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First case of road rage today :) - Shazza yelled at me

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wang chung, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,

    I was coming home from work, traffic backed up. Nice fat lanes, nice and easy to split. I only did it 2 or 3 times, then the road narrows and there is not much gap to split.
    So i imagine Shazza would of been at the front, the lights would of turned green and i would of not quite been at the front, then i would of hammerd it to make it to the front - Doing say 60 to 80km

    After 5 minutes of me doing my last bit of splitting i notice a car tail gating me, i stop at the lights. I hear someone, i turn around.

    "what ya doing ya fcukhead, you tear past me back at the lights then drive like a old fcukin mole"

    I didn't say anything, just trying to absorb what she said.

    The lights turn green she over takes me at high speed.

    After she does that i overtake on the wrong side of the road, weave some traffic honk my horn as i blast past her then weave some more ( Damm, if only i could do wheelies )and im off giggiling like a school girl :cool:

    Thinking back now.. There was no room for me to keep going fast, i wasn't holding the traffic up or anything. Well if i wasn't there she might of weaved between one or 2 cars if she really tried? - I could of if i split at 80+ KM. But generally i don't do that unless i wanna have abit fun or im pissed off.
    This was in a 80 & 70 zone.

    Im pretty happy, i got the last laugh.
    Just like a true biker i did my talking with the bike :LOL:

    So What does Netrider think of my / her actions ?
  2. :rofl: I think you did exactly what most people would've done except they wouldn't have admitted it.

    Thats what you get when you work in an area like that.
    Shazza :LOL:
  3. You rock ! !

    Would have done the same , when im in my alter ego state.

    You just dont care, you can stay, charlie and I like you.

    Is a Shazza a rich bogan ?
  4. :LOL: I get yelled at all the time for lane splitting by jealous cagers, I just smile and nod then proceed to split and get to my desitnation far before they get to theirs :p
  5. Eh?! I've never been yelled at, most people try and give more room, to which I give them a wave to say thanks.
  6. If your getting yelled at on a regular basis your doing something wrong...

    I've only been yelled at once, barely touched the guys mirror and he got out and started screaming at me, that he would "punch my fcuking head in" becuase I was aparently an arrogant prick.

    Should have seen the look on his face when he realised i was a girl :roll:

    I think his name was bazza :LOL:

    anyway, nice one matty :rofl: you did it well!
  7. when i lane split its not to go fast, its just to be infront of the traffic. if i overtake a van so i can see infront of me im not going to contiunue speeding, im going to do the limit. (depending where i am of course) so stuff the mole. if she has a problem with other traffic on the road maybe she should stay indoors. or catch a train. i assume she would be the crazy lady in the back of the carriage mutering to herself about cats or something and smelling like old dim sims.
  8. If you haven't run that R6 in yet, I doubt you'd be going fast enough ;)
  9. Lane splitting on the Monash in peak hour gets up most of the drivers... they're stuck with nowhere to go and a very long stop start commute home, then bikes keep lane splitting and they get pi$$ed off... I'm usually lane splitting with/behind other bikes and just watch the reactions of frustrated commuters :eek:

    Speaking to non-bike riding commuters at work, they always tell me how much they hate it when bikes lane split on the freeway and how much it pi$$es them off... even had some tell me they'd love to open there door or similar on passing bikes :evil: NOT COOL!!
  10. fireblade, your splitting to slow if you notice people yelling at you on the monash !!
  11. This has been my experience also, have on the odd occassion been lane split by a car but only cause I was riding the white line so that if they hit something it wasn't going to be me!
  12. I only split in stopped traffic.

    Never had anyone yell at me.
    I get to the front, and I make sure NEVER to hold anyone up. Seems to work orright :)

    I think the important question is:

    Was she hot?!?
  13. Have you seen Shazza?

    Yes she was with bazza.
  14. Seems she was really hot!

    (under the collar! lol!)
  15. I never get yelled at by "cagers", strangely all I've been yelled at by, or actually more like talked at by, are push bike riders (traversing precious bike lane for 20 metres) and grumpy seniors (front tire over white line, ooerr). No wait I have had a BMW driver give me an idiot head shake once for something I did that he didn't approve of. Yep it's been tense at times in my world.

  16. Your experience is totally different to mine on the Monash.
    People usually make way and are mostly bike aware since bikes always split between them.
    I make sure I am as visible as possible to oncoming cars when splitting.
    Never been yelled at and the only time i had to laugh was when I was splitting amongst stopped traffic and a driver in a fancy porchsche electronically folded his mirro back towards the car clearing a nice free path for me.
  17. wouldnt that be considered attempted manslaughter?
  18. Seems all you ones saying drivers get annoyed at lane splitters are Victorians? hehe.

    Next time they whine about it remind them of their ability to turn on a heater when it's cold, their airbags that stop them getting hurt in crashes and the roof over their head when it rains.

    Tell them that everytime they see a lane splitter to remember that they're leading 3-1.
  19. 3-2, we are much more sexier.
  20. I wouldn't worry about a bogan yelling at you, they yell at everyone, including their family. It's part of the "I am downtrodden, society owes me" syndrome that is bred into them.
    Never mind they are usually driving a car less than 5 yrs old and live in a new house......it's still society's fault they are lazy and have an attitude problem that stops them being promoted at work!

    Regards, Andrew.