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First bike: ZXR250

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by BA114, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. Hi all, names Murray. Just got my L's 2 weeks ago and took delivery of my first bike yesterday - a 94 ZXR250.

    Found it on ebay for $1500 so figured i'd take a risk. Really happy with it for $1500, but obviously needs work. (fairings i dont care too much about because i'm sure i wont be as careful with it as i should be..).

    Anyway, i've been left feeling quite foolish with it. The original owner (in melbourne) managed to start it up first go when talking to him on the phone before buying it, and the truck driver who delivered it to me in canberra was able to start it and ride it down the back alley of my house without issues.

    I cannot for the life of me get it started again!

    Put fresh fuel in, played with the fuel tap in different positions, tried all manner of choke and throttle combinations. It just keeps cranking but never actually starts. Have tried push starting and no luck. i just dont know what i'm missing lol.

    Either way, it needs to go for a good service, but i'd prefer to be able to get it there under its own power...


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  2. Welcome murray
    Is the killswitch off stupid question i know but you never know.
    Try push starting in second gear get someone to help push and jump on the bike as you release the clutch.
  3. Im pretty new to all of this, but pretty sure the bike doesnt even crank when the killswitch is on?
  4. Give it a try. :wink:
  5. Not starting was a very common problem I used to have with the zxr250.

    Can't remember the different things I tried. In then end it sat there for months before I bought a new battery for it and rode it from Sydney to Melbourne.
  6. i've tried hooking up to the car battery too to no avail :(
  7. It will crank, (as long as battery is not depleted, starter motor working and engine is not seized), but it won't start.
    Atleast this is true for me and many others, but it's possible some bikes won't even crank, but can't confirm that.
  8. side stand up?
    bike in neutral?
    clutch pulled in?
    killswitch off?

    If you have checked all these then it might just need a service. When trying to start it dont just hold the starter on, hold it for about 5 seconds and then stop for a bit. Also try flicking the throttle open a bit while your press the starter.

    Hope you get it goin! :)
  9. Once you get it going I hope you'll enjoy it.

    Once I got it running again (after buying two other bikes) I missed how much fun it could be just throwing it into a corner.
    Too bad its not running again because I pulled the motor out and cbf putting it back in eheh
  10. Yeh tried all these. Also bike will not crank Unless kill switch is set to run. Removed fuel tank tonight. Fuel definitely flows when on prime. Removed airbox and sprayed some 'start ya bastard' in there with no luck either.... Spied the spark plugs and figure I'll replace them on the weekend, bought new ones already... They look like a pain in the a55 to get out...

    People have also recommended draining the carbs. When I remove the drain plugs, do they need to be done back up to a particular tightness??
  11. Nah just tight. Don't strip them obviously, just enough for it to seal. Most carby stuff seals up pretty easily as far as threads go.
  12. Probably, a mechanic's job.
  13. i'm keen to give this a go myself. Have downloaded the service manual off the net so have the basic instructions. Figure i'll do a basic checkup of it myself, change all the fluids, spark plugs, check coils etc. Then failing that, will have to wheel it a couple of kms down the road to a mechanic :(
  14. Spent a couple hours getting to know the bike tonight, stripping it down. Seems a couple of the spark plugs weren't even finger tight. All of them were heavily carbonized/fouled so replaced em all. Drained the coolant and re-filled. Cleaned and re-oiled the air filter and put her back together. Fired up instantly! Have no doubt it was due to the plugs, but worth doing the rest anyway will do oil and filter tomorrow and then have a play with the suspension to try stiffen it up a bit.

    Really happy now. Has turned out that having it not start for me was a positive opportunity to get to know some of the fiddly stuff on my bike. Now I just need to fix a couple of minor things to get ready for rego. If I can can it regard and come in under $2500 I'll be so happy :)
  15. Good to hear BA.
    Good luck with the rego mate & have fun on your new ride :wink:
  16. just as an aside: thats a great looking bike man...
  17. Thanks dude!

    Have taken it for a lil spin around the block, and have to say, i really like it. I dont know how people take it all the way to 20k though, the thing screams. Ahhh i sound like such a n00b.

    Anyway, since taking the fairings off, the front indicators have stopped working. Must be a short somewhere. Will have to fix that up, then it's time to take it for a service and get the rego done :)
  18. Great to see a new bike owner having a go and tackling the mechanical side of things. Saves you plenty of coin and you learn at the same time. Of course, not everyone feels comfortable pulling a bike apart but there is a reall good sense of acomplishment once you can do it yourself.
    Nice looking bike and those things really go and they are meant to be ridden pretty hard and don't feel shy to rev the tits off it - within reason though!
  19. I would have thought it was either in need of new plugs. Could have an issue with carby??? Fuel pump?? In any case, drop it of at your friendly local mechanic. Those bikes are never too costly to repair.
  20. Still running great at the moment. Good out the indicators shorted and fried the flashed unit because of exposed wires on the right indicator. Fixed the wiring and replaced the flasher with an electronic type.

    Hopefully be registered soon :)