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First Burn on the CBR250RR

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by destroyer5787, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. Just realised that this topic name is gonna be a bit decieving, i didnt actually get burned lol. Altough the bike was pretty hot afterwards :p

    Had my bike for about a week now and took it out for its first decent ride last night, I am new, only had my license for 3 weeks and only ridden the cb's at hart....

    First of all awesome, that was the feeling of riding the bike down the backstreets hitting the powerband, revving the bike out to 16k and having the wind blowing through my jacket pants and helmet.. i wasnt going fast.. i would have hit 80k's max but it was enough...for this new kid.

    Started out for the first 10 minutes just revving under 6k, practicing turns and emergency stops, then i started to go a bit faster...

    doing about 70km's down a straight around the cornder from my house i hit a few bumps.. to the naked eye there are no bumps on the road but i tihnk the suspension on the bike is a bit loose, i weigh 92 kg 178cm and i got some pretty decent air off the seat of the bike.... this was extremely scary, obviously the bike picked up the very small bumps on the road....

    cant wait untill i get all the gear.. atm only got one of those bravo style jackets and hard yakka steel capped boots and a dirtbike helmet..:p but soon i'll be all geared up... riding is so much fun, i love my bike!!!

    btw i dont english good if youdidnt notice :p
  2. Just be careful where you enjoy wringing its neck.

    Welcome to the joys of CBR ownership.

    Edit: Aren't you 2000rpm shy :LOL:
    Back out there and try again!
  3. Enjoy !!

    .. is it a 2-stroke? :?
  4. Welcome to the world of 2-stroke sports 250s. They all do that - get used to it, it's all part of the fun :shock:
  5. lol... no its not a 2-stroke...
    though i do know what you mean by 'powerband' :grin:

    And yes, about 3k short of top clock, but still fun down there, non-the-less :)
  6. thanks for the welcomes guys... :)

    :eek: if i got beyong that am i not redlining???
    isnt approaching 18000 rpm really bad... in first gear i am already going at a decent speed :-O :-O
  7. nah these bike love to rev. redlining wont hurt the engine. thats what the revlimiter is for :p keeping in mind u dont cruise around the highway redlining in 2nd gear :p
  8. 18,000rpm is definately not bad for the engine. Just keep it below the redline change the oil regularly and she'll go for along time. The more you ride it the more you'll notice that you dont have to rev it to redline to ride around town.

    On most rides my bike doesn't see over 14,000 rpm and i usually like to change around 10,000rpm.

    Haha wait until you ride a big bike. Then you'll see what a real power band is like. I'm still trying to re-attach my arms :LOL:
  9. Hey mate,

    Thats likely your fault - when you are new (or just generally when you are stressed/scared, etc.) you will have a tight trip on the bars, which stops the front suspension from being able to do its job. Make yourself relax, regularly ask yourself if you are being too tight on the bars? Test is you should always be able to flap your elbows loosely.
  10. It's not bad to bring it close/up to redline. I usually shift at 17500 ish if I'm going somewhere in a hurry.

    It is however bad to sit on 18000 for longer than you need to.
    Some CBR's go to 20000, not sure why, but mine only goes to 18.

    Yep, general tips for bike/CBR ownership:

    Motul 5100 4T Fully synthetic 10W40 About $55 for 4 litres. Change your oil often. Around every 5,000kms if you like to keep it revving.

    I know someone who used 20W50 and they had oil pressure problems on start up, tac tac tac valve noise:...

    Don't ride with the choke on, its only used for starting from cold.
    Don't let it idle/warm up for excessively long periods of time.
    Keep it under 10 000 rpm for the first few kms until the engine warms up a bit.

  11. 4-stroke.
    and if you keep the servicing up to date your bike will run on indefinately. just let it warm up properly then you can have a bit of a go