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First clothing - leather

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Nezumi, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. I've just obtained a cruiser (Honda VT400) and while I wait to do my learners I am looking to get ready to ride with some gear.

    I live in Melbourne, and I stopped in at MARS leather today and had a look at their stuff. It looked good to me, but then again, I don't know what I'm *really* looking for. Armour in the elbows, sure, but from there???

    I intend to ride to and from work, Coburg to the CBD. I will have room to change at work and will leave clothes there.

    After getting my full license I anticipate picking up a Triumph Street Triple or similar naked bike.

    I am looking for recommendations on where I should look for gear, what I should avoid, etc. (e.g. I don't imagine that a race suit or pants that have a distinct bend to the knee, intended for sports bike riding, would be much use on a cruiser?)

  2. I'm putting my face-biting teeth in...
  3. Custom leathers are invariably better quality than mass production stuff, but you have to pay accordingly. Here's a link to an article my partner wrote a while back. It's mainly about race suits, but it does give some tips on the sort of things to look for in all riding gear.

  4. I'm a bit wary about MARS. Looked at their stuff a while ago then went to AMX and the same stuff was there, substantially cheaper. The Peter Stevens clearance centre is worth a look. They are persuasive salesmen so be careful.
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  6. Jacket: any well know brand should be good, look for armour in elbows, shoulders and back
    Pants: since you are commuting get kevlar jeans with armour in knees and possibly hip
    Boots: full length or 3/4 boots, don't get those sneakers style motorcycle boots, they're not going to save your ankle in a crash. Also don't get full length boots that is angled forward, they're design for agressive riding and is pretty uncomfortable off the bike
    Gloves: full gauntlet
    Do you have a helmet yet?
    Peter Stevens clearance centre is a good place to start. They have a large range of gears. When you try the gear on, make sure you spend 15-20 minutes in them at the store, walking around and sitting on a bike to make sure it's comfortable.
  7. Do they make they're own gear or import?

    If they manufacture, then I don't want to be down on them, I'm sure the quality is good but I think they need to get with the times a little. This is not really acceptable race wear these days.

    ML-101_4_2. ML-102_4_2.
  8. Tigerangel in West Melb is worth a look. Pricey but decent stuff and mostly locally made right there.

    FWIW, If you are planning on riding to work, rain, hail or shine, my preference is a good quality textile jacket.
    I own a Tiger Angel leather jacket as well as one of their textile Element jackets. If I were going to do tour and could only take one it woul dbe the textile jacket because it is better over a larger range of temps.
  9. If you are wanting to get 'jeans/kevlars' Takamii on here sells motorlegions, good value and the latest jeans are even better!! Worth asking Takamii about them.
    I bought a leather jackets thru fleabay, turned out the seller was black leather rose in williamstown, I scored a bargain. Another mob that sells online is a place located at philip island, sorry cant think of the name.
    As mentioned above and as always, you get what you pay for!!
  10. Something about me must scream either hard sell or looky lou, because the guys at PS *never* approach me. At Mars the guy I talked to was helpful, didn't push for a sale, didn't push the expensive stuff.

    I guess I'm just being cautious. I wear a suit at work, so kevlar jeans wouldn't make much difference, and I can always get the train in if I have to. I suppose I am happy to lay out some decent money for something that offers bette protection.

    I will probably go on a casual ride every fortnight with a few mates.
  11. They do both, but specialise in custom suits, and modification.

    I've spoken with them recently, they have more modern styles on the racks, but when I asked about getting perforations, or humps, they were very discouraging about doing them.

    Was quoted $1200 for a basic made to measure two-piece suit.

    Having said that, his custom stuff is really high quality, and the zipper is stitched to the leather on the two-piece, (unlike some "off-the-rack" crap, where they only stitch the zipper into the liner)
  12. if you want the best protection and all weather use with great protection for commuting dont get a leather suit dude. leather is great, i own a custom gimoto suit and its amazing. However i dont wear it to uni.

    all the major gear brands, dainese/alpstars etc will make zip together textile suits that are essentially as good as leather. when commuting your not going to slide much, so textile will be fine, what you want is loads of good armour.

    EDIT: I understand if you want leathers but 1200 for that stuff sounds crap. trust me on this. if you are in melbourne, go to a tailor and get them to measure you for gimoto or go to tiger angle, considering you ride a cruiser i would just get simple no sliders black stuff. a race suit will make you look like a dope. Go search for my review on my Gimoto custom measure 2 piece race suit. It was not even much more expensive than that quote and is on a whole different planet to that dated junk.
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  13. If it's made in Australia, $1200 is very cheap for a custom suit.

    Although, a few questions are raised. Has it got modern armour? If not, why not? If they don't do race humps or perforation, why not? If they have more modern suits available, why put that old shit on the website?

    Leather suits have moved on a fair bit in the last 30 years. Let us know how you go :)
  14. The quote included CE approved armour, they'll do perforation at extra cost, but seem to think it weakens structural integrity of the leather.

    No explanation why they wont do race humps.

    They wont do neoprene either, but they'll do stretch leather above knees, rump, etc.

    Agreed, doesn't seem like the greatest marketing move.

    I'm already in contact with you guys about a Gimoto one piece :)
  15. Hmmm. Just to be clear, I'm not thinking of a race suit with knee sliders etc, just something solid and good to wear on the bike.

    So textiles are recommended for everyday riding?
  16. If your riding has a purpose, e.g. going to work, going to uni, going to the shops, running errands etc. textile is pretty much the most convenient option, as its light weight, abrasion resistant enough, waterproof, wind proof, warm as shit etc.

    For pleasure riding, track work, twisty canyon roads etc, leather is best and if you can afford a leather suit then get one because you cannot be more protected when riding.

    I was in at ozmotoleathers today checking out the "asphalt" jacket which is vintage style. While i was there i noticed this textile and leather touring suit thing that gimoto has just released, it has leather in the key areas and textile in the areas that are not prone to sliding much, considering your on a cruiser it might be better suited as its a much less racy look. Might be worth checking out.
  17. My opinion, YES. Try to go for a textile jacket (waterproof) for daily wear & tear. Most good ones can be used all year around (Just remove the thermal lining in summers).

    Leathers are also good (I would say better) but if you are caught in a downpour without a rain jacket then they take ages to dry.

    Option 1 : Get a waterproof/winterproof textile jacket

    Option 2 : Get a leather jacket AND a rain overall to keep with you on a rain forecast day (if you're out and about)

    I've both but prefer to use the textile jacket on a daily basis.

    And also invest in some good thermals if you plan to ride during winter.

    Bike Gear Warehouse are having a massive sale at the moment so check them out as well. Link HERE