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first BULL SHI#speeding fine

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by spada stunter, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. i got my first speeding fine today. yer i know i was doing 98 in a 80kph zone and are now 270 bucks out of pocket.but here is the thing i came out of the 80 zone and was going in to 100zone and he fined me even thought i was clearly in the 100kph zone by more than 5 meters. any ways the fine is paid,i hate cops now

  2. was it a traffic cop or fixed camera? i wouldnt have paid it if it were dubious

    then again, you were probably speeding the whole way :)
  3. Yeah you can fight it but you're chances of winning are pretty slim if it's just the cops word against yours. My last speeding fine came as a result of seeing a car parked half off the road/half in the left lane - I sped up to merge into the right lane woried they might open their door, turned out to be an unmarked cop car with a camera :mad:. I don't mind them catching people doing dangerous speeds but I hate it when they're obviously just revenue raising.
  4. First speeding fine... you're lucky. If it only happens once a year, it's a good year for me! :p

    I've had the 64 and 67 in a 60 zone by the same camera (going both ways). Now that was freakin' annoying. :(
  5. If its your first fine, you could have written in to them (the address to write to is on the ticket somewhere). Most people don't know but you generally get let off your first offence (assuming you have no car speeding fines either). If you give some kind of reason and refer to your previous good driving record they usually let you off with a caution. You could have advised you were accelerating as into the 100km/hr zone, which is valid. Though it may also depend on how far over you are, not really sure.

    I haven't had a speeding fine (generally don't bother speeding), but if I do, that'll be the first thing I do.

    I got out of a parking ticket by writing in and complaining to them. One of the the ticket machines in the car park wasn't working (the one closest to me). I couldn't be assed going to another machine so didn't bother (this was in the car park near Luna Park here in Melbourne). Of course I got back and there was a ticket. Wrote to them advising of the fact that their machine was stuffed and wouldn't accept any money, etc, and they cancelled it. Admittedly this is different to a speeding fine, but writing in is generally worth it for a bit of time and a 50c stamp, as opposed to a few hundred dollar fine.

    May have been worth a go anyway.

  6. Yep, that can work (apply for a written warning instead of a fine) but you have to have had a clean record for 3 years and it's only applicable to minor infingements (ie 1 demerit point or less than 15kph over the limit).
  7. Sorry to hear about the fine. (And don't we all hate them)
    Here is some info that was explained to me about speed limit signs.
    When approaching a speed limit sign eg: 80 from a 100 limit you are expected to be doing 80ks by the time you get to the sign.
    But it doesn't work the other way around when going from a lower speed (80) to a higher speed (100). You can't go to 100 until your past the sign.
    This was explained to me a long time ago by the boys in blue.
  8. Well I suggest you get use to B U L L S H I T seeding fines because 9 out of 10 are nothing more than revenue raising. The old days of the Police service being there to protect the community are long gone they are now a business that has to make a profit.

    I have done the same thing as you and paid fines that I thought were crap I now with I had gone to court. I certainly would have with the fine you got. From what you have described you should not have been booked. If you were coming out of an 80 zone and were with in 100 meters of the 100 zone (and were not exceeding the 100) you should not have been booked.

    It is the fact that we as Australians with our apathetic "She'll Be Right" attitude just pay these fines that they raise so much revenue from we suckers. I would like to see us All!! take these B U L L S H I T fines to court and block up the system and then maybe even refuse to pay the fines they can not put us all in jail A STAND needs to be taken.

    My example of a B U L L S H I T fine is I was riding home along the Mulgrave Freeway on a Friday night at around 11:00 pm coming down the hill where VFL Park use to be. The coppers were setting up a Booze Bus so while waiting a pair of coppers sat on the grass easement in the centre of the road. I was travelling with the traffic and yes the traffic was speeding I was travelling with 3 other cars that you could have thrown a butterfly net over us all yet I was the sucker that got pulled over. When ask by a female copper "Why were you speeding" I said I don't really know how fast I was going as I was travelling with the traffic as that is the safest way to do so on the freeway at night , there was a lot of other vehicals on the road. I asked so why was I pulled over when the other traffic was doing the same speed. I was told by a Male copper that his exact words "You WERE AN EASY TARGET WITH ! HEADLIGHT AND I JUST AIMED AT YOU AND WE CAN NOT BOOK EVERYONE" he then confirmed my suspicion that he was a "P R I C K" by saying "I rode a bike to work today".

    Now ok the speed limit on the freeway is 100 km/h but if the traffic is doing 120-130 and you are riding a 200kg motorcycle it is not very safe to sit at 100 km/h with 40+ tonne trucks and cars passing you.

    Any week day at 8:00am or 5:00pm the speed limit is still 100km/h but with the bulk of the traffic lucky to be going any faster than 75km/h it would be equally unsafe to try and do 100km/h. This is the thing that pisses me of the most it is not about SAFETY anymore it is about if we set a speed limit we can get money from anyone who goes faster.

    I have since had an experience when I was riding home from Phillip Island and was paranoid that the coppers would be out so was sticking to the limit. When I was on the single land bit of the Sth Gippsland Hwy near Lang Lang I was tail gated by a Murray Goulburn milk tanker 40+ tonnes all I could see in the mirror was truck grill so I speed up about 5 k's, I kept doing this until I was doing 140 km/h and could still only see truck grill in the mirror luckily buy then we were back on the dual carriage way and I could let him pass and there was no coppers around. Which you will or have noticed there never is a copper when someone is actually doing something that is really dangerous.
  9. First !! I only wish. :shock:

    Dont get me started on these things called "an excuse to raise billions of dollars for the government" :mad:

    I am sitting on thin ice, with only 1 point left, I have to be a very good girl for a while :roll:
  10. I'd much prefer you as a "naughty girl" :LOL:
  11. Well although I'm always upset when you get the good old speeding fine I think in this situation you have to face you were in the wrong.

    The sign is the maximum posted limit, that means that once you cross that sign it is the maximum you can travel in that zone. You have to adjust you're speed so you are never exceeding that speed.

    If you are going from an 80kph to a 100kph zone then you have to be 80 until you are PAST the sign then speed up, if you are going from a 100kph zone to an 80 you have to slow down before the sign so you are doing a max of 80kph once you pass the sign.

    If you were pulled over 5 meters inside the 100kph zone then you definately were speeding before hand as it would take you about 0.2 seconds to travel 5 meters @ 98kph so unless your bike has the best acceleration of any out there you were speeding before you crossed the sign.

    Annoying? Yes
    Revenue Raising? Irrelevant
    Stupid? Mabye
    Legally in the wrong? Yes
  12. Can you please be more specific?

    How long was the 80 zone before it turned into a 100 zone?

    Where was it?

    What time of the day?

    What day of the week?
  13. From what i know and someone linked it to the clauses in the traffic law book. That they can't pull you up for speeding 300 metres before or after the speed sign.

    I'll try find it again if I'm not lazy but i'm quite positive theres a rule about it.
  14. Rubbish
  15. Just goes to show how stupid the whole system is. I mean doing 100 in the 100 zone is considered perfectly acceptable, cross some imaginary line however and all of a sudden that speed is illegal (and according to some also therefore dangerous). Surely they should allow some discretion, put the 80/60 signs a little further out from where they want that speed zone to start and allow a 500m or so "buffer zone". Setting up a camera at the start of a speed zone can only be about revenue raising not safety, if they were really worried about speeding they'd be setting up in the middle of the 60/80 zone to catch those that genuinely are speeding not just those hasty to speed up or a little slow to decelerate (surely jamming the brakes on at the start of an 80 zone is a lot more dangerous than just gradually washing off speed).
  16. Take it to court (should've). Many, if not all, magistrates will throw a speeding charge out if it the offense took place within 50m prior to a zone-up change, and 100m after a zone-down change.

    Yes, legally it is still speeding, but there have been plenty of people who have taken it to court about been booked right at a speed transition point, and here it seems that even the magistrates generally agree that it is just frivolous revenue raising, and unless you get a total prick of a magistrate, then they will generally dismiss the charge.
  17. My last fine was also a joke.

    I got done for 71kms in a 70 zone. 1 km over!!! The idiot of a bike cop thought it was a 60 zone and when I politely informed him that it was a 70 zone and that the too tight lycra pants he was wearing must have been cutting off the blood flow to his brain, he continued to write the ticket anyway.
  18. LOL here is a short list of bulsht speeding fines I got:

    1st, I was pushing a car with my mates as it run out of petrol... finaly we got to the top of the hill and jumped in.. at the bottom of the hill we got puled over... the cop told us he was traveling behind us for the past FIVE kilometers and apparently we never slowed down below 100Km/h in the 80 zone!! LOL I had witnesses... turned out there was another 180B that musthave over taken us...

    2nd, Early sunday I'm coming home from GF's place... a white Commodore pulls out in front of me and starts swerving all over the road... than slows down and speeds up than slows down again to 40... I overtake it only for it to light up like christmas ... Apparently I was doing 101 in a 70 zone.. as it turned out later it was 80 zone and I payed less...
  19. The speeding fine that I got that saw me give up bikes for five and a half years was semi-bullshit. I admit to speeding, but there were definitely extenuating circumstances

    Travelling under the railway bridge is East Malvern on Dandenong Road there, outbound, had a guy in a supercharged Commodore complete with letterbox in hood and visible blower, right up my tail through that S-bend there. I exit the corner (70-zone) and roll it on to about 85kph to get some distance on him and I hear him fire it up. Am in the middle lane (of 3 lanes) and the idiot starts fishtailing it, rear end waving all over the place and headed right for me. Naturally I drop it down and gun it, not wanting to get wiped out from behind by this nutter. Get to about 140kph and pull over into the right hand lane and back off so he could fly by safely, only to have the guy follow me into that lane, now probably going a good 50kph faster that I was (which I was probably doing about 110kph by then and slowing)! I sharply counter-steer left to get out of the way back to the center lane, and I have absolutely no idea how he missed the rear of the bike. He could not have missed it by more than 10cm. Anyway, he's now past and so I slow back to 70kph immediately and watch as a car up ahead pulls onto the road into his lane. Idiot is still doing around 160kph by this time, swerves sharply left narrowly missing taking out the front of the car pulling in, guns it down the road and runs the red light in front of the Tattersalls building which had changed about 4 secs earlier.

    Anyway, I pull up at said lights, adrenaline pumping, concentrating on breathing deeply, trying to calm down, and this copper rocks up screaming at me "YOU'VE JUST BLOODY LOST YOUR LICENSE MATE!". I'm thinking - WTF?

    Pull over, officer pulls out his radar gun, shows me that I was doing 124kph and still accelerating when he dropped the gun and gave chase. Officer is jumping up and down, wanting to charge me with dangerous driving, at which point I arced up and starting getting angry back.

    Me: "Didn't you see the guy nearly kill me and almost take out the other car? If I had braked or maintained the speed limit he would have almost certainly run me down."
    Officer: "Nope! You were the only vehicle on the road!"
    Me: "Is that a telescopic sighted radar gun?"
    Officer: "Yes"
    Me: "So you have no real wide field of view with that do you?"
    Officer: "No"
    Me: "So there could've been another car, but you just didn't see it?"
    Officer (taken aback - but continuing stubbornly): "No - there was no other car"
    Me: "No even the car that pulled onto the road and nearly got taken out?"
    Officer: "No - the road was clear"

    I start getting annoyed, but explain very firmly without losing my temper that I was trying to save my own life, I even gave the number plate of the offending car. Officer could see that I may have had a point, and so met me in the middle ground by agreeing to drop a dangerous driving charge and just issue the ticket with the standard penalties.

    He asks me if I'm going to take it to court. I say: "What's the point? It's just my word against yours, and the magistrates always side with the officers. I'll just be found guilty anyway, and likely cop even more of a penalty." The officer wryly nods.

    Upon thinking about it I realised that I was just thankful that I came out of it unhurt. I took the 6 month license suspension on the chin, sold the bike, and gave up biking for a while to focus on the family and buying the new house.
  20. you were in an 80 zone, you were doing more than 80. Sorry to say it, but you need to quit your whining and get over it.