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First bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by banjodog, Dec 8, 2006.

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  1. hey guys im just new here. hows it goin? i've been riding moto-X for a few years now and im moving to a city soon and i wanna get my bike licence. What is this best bike for me that looks cool and goes well. i want a road bike and have been lookin at the Honda CBR250R's. what do u think?

  2. Every learner wants a CBR. They are way too overpriced. If looking cool is all your worried about join the posers and go for it. If not then get yourself a cheap, reliable bike cos in 12 months or so when your off restrictions you will want something alot bigger. Go for something like a CB250, Spada/VTR250, GPX/ZZR250 or Across.
  3. What do I think about CBRs? Overpriced and overrated would be the first things to come to mind.
  4. ok then, i have just been lookin at the hyosung bike and they are pretty cool too. nice lookin and fairly cheap
  5. Hyosungs do have something of a question mark over them with regards to reliabilty and resale - though if you're buying new/near new you'll be covered by a warranty (so you'll only have to put up with the inconvenience of having to take the bike back to be fixed). The Kawasaki GPX is even cheaper new than the Hyo (only around 6k) and has proven reliability - although you'd be best off picking one up that's a couple of years old and saving a few grand. That way you won't lose much (if anything) when you sell it later.
  6. Slap, Slap to you buddy :p

    Thats the last time I let you sleep with me :LOL: :p

    Not overrated... over priced maybe... for someone looking to buy, not looking to sell...
  7. after my latest effort i recomend something cheap but well looked after. A bike that is very common and perferably japanese as they are everywhere so parts and knoweledge is plentiful.
  8. spadaspadaspadaspadaspadaspadaspada
  9. There overrated in the sense that they're usually labelled as being the "fastest" learner bike - even though there's no state where that's actually true (there's always 2-strokes or 400cc bikes). I doubt there'd be much difference between a CBR and a ZXR/FZR/GSXR either. And who wants to sleep with you anyway, you snore :p :LOL:.
  10. I went the GPX route, but to each their own.
  11. ZZR ...but I am biased ! :LOL: Kwkakwakakwakakwaka
  12. They are damn fast... and thats fastest per rebuild cost (for VIC, and other non-lams states) :p

    The FZR250 was able to keep up, the ninja 250 wasn't, and dont know about the gxsr (is there a 250, who knows? :p )...

    I only snore if somethings blocking my throat... ie, too much alcohol! :shock: what were you thinking...
  13. There was a GSXR250 up until I think 1989 - the engine from that is what went on to be used in the Bandit/Katana. Thing is there's more than one way to measure speed - what's fastest up to 100kph could easily have a lower top speed (and that's without taking into account things like corner speed, braking etc). 400cc grey imports or 500cc LAMs bikes should actually be more reliable than a 250 simply because even though they're producing more power and torque overall, they're putting out less power/cc (ie they're less highly tuned). Agreed 2-strokes certainly require more maintanence - but then they're also in a totally different league when it comes to performance (closer to a 600cc supersports than a 4-stroke 250 as far as power/weight goes).
  14. Dude, why don't u look in the bike reviews/ new riders section. This question has been asked a multitude of times :grin:

    (not being mean just suggesting)
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