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First blast on the Spada

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by journeyman, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. Well took the new (to me) Spada for a bit of a blast today - my first proper ride since my accident a month ago (to the day!)

    What a grouse little bike!! Rode from Alphington to Yarra Glen, out towards Healesville then up the Chum Creek Road - returned through Yarra Glen again and on to Warburton then back through Templestowe to Alphington again - only 150km but enough to get a feel for the bike.

    And it met expectations in every respect. Sat comfortably at 120km/h along the Yarra Glen - Healesville Rd - with more in reserve but I left that for another time. Just magic through the twisties along the Chum Ck Rd - taking it easy at 80-90km/h most of the way through there. And great mileage too - 5.5l for 152km or 3.6l/100km overall - which gives it a range of about 300km from its tiny tank before dropping into reserve.

    So I'm a happy camper - think I can comfortably live with the Spada for the next 12 months or so!!

  2. :shock: :eek: :shock:

    I wish I could get that!!
  3. Ok. I'm sold. If I end up hocking the Across my next bike's a Spada.
  4. I will have to agree with you there... gorgeous little bike the Spada is. I don't know about your predicted 3.6L/100km though... Mine seems to manage about 4.5L/100km, maybe a shade less if I ride at 100 all day. It may seem like I'm "splitting hairs" here, but I just feel that a 200km range is very different to a 300km range on a motorcyle. I do a LOT of 110km/h highway ride and I get about 200/210km's before I get to the reserve. The manual says that the tank is only 11L including a 2L reserve, so that's how I have come about those figures.

    Anyway, I don't mean to try and rain on your parade. Enjoy your Spada, they are simply a beautiful piece of machinery. What colour is yours?
  5. Sounds like you had a good ride today ric...lm local to you so if you ever want to go for a ride let me know.

    Im always keen for a ride but never anyone around to join me..so yell out ok :)

  6. There are many many factors regarding consumption.
    One can do 100kmh and another can do 95 kmh yet the one going faster is using less fuel because they get to 100 kmh slower than someone who opens up full throttle to get to 95.
    There is also weight of the rider, wind conditions, state of tune etc etc etc.
    What consumption you get is not what someone else will get.
  7. Yeah, I suppose that all makes sense. it's just all of the reviews I've read say 4.5L/100km/h, and the guy that I bought it off said that he got about 200-210km to a tank before reserve. The highway riding I do is 100km/h for about 40km's, then 110km/h for the next 50km's (I do it back and forth a lot). Also, I only weigh 70kg's, bike is in a good state of tune, wind conditions vary, mine is tuned for 95 octane fuel so I use 95 or 98. I still get 210km's max. to a tank before I hit reserve.
  8. Well the 3.6l/100km wasn't "predicted" Sam - was actual - though confess that there were no speed records broken in achieving that - 100km/h was about the limit most of the trip with the exception of giving the little Spada a bit of stick between Yarra Glen and Healseville. But did take it for another trip today - up through Whittlesea to King Lake West and on to Flowerdale and Strath Ck to Broadford, then back to town along the Hume at ~110km/h which raised mileage to about 3.8l/100km - which is still pretty damn respectable IMHO! But a bloody gorgeous trip on a bloody gorgeous day!!

    And colour? - is basic black!

    Pity I didn't know that you were local; and up for a ride Julz - my usual riding "buddy" couldn't make it so did todays ride solo. Let's sort a ride some other time eh?

  9. In any case, enjoy your new device... Mine's metallic red. :D
  10. Just yell out if you want to go for a ride Riclin, theres a few of here local.

  11. They're a bloody fun bike. :D
    I don't know what my mileage is, I haven't checked, I'm still in the stage of cracking it open a bit too much...
  12. riclin and R1_lover, I too am local (in Ivanhoe) and would love to catch up for a ride in the not too distant future.

  13. This is great!!!...theres some riders near me...woohoo!!! 8) :LOL:
  14. ........ and there's "Restricted" in Ivanhoe too who PM-ed me a few days ago .... may also be interested??
  15. Fuel consumption sounds good. I've got my CB250 to 375km twice on a tank without going to reserve. First time managed to get only 9L in the tank to refil and the second 11L. Mind you all commuting at an average speed of 50Kmph by the time you take into account stopping for all the traffic lights...:LOL:
  16. speaking of spadas, when they import them, how old r they?
  17. The Spada was made in 1989, but released in 1990 and 1991 as well (from original production run)
  18. Picked up my spada yesterday and rode her home. Was my first ever road ride, and I made it the 35kms or so entirely without incident! (this morning is another story however...)

    Spada is perfect. Predictable yet responsive and just the right size for this shortish lass.
  19. Falshfire Wrote: Spada is perfect. Predictable yet responsive and just the right size for this shortish lass.

    Perfect? That's not what I heard.... Sorry.

    If y'all want to know about Spada's, I've compiled all the info I can find on the net and made a wabpage about them.

    Check the link in my Sig.

    Spada's... love'em.
  20. First ride is soooooooooo much fun