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First Build - GN250 project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Matt Attack, Jun 6, 2016.

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    XWYzolB. Hello,

    So I ended up buying a cheap gn250, and decided to try my hand at a cafe/brat build.

    Initially i was trying to get this done with a budget in mind, and... well... lets say the first time is always more expensive.

    Anyway, I chose this as a space to document my build.

    so this is the bike, originally I was just going to teach my SO how to ride and then when she was comfortable getting around on her own I was either going to get a Ducati Monster or a HD Forty Eight with visions of us riding around together, there is just something about a babe on a bike.


    However, save riding pillion, her interest started to wane and I started having a look at more things I could do to make this puppy something I would like to ride around on. So I decided to try a build on this and if it went well, I would either get the SO on it or use it as my ride as I do my next build (if I do another build).
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    The first step after getting it was to get it up to spec for RWC.

    not too bad, I took it to them with out changing anything, got my list and got it back to them a few weeks later. they only charged me for one visit, it was cheap and they were lovely!

    i can highly recommend Glenlyon Motors!
    proper safety gear required.

    teh guy i bought it from had the clip ons upside down, which looked fairly cool but would strike the tank, when i returned them to a normal position it made riding a lot easier too.
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    I decided that I Couldn't bare the state of the fuel tank, so i decided to whack a quick black over it until i was ready to restore it to how i want it later
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    The next step was to start to play with the tank height, well at least the rear of it.
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    I got a cheapy seat to replace the factory couch. The seat is only a temporary measure until I can make a custom leather dual saddle.
    however, with everything cheap, it is shit and not what i really wanted, and incorrect size.
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    So soldiering on i decided to fit the seat anyway and get the bike to an almost finished state so i could ride it while I had a few goes at making a new seat, which i anticipate would take more than a few goes.

    i moved the bracket for the pillion support forward to mount the new seat to it, which started a new seat height issue that i am still trying to resolve.
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    I cut and fit a smaller fender, and some new rear lights, but i didnt really like the setup and couldnt find a good place to mount the number plate.
  8. Hi Matt AttackMatt Attack,

    You have a couple of issues, your posts with images or links need moderator approval until you update to a Member. THis should be about 24 hours.
    Secondly you are not embedding images properly. You need the full path including the file extension e.g. .jpg I have been approving and fixing on the fly but you may be best to wait for a bit until your accounts becomes a standard member.

    Also can you cut down on the image sizes, big images don't work well for people on phones and tablets.
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  9. Next step was exhaust, this is before I fit the baffle and it is loud - too loud. I still havent heard it with the baffle due to some goddamn stud bolt issues that are still unresolved...
  10. Hey!
    thanks. sorry i was just adding the URL from the add photo link. Sorry, i will wait until tomorrow to add anymore. sorry mate.

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  11. No worries, can you cut the images sizes down a bit so the page loads quicker. People on mobile devices will have issues. When you embed the image you need the URL of the actual image rather than the IMGUR container page. Right click on the image and copy Location to get that URL.

    Looks like a good project. Welcome to the forum.
  12. Thanks I will do, for teh existing images, should i edit the posts to change the links? sorry for the noob problems
  13. If you have smaller versions of the images then yes. I have modified the current ones already to point to the images you wanted.
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    This is what she looks like at the moment.
    next step, tap and seat some new exhaust stud bolts.
    re wire all the new lights
    cut the front fender
    prime fill and paint the tank, and fenders.
    fit velocity stack,
    jet carby
    fit smaller instrument panel
    wire up smaller idiot lights,
    trim clip ons
    put some new friction plates in the clutch,
    work out what i am going to do with the chain guard

    then polish up the frame
    was also thinking about putting some pinstripes on the tank and fenders.
    possibly bar end mirrors.

    there she is to date. :)
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  15. Getting there mate, keep up the good work! Silver or white pinstripe? Velocity stack will require carb tuning/jetting, dont let that put you off though
  16. Yeah, subscribed for sure. Get in to that puppy.

  17. Got some nice features on that donor. Pluses would be the spokes, and I kinda like the size of that rear wheel too. Sure has potential. Look forward to seeing it develop.
  18. How's it going gang?

    winter has started to subside and i have been back in the workshop on the bike.

    decided to scrap that seat as it just wasn't working for me.

    got the battery sitting on a temporary mount while i wait for a mini battery to arrive, which i will hide under the seat.

    the seat i am going to initially reupholster myself and try and smooth it down a little before tackling my own custom seat.

    ended up changing the rear guard twice and now i have something i really like on there.

    got a few parts still on the way (battery, smaller speedo, new key barrel, and bar end mirrors)

    the only hiccup is a few mechanical issues.

    i put some new clutch plates and springs in, new filter and oil, new clutch cable. it starts and idles fine, but when i shift into first there is a crazy amount of slip when the clutch lever is fully disengaged. i put in 15/40 with no friction reducer agent. I dont really know where i went wrong on this one.

    I have changed the clutch plates, basket, cassette and individual gears on my aprilia before with no trouble, and being a suzuki engine i thought it would be the same process but alas i dont know.

    after i fix the clutch i think i am pretty much done, save the seat and a new shiny tank when i can afford it.

    pics to come!