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First Bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by spectre8491, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just wanted to get some opinions on a first bike, currently I am looking at a Ninja 650RL. Anyone out there able to offer any experience with this as a first bike? My only previous experience is riding dirt bikes on the farm growing up, so I'll be pretty much starting out all over again.

    I am also prepared to look at alternatives if anyone has suggestions, I am about 5" 11, 80kgs, got a price range of around 10-12K, will mainly be using the bike for commuting, regular weekend rides, and the occasional longer ride.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. A great bike. Rules around derestricting it and registering it as unrestricted when you finish your P's are vague, however, though I believe mechanically it's simple. If you plan on buying it new and then trading it in and getting something else when your restrictions are done, then don't expect much for it. Looking at BS, there doesn't seem to be many private sales of that bike :/

    I started on a GSX650FU and it was a pretty refined machine. I think the Ninja looks nicer though.
  3. Yeah, I've looked into the derestricting, according to the dealer its a matter of taking a restricting bolt out of the throttle. Not sure as to the legalities of this in regards to re-registering the bike, have a feeling it's not allowed. Have been looking at the 2012 version which looks awesome and retails for around 10K, but until I can work out the rules regarding derestricting, I'm open to suggestions.

    Have also been looking at the SV650S LAMS model which goes for around the same price and looks good as well.
  4. Hey Spectre,

    From memory this issue has come up a couple of time before.

    To summarise, physically derestricting the bike is not an issue. Getting the registration updated to reflect it is no longer LAMS is the sticking point. From all accounts it is doable but it's a time consuming and expensive exercise.

    The other issue that has been mentioned is resale. Apparently LAMS bikes will hold their value better than non-LAMS bikes. So you might be better off selling your LAMS bike when your restrictions are over and upgrading to non restricted machine.

    All other things aside, the 650RL looks great (for a faired bike).

  5. Same problem though; with my 650FU, the only way to derestrict it was to find a non-LAMS ECU and replace it. Now, it's fuzzy. You can't in any way re-register it as being unrestricted (I called the RTA, and got too many conflicting answers, until finally had someone give me a definitive "no") so the best you can hope for is to just ride it and hope that if you have an accident, the insurer doesn't figure it out and decide to deny your insurance claim based on the "illegal" modification.

    Personally, if it were me doing it all again, I'd half the amount of money, and get a second hand bike that isn't restricted, that will hold it's value better with a view to selling it privately in 3.5 years time (assuming you're doing L - P1 - P2, you didn't say what state you're in and it's not in your profile so assuming NSW here).

    With that in mind, I'd take a look at the various 250s and higher on the market which while they won't have as much punch as the 650RL, they will quite happy carry someone of your weight around in style, and you'll definitely be able to take them on longer rides if you are more adventurous.


    Honda CB400 (I see a few newer models around 7.5k on BS, but they're rarer than the rest)
    Honda CBF250 (real cheap with few km on them)
    Kawasaki Ninja 250 (Can get them almost brand new for 6k)
    Kawasaki KLE500 (more upright adventure tourer, but fine for road and infact perfect for commuting - $4800 for a 5yo one on BS in NSW)
    Kawasaki ER-5 (I can see a 6yo with 5k km on BS in Vic for $5k)

    There are others, like the Suzuki GS500 which has been possibly the most recommended large engined LAMS bike on the market, and people seem to love them. But I'd take a DRZ400SM over that even though they're a bit more towards the 8k mark simply cause they're more fun.

    Then you have all the chinese bikes .. I dunno. I guess I'd look at them as being like a pair of disposable sunglasses. They might look ok, but they probably aren't as good in the UV department as a pair of glasses from one of the well known Italian or Japanese manufacturers.

    But yeah. If it was me doing this again, I'd dial back the amount on the bike, and dedicate more money to the gear. Gear that will last, and a better variety based on the riding I'd be doing.. There are a lot of good threads on this topic. All I can say is, beware the kind of shit that people will push at you when you're new. The first set of gear I have, all of it except the pants, was obsoleted within 6 months once I realised how crap it was. If you plan on riding rain hail or shine (and you should, because it's ****ing manly) then the gear will be something you'll want to get right.

    All my opinion, of course, others may view things differently.
  6. This is only true for the unrestricted LAMS bikes. Things like the 650RL and the GSX650FU don't. I spent 11k on my GSX650FU, and felt myself lucky that I got 6.5k trade-in. They were not able to shift the bike for 12 months after I traded it in, so I think I got the better part of that deal.
  7. Thanks for the detailed reply Chrome, given me a bit to consider. Will take it all onboard and look into the other options you listed, Im not in a terrible hurry to buy my bike as I am O/S at the moment, so just making sure I do my homework and checking stuff out/researching until I get back.