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first bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by YZF600_OldSchool, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. ok guys i know we have done this before but i am looking for current opinions. My girlfriend is looking seriously at getting into bikes she wants a bike "like mine" which means a full fairing bike. It needs to be learner legal and having tried to talk her into something other than full fairing due to the cost if she drops it i have given up and am now looking for a nice bike for her, fairings and all. We did see a friend of a friends bike that she liked it was zzr250, small and light given that she is only a small girl (just over 5foot) i was wondering if you guys had any other suggestions or is the zzr the way to go i also would like it not to be overly high powered for a learner so sort of looking for a mild sort of bike thanks heaps for any info.

  2. What about a GPX very similar to ZZR only cheaper.
  3. She may want to consider an Across, the boot is very handy. I'm not super tall, just over 5.3 and it's not to heavy or tall.

    Personally though I would encourage her to sit on as many bikes as possible. It's the best way of finding one that is suited to her needs, especially when you need to take into account the weight and seat height of the bike.
  4. Good advice.

    petertadhg: I second the gpx is cheaper and it falls a little better than then the zzr.

  5. Lot of good advice there.Being a Learner,you also said she may have a tendency to drop it,so I take it she is a novice.OK,something comfortable,second hand,light or managable and the great things about these newer model quarter litres is as was stated above,the boot.This means the fuel tank which can be up to 10kg is around upper cylinder height,low centre of gravity means more stable especially at lower speeds where newer riders,and for that case old ones,get wobbly.Power,something that can be fixed no matter what the bike is,so don`t stress about that too much.Legal,roadworthy,suitable.Many different bikes out there,just don`t hock yourself too much incase of damage,spend the extra on decent riding gear
  6. What Heavy said. When I first started looking, on getting L's, my checklist changed heaps before I "got" buying a bike.
    Wonder if there's a "checklist" out there or "tables" for sex/height and weight vs proper bikes etc etc...?!
  7. thanks for the replies guys i haven't seen a GPX for years are there new ones or just the older black and red ones i know? as for the across that was what i had for my first roadbike and although i agree the boot is great (it holds a six pack perfectly) she seems to think that was a bit heavy the decent riding gear is uttmost on my list for her because although im stupid enough to ride in jeans and a t-shirt there is no way she is going to be she did ask about any smaller yamahas i only know of the fzr250 does anyone know how this bike stacks up against the afore mentioned bikes in terms of size weight etc? i don't think that it matters whether it's a yamaha or not but it seems she is wanting hers to be as much like mine as she can.
  8. hello!

    im a girl, 5'3", learner, own zzr250. perfect learners bike for me! got it weighed with about 6 litres of fuel in it and it was 162kgs. i dropped in on the road at the end of my street, coming to a stop, and it only chipped the paint, no cracks in the fairings. i can put both my feet flat on the ground when i am stopped, so it shouldnt be a prob for your girlfriend. i have had no probs mechanically either.

    good luck!!
  9. i started with a fzr250. it was a good honest bike and was very narrow which was perfect for commuting. the deltabox frame looks great, and nice factory exhaust is also easy on the eyes. the butterfly exhaust valve helps low down torque and the thing loves to rev. i tried cbrs, acrosses, gpx/zzrs... in the end i went with the fizzer two fiddy and loved it.