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First Contact

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mrp, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. I've had my l's for about 3 months now and am starting to feel confident in reading all the different situations on the road. Untill today.
    I was cruising down buckley st essendon at about 4pm. There was alot of traffic and I was taking it easy and concentrating on not going to fast but as I passed a line of cars in the right lane (i was in the left) I saw a a big suv pull out from the other side of the road to get into a side street. I was only about 10 metres away from where they pulled out. My first thought was to try and break but I knew as soon as I started to skid the rear I had no chance of breaking. I tried to veer left to give the car time to stop and THANKFULLY after being over half way into my lane they slowed down but it was to late they hit my exhaust as I was skidding so it flung the bike left ALOT. It's hard to remember exactly how I stayed on, I know I woulda been doin like 35-40kph when I hit the car. Since my bike was sliding while i hit the car it kinda just bounced of and didn't cause to much damage so I'm happy bout that.

    Scared the shit outta me but it taught me I have to go REALLY slow when passing cars... REALLLLY slow. I've had alot of close calls (as we all have) but this was way scarier then those.. It just happend so quick. Good lesson though :shock:
  2. Hard core.

    Glad you're ok.
  3. I have an FZR250! Did you bust the front fairing and screen? What did the driver say to you after they hit you?

    I am glad I don't live in the suburbs, I would feel so scared riding around with so many people that are out to kill me and do not look out for motorcyclists.

    Did you get hurt?
  4. you got off lightly!

    something i read recently that made me ill:

    very sad indeed. the rider had a lot of yrs riding both on street and track. this was his typical commute to work. the word "brushed" is an interesting word to use in this instance.

  5. They're not out to kill you but they do cause you some moments because they're not looking for you.

    It can be scary but you have to put it out of your mind that they're not all going to continue on and hit you. Although some of them do as that mad biatch did to me 4 weeks ago.

    I will be on the road again next week and will have to continue on as I did before. Keep an eye out but don't be paranoid. Tell you what, you can gt complacent with them so best to be very alert without being neurotic. Fine balance I suppose.
  6. I was coming up springvale rd and I saw an L-plater piss past me in slow moving traffic dodging everything with no indication of which lane he was going in to....one spot to tight and he was pig food.

    Some L platers getting a bit to bold for the stopping without killing yourself manoeuvre.
  7. The driver fled after they hit me, I stopped and looked back to see them drive away like nothing happend.. I didn't have my mobile to chuck in there liscence plate and could only remeber QWE-XXX. The traffic was real backed up so people were asking from ther cars if I was alright and they waited for me to get going again

    Only damage I spotted was on my exhaust and it's just some scratches and a bit of paint I think... The more I think about it (like if it hit my leg, or it hooked on something) the more I realise I was really lucky. I'm not ganna let this stop me riding when I want to though. fcuk that riding is to fun :)
  8. Glad you lived to tell the tale. The more I read such things the more I hate riding on the road.
  9. Sounds like they did everything wrong and you did everything right: nice riding. Pity you couldn't get the full number 'cos they deserve the weight for fleeing the scene of an accident. Might still be worth going to the cops with the partial number and a description of the vehicle.
  10. Absolutely, try and get this pecker done for as much as possible its ****s like this that should be banned for life from driving.
  11. Don't forget that, just because the back locks up and starts to slide, there's still most of the braking left on the front. Straightening up and braking hard (which is about 80% front brake) is the quickest way to get rid of speed, which can at least make for a slower impact.

    Its hard to tell what you did from the text, but if you watch some of the GP riders (McCoy was a classic) the back end gets hugely squirrely and they still keep the bike pointed in the right direction. Point is that there are still things you can do when the back locks up (even though its better not to lock it).

    I learnt the hard way - a chookie with knobbies on wet Sydney roads made for very twitchy back ends under brakes. Now I have the same fun with Canberra rondabouts early on winter mornings. Practicing emergency braking so that you've got both tyres just starting to 'chirp' (and neither locked up) is the best way to ensure you've honed your skills.

    And its not paranoia if they really are trying to kill you (and that's usually a reasonable assumption when on any bike)
  12. Yeah but the problem then is keeping the front under correct breaking control so you don't highside.
  13. You managed to keep it upright? :shock: :applause:
    And yeah, I'd be going to the cops with the details you have. Probably won't result in anything, but you've got to try with runners like that.
  14. Kudos for not binning it. Get a moment about once a fortnight, the suburbs are fine, just when you get to the inner shitty.

    Report it anyway, they damaged your baby, and its hard to not notice a metalling "bang" from the front end.
  15. Yep I could have gone for the break but since I have a single disc from 89 that's nothin special doesn't inspire me with confidence. There's a real grab half way on the front which would cause big trouble if I went to break really quick. So I always ease it on to full breaks and never grab at it... I've almost stacked it practicing it.
    I ended up giving up on breaking and swerved left to avoid a head on collision into the side of that car. Didn't wanna just release the rear brake during an emergency turn so my rear tyre got left behind while my front wanted to go left. Somehow I got it straight with a little bit of help from that shithead and his car, that's all I know :p
  16. :cry: good luck getting the cops to do anything tho. i got hit by a drunk driver once who fled the scene after a security guard witnessed it and called the cops. he left the car there, but the cops said they couldn't charge him cos they couldn't be sure that it was him driving it! bollocks!
  17. In that sort of situation it is sometimes possible to take civil action. You need to ensure that your out of pocket costs make it worth it though... and if you have insurance (claimable insurance) then it's probably not.