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First Bike

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by Steve78, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. First time poster and soon to be a first time rider, with the LAMS in vic i now have a lot more to choose from.

    The type of bike im looking at is a road/dirt that is capable and comfortable to ride on a long trip.

    I have been looking at the suzuki dr650, drz400, honda xl650v, what else should i look at?

    Any help in choosing the most appropriate bike is appreciated.

    And safety gear where should i go for boots, helmet, ect what are good brands.

  2. DRZ seem s to be popular. I ride a ttr250 when I am in NSW, I find it's a great bike, although not quite in your targeted range. Lot's of places near each other out ringwood way, you also have elizabeth street. Would be more helpfull if you gave us at the least an area of the city in which your close. There is a whole lot of Melbourne out there.
  3. Thera, i'm in Caulfeild SE Melb, with work i travel around a lot, don't mind a drive to do a bit of prospective buying. Work car and fuel got to love that perk.
  4. although i havent ridden one (yet to try dirt biking... need some cash first :LOL: ) someoneon this site recomended to me a drz400e, road legal and apparently a decent beginner off road bike... i was looking for one i can use for dirt and motard it up though so... might be a bit diff. for you :D
  5. nepean bike shops at brighton have some gear to checkout, though I'd probably suggest either heading to ringwood or dandy.
  6. If you going long, long distance try and get something that provides some wind and rain protection, if your riding road more than dirt see if there are any multi cylander LAMS lams opions? i think a KLE500 would be a good first bike if you plan to travel on it.
  7. there are lots of options, for sure.. I have a bit of gear and a few bikes, DRZ400e with bits, and a GS8 with Bits, as well as gear etc, if you want to catch up some time and get a feel for the stuff away from a sales dude drop me a PM, cheers al
  8. what about a KLR650? the design has been around for 20 odd years, seems to have quite a good wrap. Plus its got a larger fuel tank than most, which helps on longer journeys. Its also got an update in '07, which makes it look a whole lot nicer.