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First city ride into sydney

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Danhendo888, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. first city ride into the city of sydney!
    Feel kinda sh*t though..
    good chance i ran thru a yellow light as it was turning red..
    i'm on my Ls..
    and its the long weekend..
    f**k me..

    worst case scenario not sure what happens next.. licence cancellation or some kind of suspension for 6 months maybe

    good times lol

  2. Did the lights have a camera? I don't know about Sydney but not every set of lights has a red light camera ?
  3. If the camera faces you it cannot get your number plate. Good luck!
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  4. Yes unfortunately it was an intersection (on parramatta rd actually) with a camera, even had the red light camera warning signs :-(
  5. I'll keep that in mind :]
  6. From RMS info, double demerits do not apply for red light offence. Speeding, seatbelts & helmet offences get doubled.

    Hopefully your timing was ok & you didn't trigger the camera.
    I know that the camera at Sloane Street on Parramatta Road gets a lot of use. But mostly for people going over 60 through there.
  7. Do you mean that the light was red when you hit the line (only way the a camera would have gone off). Were there vehicles behind you?

    If it was yellow then subrule 3 will still apply

  8. i think i was over line but only JUST (0.5 to 1.5m over the line) as the light turned red..
    i was the only vehicle to go through the lights, no other cars behind me

    i could have stopped but didn't (i would have had to put some effort into the brakes although not to the extent of subrule 3).

    if you were in the cars behind me, it would have looked as though i passed a red light or extremely close..

    hopefully i don't get a letter in the mail :-(
  9. If you were to get any fines, you'd know by the end of the week.The NSW govt like to get their revenue quick smart. I remember getting a warning letter within 2 days when they first installed the red light/speeding camera at Rozelle. Luckily the letter was a warning, since there was a one month grace period for motorists to get used to the lights :-/