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First carby clean out success

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by basejumper, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Bought a ninja 250 for $500 last week. It would only run on ether squirted up the airbox. So I figured the carbies were blocked. I couldn't blow any air through the petrol feed. I've always been abit scared of carbies with all the little parts inside them.
    Watched a YouTube video on the subject.
    Was a bastard getting them out but once out carefully pulled apart and sprayed and soaked everything in carby clean and got fine wire to clean jets out.
    Happy days, bike fired up straight away.
    Saved myself a few hundred bucks.
    Feeling quite chuffed atm

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  2. I have a mate who when the ultrasonic cleaner doesn't fix blockages he has used number drills, be careful who you tell about using wire or slowly turning by hand drill bits. You will get told not to as removing metal is not good. That's true but sometimes these blockages are not easy to remove. Compressed air is the first thing, then more radical stuff if that doesn't work. I should add, pulling jets and cleaning them should be easy, its the passageways through the carb body under the jets that's hard to clean sometimes.
  3. What are these carby things of which you speak. ;)
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  4. You can avoid the worst of the damage caused by using metal wire or drills (the latter, in the right sizes, used properly, is a valid way of adjusting jet sizes IF you have the skills) by using nylon bristles from an old toothbrush, or a fine piece of copper (not steel) wire from an off cut of electrical flex. Yes, you can get away with using things you probably shouldn't, but it's not hard or expensive to reduce the risk.

    I used a carby cleaner product 'back in the day' that looked like a paint can, but had thick yellowish stuff in it and a steel basket. You put the dismantled carbie in the basket and let it soak in the stuff, then after a time you'd pull it out and let it drain before putting on some safety glasses or a face shield and blowing out the jets and passages with compressed air. It worked brilliantly! WAY more effective than the spray can stuff.
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  5. I'd tell you they were fuel delivery devices attached to some bikes but you'd probably only ask "What are these bike things of which you speak"
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  6. 10735591_1490565561197778_1088286786_n.
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