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First Bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by NewbieRider, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Basically I am a new rider who has his Full Bike License (Unrestricted). So I dont have much experience at all on motorbikes. However when I am on them I feel comfortable that I am not going to crash. My dilema is what bike to buy.

    I really like Triumph Daytonas or street triples. I think I could manage to control the power just fine (as in not full throttle it everywhere!) but I want to one day be able to push the bike (At a track of course:D). So do you think one of these triumphs would be ok or should I get a learner friendly bike for awhile. (My budget is around 15k)

    Anyway any advice would be great.

  2. I should point out I have ridden a 2009 zx6r a few times (full day riding). I know this is not much experience at all. But just pointing out I have ridden a full size bike before.
  3. I reckon you answered your own question mate. Get a learner friendly bike to start - something that's a bit forgiving when it comes to throttle, brakes etc. Get some k's up and more importantly - some experience and then jump on a Daytona or Triple. :)

    Each to their own of course...it really comes down to getting time on the road and some k's under your belt. Once you've got your confidence up, you'll know when you're ready to take the leap to the dream bike.

    Just my 2c.
  4. Have a test ride of a Honda CB400 and see what you think.

    It IS a LAMS bike which should help support its resale price.
  5. Ok thanks for the advise guys. It just seems a bit of a waste buying a learner bike for a few months to then grow bored of it and sell it for a full size bike. But if it means I will be a better rider then that is what I will do.
  6. Ultimately it's your call. To my way of thinking though - it sounds like your heart is set on a Triumph ;)

    +1 on the CB400. Good bike, great handling, forgiving when it comes to limited experience and the resale is good. Who knows - you may even keep it for quite a while.

    Why not take them all for a test run? If you sh&t your pants on a Daytona or S'triple - then try something more sedate until you find something that works for you :)
  7. My last bike was a street triple - great bike, very easy to ride thanks to the nice spread of torque it had. As long as you're sensible with the throttle wouldn't think you'd have much to worry about.
  8. I can't fault the triples but if you're at all concerned about controlling the bike given your lack of experience, do a search for bikes with multiple power maps. You can put it on 50% (rain mode) until you're ready for more power.
  9. What did you ride for your year on your RE licence? If you don't have much in the way of bike kilometres under your belt, but are now on an open licence after sitting out the probationary year, then why not something like a Ninja 650 or Kawasaki Z750 as a step up? Of course you could ride a Daytona 675 but why not start with a bike you can spend time mastering, not one that could otherwise master you.
  10. I'm more worried about what you're going to do about your nickname, once you're not a newbie anymore...
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  11. So when you say you're off restrictions, did you ride at all asides from that one day on the zx6r? Or did you just get your license and let it sit until the restrictions ran out? If that one day is all the experience you have, I would say definitely get a cheapish LAMs bike to practice on, or you'll bin your fancy dream bike on your way out of the dealership
  12. ^^ Was wondering the same thing. How can someone get an unrestricted licence straight up.

    I didn't have to display Ps etc because of having been on full car licence, but still had LAMS, BAC & pillon restrictions for 12 months.
  13. Thanks for replies guys. I am originally from SA where I got my bike license. You do L test then I went and did P test 3 months later and after a year I had my full license for motorbike. So yeah the only experience I have had is on a friends bike. I am going to check out the Honda CB400 that a few of you recommended. And about the name... I didnt really think that through hahaha. Now I will forever be a newbie :(
  14. CB400, GS500, Ninja 250, CBR 250, VTR 250.

    Most popular lams bikes that would suit you I reckon. I certainly agree with everyone else that spend your time on a lams bike and upgrade when you feel confident enough. Not OVERconfident though. :)
  15. You will probably also find that any one of these bikes should hold it's value fairly well (by virtue of being LAMS), and after the time it would take you to become comfortable on the LAMS bike I wouldn't expect you to end up much worse off financially after you sell it and get a Daytona than you would be if you bought a Daytona today. The obvious assumption here is that when sold the bike is in similar condition to when you bought it.
  16. get a half decent dirtbike, and learn to ride.
    or a crappy road bike.

    please learn to ride before getting a man's bike.
    pet the pussy before you try taming the lion.
    lions are less forgiving of mistakes.

    that is my advice, but do what you want
    (a dirty will still be way fun even when you go on to get a big road bike)
  17. ^ From personal experience, I agree with dgmeister - sans the pussy statement.......
  18. That's not always true depending who's the owner of the pussy.
  19. sometimes the pussy bites ;)