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First bike....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jamesbk, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. Hey all, i'm planning on getting my Ls ASAP (doing 12 hour course cause i've only ridden a bike once many many years ago), was just after some advice regarding my first bike.

    I've had my eye on getting a VTR250 as my first bike to learn on, but my favourite type of bikes are the cruisers (Yamaha XVS650, Hyosung GV650 etc) and noticed these are on the LAMS list. So should i go for something that's probably easier to learn on, or spend a bit more on a bike that i'd love a lot more and probably keep a lot longer than the VTR250?


  2. i decided between the v-star 650 (classic) and the vtr250 when i was on my Ls too!

    the v-star 650 is a lot heavier, so unless you feel fairly confident learning on it, the vtr250 would be a nice choice.

    it also depends on the type of rider you are, if your more into cruising and trips it'd be slightly easier on the v-star.

    all in all, a whole bunch of people on thus forum give the vtr250 the thumbs up

    P.S. i ended up getting the vtr250 :)
  3. The VTR250 is one of the few learner bikes I'm yet to hear someone fault in someway. Probably the best compromise in all aspects - cost, insurance costs, comfort, fuel economy, torque.

    Speaking of which, has anyone noticed that the VTR250 is now back as a new bike from Honda? I've searched around here, but haven't found an explicit thread mentioning its return.

    I think most people will go second hand rather than pay nearly $10k for a 250 though...
  4. Wow! James has been registered and lurking longer than I have! Much longer!

    The best you could probably do is read any reviews you can find on the v-star or search for it in netrider's garage and PM any owners you can find. At least, that's what I think I'd do but I'm almost dead set on a vtr (of course, things may not go as planned) after I go for my L's in 2 weeks.

    Can't wait for these exams to end...
  5. Hi guys....just a noob...throwing in my 2 cents....but ya might wanna consider a GS500...not a very heavy bike and real easy to learn on :)
  6. +1. It's what I learnt on and I still miss it some days.. :nopity:
  7. +1 GS500. I just bought one myself this week and it's awesome. Good value for a learner bike. Doing my research, a good condition VTR would easily be $1-2k more than a GS500.
  8. GO the VTR get ur full licence then u'll have unlimited choice, u wont lose much on the VTR and it'll be easier to learn on...although my mate did my a 650 v-star and he loves it.
  9. Hey james...i too was looking at a 250, but my mate "conned" me into buying a 500...best move i ever made...sometimes i travel long distances and kept this in mind ;-)
  10. Onya Koj!...good bike
  11. I've ridden an '05 VTR250 before.. excellent bike to jump on as a first, felt like i'd already been riding for years.

    although I didn't get to test one on the highway, they only have 5 gears and the couple other 5 speed 250's i rode each struggled after about 95km/h.
    Still got there easy, but were revving pretty high and had no more acceleration left. (they were like old school gn250/cb250 style things..)

    I also got my bike before LAMS was announced so settled for a VT250F.
    Same engine as the old Spada (VTR's predecessor)
    Its also got a 6 speed gearbox

    sits on around 7700rpm at 110km/h (out of 12,500rpm redline)
    Higher than I'd like to rev, but is comfortable to sit on, plenty of acceleration left and will never run out of gears while overtaking a truck (unless you keep accelerating for at least 3 minutes downhill with a tail wind :p)
    I've also done a few 800km round trips so far and its great.

    I would love something bigger, but it was great to learn on and will be fine for another year or two until i have both the license and the money to upgrade

    Then its onto the ultimate VTR, litrebike ftw

  12. Thanks Bill! If you see a clumsy rider who forgets to turn off his indicators or has trouble with hill starts (this is my first week.. ;) ) on a blue GS500 on the Northside.. that's me :D