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First Crash, bike won't start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Caltrocity, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Just got back from schoolies yesterday. Went for a ride to get some credit for phone and some new earphones. Stoked to get back on bike. Took it real easy because it felt like I'd forgot everything I learned in the few weeks of riding. Came into roundabout and rolled off throttle and took some spastic line into the roundabout. I was tensed up and was on cold tires when chopped the throttle a little as I began to turn. Bike fell from beneath me. Did everything wrong but look through the corner and was a little embarrassed and annoyed. Bike has pretty much no cosmetic damage, same with me. Just got a small scratch on leg. Overflow of coolant or fuel came gushing out. I'm going back in a few hours to see if it will start. I think the carbs can flood when it falls or the spark plugs could have got saturated by the overflow.

    Two people helped me up with the bike. The person that saw me stack drove past me. Thought I'd post for the crappy story and if anyone else has a similar problem in the future it might be able to help them out. I'll update tonight when I check the bike out.

  2. check the kill switch
  3. So had a good time then? Or can't you remember?:hungover:
  4. sounds like it was on its side for a bit... probably just the oil switch....not uncommon for bikes not to start straight off after sitting sideways...
  5. Yea it's a bit patchy. Pretty much being drunk for 7 days straight prior the stack
  6. This.
    Or can flood or maybe a excess of oil up the top of the motor. It's not unusual for a downed bike to take quite and lot of churning on the starter before it'll fire. And then belch clouds of oil smoke before it clears.
  7. Turns over though? Still enough fuel left? Fuel line intact?

    I'd be finding a big hill and roll starting it -- but I'm kinda stubborn.
  8. It's now running. Charged battery. Guessing carbs were flooded
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