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First crash on road

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Enrgkid, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. So yesterday I was riding behind my girlfriend as she drove to work and I was headed home, down Norwest boulevard, and she broke suddenly.

    The annoying thing is, I had plenty of space to brake, but I think I panicked and grabbed to much front brake making me loose control and rear end her. thank fully she's okay and I'm okay except for the tiniest scrape on my knee.

    The ZZR isn't so good, broke the front brake lever and smashed a fairing clip out of place:/ So today I'm scouring the country side to find new brake levers and such.

    Glad I have new fairings on the way.
  2. Whilst I hate hearing about crashes, and I'm glad you're ok, I find the idea of you rear-ending your girlfriend hilarious. Payback's a biatch, huh?

    It's good that you've realized where you may have gone wrong. Reflection on what happened is the only way you're going to improve as a rider. Heal up, get the bike back on the road, and throw your leg back over it. You'll be right, chief :)
  3. Don't you worry, going to get my leg back over today , Got a putty ride planned with some other netriders on Thursday. Not really any healing to do haha
  4. What were the reasons for her braking? Could it have been predicted?
  5. Hey if nothing else, now you have an excuse to do that indicator mod you were talking about! Sure it was the rear end, but still, repairs and restorations :)
  6. We were in a bit of traffic, but she keeps trying to blame herself that she braked to heavily, I personally think a lapse in concentration and a bit too much brake was the culprit.

    I think your right, I have ordered the lenses for the rear indicators, but I think I may also buy new fairings!
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  7. How far behind her were you?
  8. About 1.5 car lengths
  9. That seems fairly close.

    Any reason you were so close behind?
    Where was your focus when this close?
    What position on the road did you have (LHWT, middle, RHWT)?
    Did you have an escape route in mind?
    Do you regularly practice your ebraking?

    When you say lose control, did the bike fall over?

    It's good you didn't get too banged up, but I think this one looks pretty clearly like rider error - but the braking error was just the last error in the causal chain.

    Commiserations all the same.
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  10. ^This because reasons^
  11. I was close cause we had just gone through a round about and it was busy traffic, wasnt doing any more than about 10km, I was in the right of the lane, and had an empty lane next to me, I have practiced emergency braking. about 1 week ago at my stay upright course i did as well as then learner course
  12. You mean 10 km/h?
  13. yes 10km/h
  14. How do you lose control of the bike if you grab too much front brake at 10 km/h? Going that slow I thought it would just stop the bike if you grab too much front brake. Or did you let go of the brake and rear ended the car?

    Not picking on you, just curious.
  15. To be honest I'm not sure, It all went too quick for me to pinpoint exactly what happened
  16. The brake is the one on the right...joking of course glad your ok. look at robsalvv's questions carefully and answer them to yourself honestly,YOU need to know why you ran up your girlfriends backside. Unfortunate turn of phrase that but you know what I mean.
  17. This post is in the wrong forum.
    Rear ending your girlfriend should be in the sexual innuendo forum!

  18. It seems she has forgiven you then?(y)
  19. she has, she tried to claim it was her fault
  20. If the front wheel isn't straight....down you go.