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First bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Josh101, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. Hi all, hardly a new question but I'd love some advice...

    I'm on my L's and looking to buy my first bike and am wondering VTR 250 / GS 500 / Hyo GT 250..

    I've been offered a new 2009 Hyo GT 250 for 6k (ride away) - any view on whether this is a good price.. and any views on reliability (read some bad reviews but all on older models) / resale value..

    I like all I hear about the vtr 250.. but for the same $ as the new Hyo - 6k -looks like I could only get an approx 2001-2004 vtr, although they seem to hold their resale value.. I'm also 6'1 (but quite light).. would the vtr be small for me??

    Any advice would be great.. can't wait to get a bike but want to make the right decision for the money..

  2. This question is a bit of a subjective one - whats good for one person may not be for another. I'd suggest you try and at least sit on the bikes you've mentioned, if not ride some.

    Anyway, if you've just got your Ls I'm guessing you're under the new 3-year provisional licence system. This means you'll be restricted to LAMS bikes for that time, so I'd suggest starting with a larger bike than a 250 - the GS500 would be ideal.

    I'm 6'2" and found both the GS500 and the Hyosungs a good fit for me, if that helps at all. The VTR is a bit smaller, yes. As before, you're best judging for yourself.

    Cheers - boingk
  3. +1

    vtr is a great bike but I think you will find the other two a better fit. My pick would be the GS though.

    Give them both a try and see how you feel. I had a GS with over 40000k's that never gave me a problem, the hyos generally come with mixed reviews. Still do your research and pick whatever suits you.

    I'm sure there will be others that will throw some other bikes into the mix that would also be worthwhile considering.

    Good luck with your search and let us know what you end up getting.
  4. The GS500 is a good size, reliable and good resale value. This was my first bike and I really enjoyed it.
  5. id go the hyo myself, but certainly the 650 version. I believe 2nd hand ones go for about 6k. As was mentioned you will be stuck with the bike for a few years so id get something a bit bigger capacity.

    Given i had a spada first my heart says go the vtr out of the bikes you listed.
  6. Hi all, thanks for your feedback, very helpful..

    I'm actually over the 25 yr old limit so will only be on my P's for 12 months, so at the moment am leaning toward an older GS500 for 12 months before reviewing and maybe moving to a new(er) bike..

    I'm thinking that way I can keep the cost down while getting a good reliable bike that will see me through my P's and hold it's resale value ok.. I should be in a better position to trade up in 12 months..

    I've sat on a VTR, GS500 and Hyo 250 GT.. all felt ok, (with the VTR a bit smaller but not really too small..)..but not ridden them as yet.. but I think the balance of cost, reliability and resale is pointing me toward an oder GS500...

    be good to hear your views..

    (also, any direction on where to get a good deal on gear in central Sydney.. )
  7. From what i've read, it actually goes either ways.. Buy I myself am looking at getting a zxr250, look into them they're great!!!
  8. $6k for a MY09 GT250 is an all right price. They were going on runout for about $5,700 here in Mexico a few weeks ago. Mechanically, the VTR is a better bike and holds its value much better.

    Weighing up all things, I'd go for a GS500 if I were in your shoes. It is a bit bigger than the VTR, the same size as the GT250 but has more go than it. It is a popular LAMS bike so will hold up well on resale. GS500 all the way out of those 3 choices.