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First Class Motorcycles Lilydale

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by HB, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. (y)

    Picked my bike up from there yesterday, after my little off roading attempt last month.

    The guys couldn't have been more helpful. They did a couple of adjustments for me why I was there, to make sure I was happy with it before I took off. Even changed over my rego lablel for me, as it was renewed in the interim. I had it bolted to the seat cos I've lost a couple from being attached to the number plate. Never had my spanners with me, had enough gear to take up on the train.

    They are also cheaper for labour @ $80ph (ex GST) than City West Yamaha where I had last service done, and came in under the ball park figure they had originally quote. Could be worth the 150+ km one way trip, if I need any major work done down the track, or looking for an upgrade.
  2. Yeh they really looked after me as well. Great blokes, happy to sit and chat over a coffee, and they do work rides as well.
  3. Thought you would sneek in there and get away with out any one noticing you, Hahahahaha

    I sprung you, Hahahaha

    Good to see you are back on the road HB.

    Yep, First class are at the end basically of my street, You always get a smile and they are only too willing to help out with any problems or parts for your wheels,

    Top shop,
  4. Under new management?? Great to see, hope they do well.
  5. It was the new management when I went.:cry:

    They did eventually rectify the issue I had with them, but that was after several phone calls, emails etc.

    Also pi$$ed me off because at the time I got the impression if I had been a guy telling them it wasn't right they would have said, yeah drop by and we will have another look.

    First Class motorcyles were totally different, even felt they were being extra caring because of my gender and not in a condescending way either.
  6. Seems to happen to me a lot, can be miles from home and at somewhere where I only know one person within 100 km radius and yep, they see me.

    It was only 3 days after I moved down here and I was a Waurn Ponds, heard someone call my name and didn't even turn around, thinking it was someone else they were calling. It was actually my nephew who has stables on 25 acres down at Moriac, who rarely goes to Waurn Ponds.
  7. HB ......I've been dealing with these guys for longer than I care to remember, they run the Best spare parts and work shop out of all the bike shops I have dealt with over the years and it's a few believe me, and there cheaper than most.

    If you live in the south/east, east or north /east give these guys a go......you will be surprised :) at how much better they are.....

    Cheers B
  8. Thanks for the feedback. My 20K km service is a few months away so need to start looking for a good service shop.

    Who's the main contact person there, B?
  9. Dave is the boss in the service dept, he will look after you :)

    Cheers B
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  10. Not another Dave!! This will a easy name to remember. :p

    Thanks Mr B. Appreciate it.
  11. No problem Lazy :) and if you need spares Ben is the man to talk to, you might even be offered a beer or a coffee while your waiting lol

    Cheers B
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  12. Thanks for letting LL know B, would have done myself, but ............](*,)

    Dealt with Dave for the actual bike repairs & was actually talking to Ben on the phone yesterday in regards to a part for my helmet that I only realised on Saturday was broken. They never had a new one that fitted me, the XS Rjays was too big & the XXS Shoei was too small. Ben taped the visor in place for me so I could get home.
  13. No worries HB...... I nearly forgot to look at this thread and replies, like to help if I can :)

    Cheers B