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First Bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Vargulf, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Hey all,
    I just joined the site. I'm going for my bike L's later this month. I've always wanted a bike. Funnily enough my mums the one who got me keen she rode a Honda Shadow for 10 yrs, while the old man tells me its too dangerous lol.

    I've been looking into a good bike for learners and have narrowed down my search (with a fair bit of help from threads from you folks) to a GS500 or CB400. I watch my pennys pretty closely so I'm after a relatively cheap naked bike (around 4K tops). I can't seem to find a moderately priced model mentioned less than 10yr old for less than 6K. Am I looking in the wrong places?

    Also say you do buy a spotless 2008 model cb400 or gs500 for 6K and cause no damage, what can you hope to get back for it in 2 or so years?

    Cheers all.
  2. I wouldn't be concerned with the re-sale value of your first bike. Chances are regardless of what condition it is in when you buy it there will be extra scratches and dents by the time you come to sell it.
  3. Vargulf, I was recently in much the same position: the ink was still wet on my L's, I preferred naked bikes on the bases of both looks and practicality (fairing tends to break when a learner inevitably drops their precious bike, so I'm told), and I'd read all good stuff about the GS500 and the CB400.

    I walked into my local bike shop about 45 minutes after I passed my L's test. Lo and behold, there was a 2008 GS500F there that had just been traded in. It hadn't even been serviced or detailed yet. I asked for and was allowed a test ride, even though this bike was faired and therefore not exactly what I was after.

    I got the thing out on the open road, and rolled the throttle all the way up to (ahem) 80km/h. What surprised me was how windy it was. Of course, I live not too far from several wind farms, so that's just something one has to deal with around here. However, my thoughts were that if this was what it's like on a fully faired bike at only (ahem, ahem) 80km/h, it must be crazy windy on a naked bike.

    Four days later, that very faired bike was serviced, detailed, and mine for $5490 (thank you Goulburn Power Centre of Clinton Street, Goulburn), and I couldn't be happier with it. It's got good, balanced power (i.e. not scarily torquey down low or crazy powerful up high), provides a comfortable riding position, in my opinion would not look stupid with touring gear (panniers, tank bags, etc), is very forgiving, and...look, it's just a good honest bike for L plates and - if you wish - beyond.

    Now...where the hell was I going with this...?

    Oh yeah - I guess the morals to my story are these:

    Firstly, reliable, fair quality bikes that are well suited to a certain purpose (e.g. learner legal) will hold their value well. You'll struggle to get either a GS500 or a CB400 less than 10 years old for $4000 in a short timeframe, but if you have patience, you'll probably get lucky eventually.

    Secondly, by all means, form a preconception about what bike you think you'd really like to have, but don't shut out all other possibilities. Keepan open mind.

    Finally, in my humble opinion, the naked GS500 is not as good looking as a CB400, but the two are equally popular as learner rides. The faired GS500F looks good, and either of the two Suzuki models will generally be several thousand dollars cheaper than the CB400. Given all this, if I was you, I'd be leaning towards the GS. Of course, I'm biased. And rambling. More beer please...
  4. Good points from both replys. I know the dream of selling my bike in the same condition I bought it is just that! But just in case... lol.

    Cheers Roly for such a quality reply. You answered heaps of unasked questions. I was worried about the naked's ability to handle a highway with out me feeling id just gone a round with mike tyson. I currently have a 25 yr old hilux and I'm looking forward to a breezier ride in the summer. But I'll test ride a naked and a faired bike after your suggestion. Its mostly for the city but the faired might be worth the extra for those occasional long trips.
    I agree CB400 looks beaut, Suzuki's slightly less so... but they make up for it in price. With limited cash I'm a big fan of caburated too as its cheaper and cold weather....in Brisbane? I even miss the old kick start.

    With the limited spending money mentioned is it worth considering the Hyosung GT650 Comet. Like the other bikes I have looked into them but unlike the others I have not heard good things?
  5. Hyo very heavy and probably not as learner friendly as GS5 and CB400. Anyway google it for some review first and ask for a test ride in the shop.
  6. I understand the Hyosung 650 starts life as a learner legal bike, but the carby is designed to be modified to achieve full power once the L's & P's period is over. However, I'm told this modification will hugely reduces the demand - and therefore the resale value - of the bike. So if you were to go for the Hyo and resale is importamt to you, it may be best to sell it unmodified (i.e. still learner legal) once you're finished with it, rather than modify it to reach its full power potential when you get your blacks.

    Also, I read a 2 wheels article recently about one of the Hyosung Aquila cruiser models. It was far from flattering, in terms of finish and overall product quality, but it shouldn't be assumed that the same applies to all models.
  7. I think the gs500 would be a better bet. The cb400's near your price range are old imported bikes and not a shadow on the 2008+ models. Also have a look at Honda's vtr250, they are a bit cheaper and hold their value well.
  8. Out of your two bikes you narrowed down to, the GS500 would fit your budget. They are a solid bike. Go sit on one and see how you feel. Plus you have a choice of naked or faired :)
  9. Right done GS500 it is, I had a sit LOL which is all I can do so far but it suits my height well - (I'm moving to QLD soon and will get my license there instead).
    Where would you suggest looking for these bikes? I've looked on ebay a month ago there where heaps of gs500s but atm there's barely a thing. Bike point, trading post and bike sales all seems to be a heap more expensive?
    Is there an auction where bikers go or what?

  10. be careful with ebay though, no paypal, cash on pick up only is your choise and inspect the bike before you pay
  11. I don't know why most/all experienced riders say things such as this....

    I bought a 2007 VTR for 5k as a learner - never dropped it, never put mark on it - got it with ~6,000kms on the clock, sold it 18months later for 5K with ~15,000kms on the clock....

    Just because it's your first bike does not guarantee you will hurt it
  12. I'm happy for you, and you are of coarse quite correct. There is no guarantee that you will hurt it.

    But there is a better than even chance you will.
  13. Great to hear bitsat thanx. I look after things pretty well and it's great to know if you are really careful and have a bit of luck you can get back the purchase price (or a bit less) of your l's bike to put towards your dream bike. Makes me more confident spending more for a better L's bike now.
  14. Just found a sick 09' black GS500 full faired for $6500 with RWC and 6 months rego left. Just a question if I get a bike that doesn't have these things whats RWC, and rego for a year cost me (I'm 23).
  15. Have you already bought all your gear?

    Considered your CTP & Insurance costs too?
  16. Lol no. I have no gear yet. I was allowing about 1K for gear. I'll shop online. I'm only going with CTP which I got a quote of $170.p.a. Everyone prob thinks I'm mad but I'm not playing 3000+ for 2 years comprehensive for a bike worth 5-6K. I'm prepared for the cost if I ride the bike off. And I have assets enough to cover my own injuries.
    Gear I'll spend up on I'm not skimping on that...
    So I'm looking at the RWC, rego and CTP cost for a 23 yr old? Anyone able to give me a rough estimate?
  17. Basically wanting a approx RWC, gear and rego cost? I already know CTP.
  18. I suggest you have a look at the "your near misses - a place to vent" section. It's not just a bit of luck, there is quite a lot of luck in your first few months or even years.

    I'll give you 4 examples from my own family.

    I've been riding for 15 years. In that time I've had 3 crashes (i.e. the bike fell over while I was on it), not bad you say. But, I've also dropped a bike off the side stand more than once, usually because I was in a hurry and wasn't thinking.

    My sister has been riding for 13 years. She had lots of little offs when she first started, almost gave up in the first 6 months.

    My wife has been riding for 10 years. She has dropped one bike in a extremely slow crash (she was all but stopped) when her foot slipped out from under her and she fell over. Another time her bike fell over because the side stand sank in unexpectedly soft ground, a lesson she has now learnt.

    My son has been riding for 5 years. I've lost count of how many times his bike has fallen over, been hit, pushed over. He even forgot to put the side stand down once and walked away only to hear the distinct sound of plastic and metal hitting the ground.

    By all means feel more confident, but don't lull yourself into the belief that it won't happen to you.
  19. You know if you hit someone that CTP doesn't cover damage to their property right?
  20. I'm glad you're feeling more "comfortable" but do not confuse this with "confidence"

    My comment was not intended to lure you into thinking that you will get off scott-free with a fully faired learner bike.....personally I would suggest a smaller, lighter naked - such as a VTR.

    I did have "luck" during my learner period, and had some close calls (my first post on Netrider was actually in the near miss category) however I was not 100% green to motorcycling when I decided to get my license - IE the learner course was NOT the first time I rode a MOTO....

    Furthermore I have been a cyclist for over 12 years, in every sense of the word. Technical mountain biking, road racing and demos as well as being an inner city "psycho" commuter for 6+ years (this will hone those spidey senses and tune your peripheral radar like nothing else)

    So be excited, be enthusiastic, be careful and be lucky........

    Cheers (y)