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First Commute

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by AndR3w, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. Had my L's a month now, and my new R3 a couple of weeks. 275km on the clock and today I took on my first commute through the mean streets of Melbourne travelling from Cheltenham to Docklands.

    On the way in - took Beach Road, which worked out pretty well. Door to door in about 45 minutes. Still a learner so strictly no lane splitting allowed - although I don't think I'd have the nerve for it yet anyway. Coming home, took on the Nepean Highway. Not used to 70kph+ so felt nervous and that was made worse by the wind buffeting. It's pretty breezy today but I really felt I was being blow around in my lane at higher speeds.

    Got there and back safe and sound and even did a bit of work in between. Have to confess I visited by bike at lunchtime. That's not too weird is it?

    Comments, tips and encouragement appreciated.

    A new milestone today. Pretty stoked.
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  2. Stay loose in the shoulders, keep your elbows bent, grip the tank with your knees, relax, relax, relax, but stay alert and scan at least 100m ahead. Keep your head up and focused on where you want to go, the rest of what you need to worry about is secondary to the rest above.
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  3. Well done!

    If things get a bit overwhelming, pull over into a parking spot or a side street. Just sit and take a few deep breaths, loosen up and calm down. Watch the traffic for awhile; see what it does. It's a different perspective from the side, and it'll let you calm down then get back into it in a better frame of mind.
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  4. Congrats!

    Just take your time and work yourself into the ride. Keep up the good work :)
  5. Congrats! Feels good to reach milestones. :)
  6. Awesome...

    Been to the Saturday practice yet?

    That's off beach road as well...

  7. well done :)
  8. Congrats Andrew :)
  9. Yep, Well done.
    I think it's normal to go and look at / fondle your bike at lunch on the first day, and pretty much every day after that.
    If you don't do it then it's time for a new bike.
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  10. Being from the country Melbourne traffic stresses me out in a car!.......already you're doing better than me!
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  11. with the wind, pretty much what twinny said, remember the bike is around 200 kgs plus your weight so its not going to blow over, its more like sea motion.
    I like hearing that you visit your bike, I do too, at work and home. I would get off the couch go have a look then back to the tv. It just shows your passion for your bike is high :)
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  12. I do that too!.....After a few beers I cant keep my eyes off it!
  13. don't worry yourself about the splitting. I wasn't game enough to even think about it until the end of my L's. only started doing it regularly 4-5 months in
  14. Well Done... It can be very overwhelming event.
    The weather can be a bit off putting, but the biggest advice is just relax as other people have said. Once you relax the bike feels smoother and easier to control.
    I hear the Yamaha R3 is an excellent bike for the beginner look after her, make sure you check the tires and the chain.
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  15. Wow, that's so impressive! As for going to look at your bike, I do it all the time :) Nepean Highway can be daunting, not the speed but the impatience of the drivers who continuously switch lanes without indicating - and I was thinking that to myself yesterday when I was in the car! I'll keep an eye out for you on Beaconsfield Parade - give me a toot as you ride past, I am always looking out my windows at the riders - just can't help myself - ha ha ha
  16. I'm at about the same K's I ride to work almost everyday. Love it!. I'm feeling really confident on my bike now.. not sure if that is entirely a good thing though..:D
    Thinking of going on a long ride to my parents beach house soon in rye.
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  17. Thats what I think when I head down to Melbourne, on the Freeways. The combination of how busy it is, the speed the cars are traveling and the frequency of lane hopping. Dont know how you guys that live in Melbourne do it. Suppose it's all what you're used to, hey?
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  18. Good on you mate, enjoy the freedom. Take your time, and don't rush and you'll enjoy it even more. It is always daunting around Melbourne traffic, just keep your eyes open and always give yourself plenty of room to move out of dangers way.
    I had my first off in 30 odd years a couple of weeks ago, front tyre slid on tram tracks when slowing down for traffic lights, be cautious, they jump up and bite before you know what hit you. Tracks and large metal plates covering road works are damn evil in the wet. Take care and stay upright!
  19. Phew! It's not just me then. As long as you can keep off it after a few! (y)
  20. Good only Andrew.

    Re: people changing lanes without indicating, Just be mindful of the fact a motorbike can "hide" more effectively in a larger vehicles blind spot more effectively than a larger vehicle. It is easy get missed by them that never do head checks before changing lanes.

    I admire your nerve. For someone with so few km up, just getting into it, commute traffic is as tough as it gets.