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First bike you ever sat on and/or rode?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zdster, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. Sorry if this has been done before (did a search but didnt see a similar thread), but what was the first bike you ever sat on/rode?

    Personally for me it was a Honda Dominator.

    First bike I sat on the back of was a 1000cc Guzzi that my uncle was riding (and managed to scare the bugezzers out of me).
  2. Honda XR 75
  3. 1971
    Black BSA of some description - as a pillion (me) you had to hold the battery in with your leg on right hand turn
  4. DT175 - Feel the power. :p
  5. Honda CR80, 1981 model
    did my first wheelie within 10 minutes of riding it (accidently)...
    and haven't done another one ever since :LOL:
  6. yammy pw80 and i crashed hahaha
    first bike i was on i wasn't born, but in my mothers belly and was a kwaka z1000 does that count?
  7. CB250, at HART preL course :LOL: :LOL:

    Perhaps a prophecy of laid back riding style? :grin:
  8. me too!! 1977 model, what a beast :LOL: :grin:
  9. mid 80's fzr750 i had never ridden a bike before and thought i was invincible 120kmh in a 60 zone no licence and a cop just turning out of a side street
    alot of money later i learnt my lesson

  10. Sat on 1974 BMW R90 [ORANGE] my grandpa's bike

    First bike I rode was a homemade minibike in about 1973 :cool:

  11. 1986 or '87, 10/11 yrs old on something like one of those faired 250-600cc sports bikes with pink/purple graphics on it... possibly a honda?

    this was in europe and my older cousin took me for a high speed run down a stretch of road that, today, i certainly would think twice about, since it's located within a rural area that tractors and whatnot frequent.

    oh, and without any safety gear!

    he doesn't ride anymore. presumably due to a crash he had.
  12. One of these (CB350):


    Learned to ride on it -- in one afternoon!! The owner taught me one down and four up, but forgot to tell me how to go back down the box. I couldn't get it out of top gear. Ever tried slipping the clutch and revving enough to start from a dead stop in top gear?

    Finally got it back to its owner and ... :bolt:
  13. Honda 110 ATC. The reason they banned them in the us is because there's a small margin of error between two wheel cornering and roll-over death :LOL: Its still sitting up in the shed actually...
  14. Thats awesome, but what happened if you didnt have a pillon?
  15. Yami XR250 - DECA Learner's course. First time ever on a bike.
  16. 1998 Honda VTR250
  17. :shock: :eek:
  18. Yamaha MX 80 in about 1980 or so. Rode it for about 6 hrs a day after school and 12 on weekends :cool: ...............until I stacked it and woke up in hospital with no idea what happened :oops:
  19. Don't stress, Kel -- he knew what had happened (he could hear me coming!) and we remained friends. He went on to teach me to ride properly on bitumen and in the dirt. He got his own back when I kickstarted one of his bikes (a big single -- forget what it was ... BSA? Trumpie?) which promptly backfired and the starting lever, which hadn't disengaged, belted back and smashed into the top of my foot, breaking the bone.
  20. 1st bike I ever sat on ? my grandfathers Ariel Square Four


    1st bike I ever rode A deltec rockhopper :shock:
    very similar to this but powered by a victa 125 cc with a centrifigal clutch