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First build - Cafe racer

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Badwilly72, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. Hi guys & girls.
    I'm wanting to build a cafe racer. Bikes I'm looking at are
    Honda CB 500
    Yamaha XS 650
    Yamaha XJ 750
    Any other bikes would be great. I would love to score something around the 750cc, but of cause I'll look at anything above 500cc.
    Are you better off starting with a whole bike or a frame and adding?
    Really I'd be greatful for any help on this project. Cheers Will.

  2. Many earlier bikes will suit your cause well. For a heads up and keeping it simple (Easier for your fist time) Your frame is where your style will be dictated from.
    Americans are lucky in that they can weld, mod... do what ever they please almost. We don't have that luxury here, with out expense of paying an engineer to guide your mods etc.

    Tho, in reality. An early frame will fit right into your idea with the square back half of the frame doubling as your bobtail/seat foundation.

    Look for air cooled, steel frames, spoke wheels and of course... Twin shocks. These ingredients are your starting point.
    Tanks can be changed, Modded or fabbed. Rear Bob tails/seat base's can be Fabbed or purchased.

    Clip-ons are easy to find or turn your bars up side down and cut them down an inch to tuck them in.

    Many ways to go. But YES.. start with a complete bike if your doing this for the first time.

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  3. Thnx Dan
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  4. Easiest way is to start with a bike thats already registered in your name. You can avoid drama's with rego branches and RWC, blue slips gummbymint officials etc. Dont let the rego run out. :)
  5. If customising an old bike then the essentials are good frame, good engine, wheels, front shocks and all electrics, from there you can restore/replace without too much drama. I'd be checking out gumtree and ebay, heaps of old rusty bikes looking for a new home.