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First crash, cats are scum.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jmroscoe, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. I was going to post this in the Near Miss forum but really it was a 100% hit so didn't think it suit.

    Why cats are scum: Riding around in Sorrento last Sunday in absolutely perfect weather, fiddling around on the bike along the bendier roads to be found there. I was doing about 60km/h on a nice right hand bend when a cat decided to dart out from the bushes straight under my front wheel as I'm leaned over, bike gave way and nose dived to the outside of the turn. Yay!

    Damage: One very deceased cat with no collar, the obvious scrape damage to exhaust, brake lever, brake pedal, mirror, fairings and handlebars that point right when the forks and wheel are straight.
    To myself? Surprisingly little actually, only heavily grazed my right knee against my kevlar jeans. Battlescars on my jacket and boots plus some written off gloves so quite happy with how the gear fared. Although, I am sore as all hell, 'went-to-the-gym-for-9-hours-yesterday' type sore.

    Like I said: Cats are scum.

    This might sound strange to some, but as I'm writing this I'm quite looking forward to starting repairs on the bike really as the only real cost will be fairings (which had some damage when I bought them anyway).

    No real point to this, I just felt like whinging about it!
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  2. Cats aren't scum, their stupid owners are.

    Sorry about your off; good to hear you weren't badly hurt.
  3. Thanks - you're right, but I think I might hold onto the opinion until at least the bike is mended!
    It was upsetting that it died; as it had no collar all I could do was move it off the road and tend to myself
  4. Understandable. And you have to look after yourself first in that case. There's a possibility the cat was microchipped, but unless you want to go to the trouble of taking it to a vet to check, you're not gonna know. My cats are inside cats and don't wear collars as I believe collars are dangerous on cats, but it'd be a cold day in hell before they got out. They have a cat enclosure outside, but no access to the great outdoors - for their safety.
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  5. Good to see your ok and that your gear stopped u from loosing some skin. Glad the cats dead too.
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  6. You just found out why the rest of us stick to kittens
  7. Outdoor cat with out a collar, I'd say it was a stray.

    Anyway sucks about your crash mate. Get it fixed and get riding again. And see a doctor.

  8. I'm sorry guys, I am familiar with the term "killing kittens", but being a newb I have no idea what the relationship is to motorcycles. Can someone please educate me? Using the normal definition, I can see how calling someone a "kitten killer" can apply.
  9. We use the term to annoy @smileedude because his owner is a cat.
  10. Spent all afternoon re-aligning the forks, took me a fair while to realise I hadn't backed the tension off on the top clamps enough, surely enough when I had they popped straight back after a brake dive! Filed back all the graze marks so all up quite happy with the results! I'm convincing myself that the fairing scrapes are just a 'red badge of courage' for the time being.

    Going to go out for a ride tomorrow and make sure everything's alright, not too nervous but I can guarantee I'll still feel a bit wary - possibly a good thing?

    Thanks for the well wishes! Fortunately this hasn't put me off riding at all so perhaps soon I'll pedal my way over for a group ride to harass some of you in person
  11. Expecting??
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  12. I feel that all dogs and cats on the Mornington Peninsula should be taken to the vet and euthanised, the kangaroo population culled, the wombats poisoned, any birds larger than a sparrow shot and all possums trapped and gassed just in case Jmroscoe decides to go for a ride to Sorrento again.
    And don't get me started on those scum dolphins. The ones that eat all the fish when we're trying to have a nice day out fishing. And those fvcking orangutans who suddenly decide they want to live in the jungle that's been earmarked for a palm oil plantation...well shoot them also. I hate animals. When will they realise that the world is all about humans.
  13. cats are scum. (except for smilee.)
  14. BTW...GO CATS.
    Fingers crossed, AFL premiers 2013.
  15. this is what happens if you don't kill kittens.

  16. What was the charge?
  17. Purrfectly reckless driving
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  18. Oh, come on how mate. Some are lovely. Really nice indeed. Take mine for instance. She's got a lovely nature, is very quiet, and her pelt will make a great hat one day...
  19. OP would be charged with causing damage to property and failing to report the accident to police.

  20. Out of interest @Justus if he'd stopped and taken said dead cat to the vet and given the it was microchipped would he have any recourse against the owners of the cat?