right lane of vehicles already at freeway speed.
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  6. Nothing on the road, the police car was even on the wrong road for the incident. He stopped on the freeway emergency lane when there was an idiot in a 4wd, trying to get onto the freeway, by cutting a distant parralel road when there was an immediate fence, which he most likely drove through, then another one of those cheese-grater like railings which he didn't even get close to. He managed to bog it like 10 metres before this railing...

    In other words, he probably made it a few metres from this parallel road, which was a good 15 metres from the freeway.
  7. So the question was asked 'what would you do different?' and your response seemed to be 'hope it doesn't happen again' and/or 'nothing'

    If you want to stay above ground I would be re-thinking both answers if I were you

    Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh, but blaming the car in front, cop car, other traffic etc won't help you stay upright....
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  8. Freeway traffic can go from 110km/h to completely stopped in an instant. This wasn't even stopped traffic, it was 40km/h traffic. This situation is going to happen to you (and everyone who drives) again, so best plan ahead for next time that it happens.
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    Glad your OK. A lot if bad luck, but as others have said you only have yourself to blame. Don't worry about what others think of your riding ability on the net. An attitude of I screwed up will keep you alive a lot longer and impress people here a lot more.

    There is a reason they tell you 3 second gap. It seems a lot and with experience you can cut this down. But when you are new, do not have the braking skills, or the advanced observation skills and take longer with head checks it's pretty spot on. And I'm guessing it's the only thing you can blame.

    Again glad you are OK and I hope you learn a lot from this about your riding and attitude.

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  10. In SA you can be booked for not slowing to 40km/h past an emergency vehicle with lights flashing.
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  11. Unlucky to hear that mate, your ninja was good looking too! Glad to hear your back up again and hopefully on the road soon.

    And don't worry, you're a learner, similar situation happened to me so don't kick yourself to much. If anything, it's something you can learn from :)
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  12. Ummm... So in the end, you didn't hit the car that caused you to brake?

    And what was the speed differential?? I mean, it sounds like the cars were in a clusterfek, but the your speed differential was way too high?

    Work through it all as a means of self evaluation, and you tell us how it came about that you crashed.
    I have a pretty good idea, but only you 'know' how it came to bouncing down the road.

    Good that you were unharmed, but with regular jeans and track shoes on, I think you just got lucky. Next time, your shoes could easily be torn off exposing your toes, as well as your knees to humanity's 'cheese grater'.

    So far, I've seen nothing from you except how it's everyone else's fault and you'd do exactly the same thing again!!??? Really!?
    You need a kick up the arsk!
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  13. Thanks to all that posted before, yeah, I understand I was mostly in the wrong for all of this. I just didn't expect idiots to slow down soo slowly, in all my time driving (along with my defensive driving course) I had never experienced such stupidity. Next time I will learn that stupid people are everywhere! :p

    I'm guessing 100% no, since she didn't stop to get my details or even to help, so I'm guessing she must have just sped up and f*cked off.

    Speed differential must have been a good 20k's an hour I'm guessing at the time of coming off. The cars must have been in a clusterfek. because yeah, like I mentioned, as soon as I must have went off, the traffic must have flowed again because she took off almost instantaneously as she had to emergency brake herself. I'm guessing that's the only way she avoided me...

    That hole night I was trying to self evaluate. :p Even to this day I'm trying to self evaluate. For some reason, I think of an easy solution, apply it in my mind and think "what if I did it like this" and lift my hand to see if it actually happened and I get some pain. :p No luck. But I understand what you mean, I need to do some deep thinking on what happened and find out the right solution for next time.
  14. You're inexperienced and you were going too fast for the conditions, plus you were anxious about merging into fast flowing traffic. Take full responsibility for your crash because if you fool yourself into thinking it was someone else's fault you are bound to repeat it.

    Any emergency service vehicle with lights flashing means 'hazard' and slow down. It's law in SA but not in other states. So slow down, look for the hazard. It might be a simple traffic stop or it could be a person collapsed, you don't know. People do funny things around police cars because they are nervous of the police in general. You should expect people to be 'do I slow down or not?' and also gawking / stick-beaking about what's going on (sheep).

    We've all (?) been there. When I was learning I fell off my nice shiny CBR250RR and scuffed the *&!$ out of it... learners like shiny new bikes but in reality need old naked bikes to learn on! Tough lesson, but don't let it get to you, keep soldiering on.
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  15. What got you was speed differential, and failing to react more positively much earlier on...

    But primarily i'm thinking speed differential was your underlaying problem.
    But that's up to you to sort out with some decent reflection. Speed diffential...why? (for instance)
  16. He's on a modern bike-no need to.
  17. I'm no expert but buffering, being aware of your surroundings and anticipating the traffic conditions probably would have saved your shiny bike from sliding along the freeway. Glad to hear you're okay though.
  18. Seems you were not fully aware of your surroundings.
    Freeways with 100km/h speed limits do not have blind corners and at 7:30pm i would assume you could see the flashing lights up ahead if you had been looking. This should have been your signal to slow down and take a bit of extra caution.
    Glad you got out of it ok and consider it 1 chance gone.
  19. Gap


    Quick Head Checks

    Slow the flock down!

    Very pleased that you are able to post here after that accident, good luck.
  20. You broke rule 1 and crashed. You don't get to call others idiots. You weren't mostly in the wrong, you were 100% in the wrong.

    Don't crash. If you do crash, don't blame others when you do unless they happen to drive into you....