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First bloke motorbike ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mainstage, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. 14th of April and he's off with some mates . Good for him

    First bloke revs up for charity

    Tony Wright
    National affairs editor of The Age
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    Tim Mathieson. Photo: Andrew Meares
    TIM Mathieson, the Prime Minister's partner and a long-time motorcycle enthusiast, is about to climb into the saddle to raise $100,000 to fight child slavery in Cambodia.

    He plans to ride in a pack of about 50 bikers from Kirribilli House, the Prime Minister's residence in Sydney, to The Lodge in Canberra via Wollongong, Kangaroo Valley and the Hume Highway, astride a brand new machine on loan from BMW.

    Each of his riding partners on the journey from Kirribilli to The Lodge, most of whom will come from the business community, will pay a minimum of $2000 to undertake the ride, and he's inviting some of Australia's best-known motorcycle racers and enthusiasts.

    Among those Mr Mathieson has invited is ''an old mate'', Australian cricketing legend Glenn McGrath, who rides a Ducati Multistrada 1200.

    ''Mick Doohan [five times World Grand Prix 500cc motorcycle champion] was a neighbour of mine when I lived on the Gold Coast, so I'm going to invite him when we catch up at the Melbourne Grand Prix next weekend,'' Mr Mathieson said. ''I'm also going to invite [V8 Supercars driver] Will Davidson, who rides a Ducati.''

    The event, on Sunday, April 14, is being dubbed the ''First Bloke's Ride Against Slavery''.

    It is being organised by Hagar Australia, a charity that supports Cambodian children who have been victims of slavery and human trafficking.

    Part of an international organisation that also operates in Afghanistan and Vietnam, Hagar boasts of having helped about 15,000 women and children restore their lives.

    Money raised by the ride will support the Catch-Up School in Cambodia, which aims to accelerate education for children who have been subject to severe trauma and who have missed years of schooling. The children also receive medical and dental assistance and counselling.

    Mr Mathieson, whose duties as First Bloke include a regular round of charity functions, said he was happy to offer his name and his passion for motorcycling to Hagar's cause.

    ''I was very taken with Cambodia when I visited the country last year with the Prime Minister, and I'm going to visit again in a couple of weeks, this time alone, when I'll see the school and study the work the Hagar organisation is undertaking,'' he said.

    As to Julia Gillard's view of his return to motorcycling, Mr Mathieson said that when she became Prime Minister, Ms Gillard had told him ''I don't think you'll be getting on a motorbike for a while''.

    ''But she doesn't mind me riding bikes every now and then, particularly for charity,'' he said. ''The last bike I rode was a big Harley-Davidson 1300 Fatboy during a Men's Shed visit in Mount Isa last year.

    ''I've owned four BMWs, several Triumphs and a Norton Commando over the years as well as a lot of dirt bikes, and it will feel good to be back on the road. My first bike was a little 55cc Yamaha step-through when I was six, but I don't own anything now.''

    Mr Mathieson has involved himself heavily in charity work since becoming the First Bloke, spotlighting illnesses such as ovarian and prostate cancer and issues such as homelessness and youth mental health.

    Fairfax will accompany Mr Mathieson on his Sydney-Canberra ride next month.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/polit...for-charity-20130308-2frtb.html#ixzz2PI7dgCmC
  2. Good to see!
  3. Could be a change for some positive media around mc on the day . Living in hope
  4. We can only but hope. But don't hold your breath for any goodwill created on the day to last.
  5. Given she's going to lose the election regardless, Jules may as well legalise filtering nationally. Be better than all these class warfare political landmines she's busy planting for the libs to step on
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  6. That'd be great, then she'd be able to be remembered in history as having done one useful thing in her time :)
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  7. AAA credit rating
    Interest rates at a 21 year low
    Unemployment 5.4%
    Growth 3.1
    Low inflation 2.2
    Low net debt 10%
    47B tax cuts
    School bonus
    Paid parental leave
    Lower emissions 8%
    Renewables up 30%
    Coal down 10%
    Tax threshold 18%

    Why don't they just do something
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  8. Books open how many speed cameras setup for the day :eek:
  9. ALL of them! :LOL:
  10. Add to that:

    National fibre broadband network under construction
    Forced adoption apology
    Disability insurance scheme on the way
    Seat on the UN Security Council
    Aus dollar is 3rd currency to be convertible to Yuan (only yesterday)
    Plain packaging on cigarettes
    Increased public health funding
    Harmonisation of work health & safety laws

    That's probably not a complete list and I'm sure there are other big achievements. Not bad for a government ruling through a hung parliament and against one of the most negative oppositions in history.

    I think they might have done something...

    Onto the ride though, looks like a great initiative and sure to gain some media attention with the celebrities lined up. Cambodia is one of the poorest places on earth and really deserves some help after what the people there have been through.
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  11. Yeah, but Gina Rinehart's not happy. That outweighs pretty much everything else.
  12. Gina Rinehart outweighs most things :bolt:
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  13. Had a big thing to post in response but it wouldnt post for some reason, short version I think their both terrible, but for all they've achieved labor have still got it wrong on several occasions as well, and the only way to get an actual good government is if every mp is independent. Will never happen though.

    Also props to Tim on this ride!
  14. so we have the same credit rating, more debt, higher unemployment, reduced interest rates to try and counter the sharp drop in investment and business confidence... we have a promise of an NBN which is currently nowhere near complete and already over budget... (if you want to claim a political promise as an achievement you're grasping at straws - but fair enough)..

    tax cuts for the unemployed, underemployed, or bludgers (and more of all three). levies, duties, tax increases and subsidy reductions for everyone else.

    and the first "bloke" whos a keen "motorcycle enthusiast" who doesn't have his own bike despite living in the lap of luxury at public expense and having multiple garages to keep them in, finds time to put down the scissors and goes for a ride once in a blue moon on a borrowed bike with a few of his "mates". right.
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  15. Fair go, trd, per your own comment he's putting down the scissors and going for a ride. Give the bloke props for doing something right!

    As for the whole "he did/she did/we did/they did" thing, I wouldn't trust a single politician from ANY party without a good reason AND personal experience of their honourable character. NEITHER party can legitimately claim that everything good that happened in their term was completely of their doing. There's always carry over both good and bad from every previous governments, but come election time it's always "It's all us, baby! It's all us!" for the good stuff and condemnation for the other guys for everything bad.
    IMHO nobody who actively seeks power does so for the greater good. Find someone who's willing to give of themselves, do so for no great reward and be bound by the same rules as everybody else and you have a chance of finding a decent one.
    I would propose that anyone entering politics should be made to live as one of the most vulnerable people under their government after every term. Four years in a cushy office and a year as an unemployable, skill-less renter in a rural town with no access to anything but the opportunities available to anyone else in that position. No investments, no family money, no special pensions and no security detail. Just them, their family and their witts. Make the bastards live with the consequences of their decisions and policies.
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  16. +1 well said that man
  17. I would love to see the pollies all get paid either a) the average national wage (including all the unemployed) or b) whatever the public votes they should get.

    To me saying that the guys and girls in the Middle East should have to deal with a huge budget cut in the middle of a war, whilst voting for a 6 figure pay rise for oneself in the cushy office in canberra is hugely hypocritical.

    And as far as negative campaigns go, Abbott has nothing on Labor.

    Opposing a tax on superannuation apparently makes him an "economic wrecking ball" (Penny Wong), every time labor talks about why they should be reelected it's got something to do with stamping their feet and screaming "It'd be worse under Abbott!!!"

    Personally I'd say that opposing the super tax makes him aligned with the publics interest, every comment supporting the super tax that I've seen is about it'll be good for the battlers and the uber rich in their mansions can afford it, yet there's definitely no class warfare agenda *sarcasm*

    Gillard's misogyny speech was yet another example of playing the man and not the game. A well written speech, and I'd agree if Abbott was a misogynist, but he isn't and what Gillard was really saying was "I'm a woman and if you disagree with me then you must be doing it because I'm a woman and not because I'm wrong!"

    Whatever you can say about Abbott possibly being a terrible PM, he has a better team of MP's behind him and I'll take a possibly terrible PM of a definitely terrible Gillard any day, though I'll be voting independent first.

    My only real fear is that the greens will win more influence, which is deeply unsettling...
  18. I think it should be tied to minimum wage.

    if the overall economy does well and lifes good for all, the minimum wage goes up, and so does the polly wage.

    If the country doesn't do better and the minimum wage doesn't get a bump, neither do the pollies.

    and by exactly the same percentage... minimum wage goes up 1%, so do the pollies... not 20%.

    and they should be on the same super as the rest of us.
  19. Her head alone, outweighs most things.
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