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First bike

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Shanewaj, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. Hi guys
    I am 40 years old, 5'6" never ride a motorcycle before. Just got my Lerner permit.
    I am not the guy who wants to jump on a super bike ... looking at the cruiser types
    I have made a short list.
    Yamaha Vstar 250
    Harley Davidson street 500
    I am not a very strong person though vs650 classic looks cool but I am not sure if I will be able to handle the weight.
    About the harley ... even the dealers are not saying much ... but i really liked the style of the bike.
    Another thing is everyone wants to sell me a honda cb400 or kawasaki ninja they are saying about abs breaks handling lightweight etc ..

    I am so confused at the moment.

    Any advice will be appreciated.


  2. Get the 650 VStar, you'll be happier over your L/P period.
    Weight is no issue really, they're a popular bike for women and men, especially shorter people.
  3. Welcome :cool:
  4. Welcome, as you have a license go and ride some bikes and see what you think. ABS is useful but not essential, and if you really want a cruiser after riding them and some other types (as a comparison), then you'll have narrowed it down considerably.
  5. Thanks for your advice I will go for a test drive soon. I
  6. Welcome to the forum mate.

    Read, read and read some more, go and sit, touch, start,kick as many bikes as you can, go to the learners sessions held in your state if you can to ask, sit, talk about all the different bikes out there.

    Riding is very much an emotional experience. You will one day see 'the bike' that moves you and is meant for you.

    just remember - there are as many opinions as sand on the beach. Only yours matters in the end.
  7. welcome aboard :)

    Heaps of cruisers out there, as others have mentioned try as many as you can

    The XVS 650 is a very popular also consider the VT400

    & if you want to see how u would fit on a bike try this
    Motorcycle Ergonomics
  8. Fixed it for you :smug:
  9. Welcome, Shane1977Shane1977

    A 250cc cruiser is great... For the first week. Some of them struggle to maintain 100km/h. i.e. the Virago.
    Just ask Stever42Stever42
    Go 400cc, or above

    Vulcan S
    V-Star 650
    Yamaha S40

    Cruisers carry their weight low, so it's not a big issue. Check out Utube for ladies picking up fallen Harleys.
    Don't discount bikes you like, due to misconceptions.
    Enjoy the journey, my friend.
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  10. #10 Shane1977, Oct 5, 2016
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2016
    Thanks guys for all the advice ... but today I say a bike
    braaap Mercury ST250 looks great and comes with lifetime warranty.
    I have no clue about them but definitely going to check them out within couple of weeks
    before buying a V-Star 650 ( custom) or yamaha SR400 or may be a custom build version from peter stevens yamaha
  11. Beware Braaap mate, the company is having some financial issues. Search threads on here to find the newspaper links.
  12. A couple of things, some have already been covered.

    Don't limit yourself to cruisers. Try everything you can. Buy the one you like the most.

    If it were me I'd stick with something from the big 4 Japanese manufacturers - you can't go to far wrong with them. From what I've read, stay clear of Braaap.
  13. #13 Shane1977, Oct 9, 2016
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2016
    After seeing the
    I felt like my heart stopped :) its a beautiful bike and exactly what I am looking for.
    So now I will buy a smaller second hand yamaha vstar 250 and till I get my full license.
    No point spending money on something which will be there only as a temporary solution.
    And then next year I will buy the Triumph :)

    Thank you all for ur advices... hope I am taking the right decision.
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  14. So I have these bikes in my list to try test and think
    1. Yamaha virago
    2. Honda cb400
    3. Yamaha sr400
    4. Yamaha vstar 650
    5. Harley Davidson street 500 (don't want to buy an indian made bike thats why it is last in the list though i really loved the style of this bike)
    6. Royal enfield bullet (also indian made ... )

    I know the range is long and weird... cause I have no clue at the moment.
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