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First Bike XVS650

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  1. Nour93 submitted a new Showcase Item:

    First Bike XVS650

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  2. Great bike, well done I got mine about 2 months ago with v&h pipes a hypercharger and a re-jet. Went riding on the weekend with 2 Harley softails and a triumph thunderbird, experienced riders all of them. Kept up no problem, and maybe even more nimble in the corners lol. They got me in the straight line starts though. Cubic inches, there ain't no substitute! You'll have a great time cheers Tim
  3. lol yea? soun
    thanks mate. that's sick, im looking at those upgrades myself. one thing at a time tho.
    lol yea unfortunately no substitute for a Harley but that sounds mad!
    any excuse to jump on it. just taken her in for a service and I miss it already
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    My only complaint with my first bike, a 2010 custom, was that the mirrors were too wide.
    I turned them inwards 180, and the shortened the stalks by 50 mm.
    It's in the showcase under '1st bike XVS650 Custom' if you want a look.
  5. I agree, I'm forever adjusting mine, was looking at aftermarket ones. I'll check out your pics
  6. You lot must have the build of a rake. I like them as I can see past my arms to view what is coming up behind. Not interested in seeing just my chest and arm pits.
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  7. yea definitely looking to replace the mirrors. I was looking at the kuryakyn skull hand mirrors. google It, they look tough! only thing is tho. before I commit to a "theme" for my bike I want to make sure all parts I buy go with it if that makes sense?
  8. Yep. 70kg after a big dinner. I have to tie myself to the bike at anything over 80kmh :)
  9. Yeah kuryakyn make some mean handgrips too. That's my next project, there's a how-to video in the cruiser section here
  10. sweet. ill look into it
  11. I wouldn't think I could be described that way.
    They are still easy to adjust and set so that you just see the edge of your shoulders, and the lanes either side and most of the lane behind you.
  12. Cool bike dude, I love the midnight edition.
  13. Nice ride man. Looks as mint as, cant wait to see what you do with it!
  14. That's a sweet ride!!!
  15. Thanks guys! in the middle of making a few changes to it now. should be done tomorrow. ill post some pics when I get a chance
  16. love the all black look sweet looking ride
  17. 1031.JPG 033.JPG 012.PNG 1005.JPG 1011.JPG 1002.JPG 008.JPG 0104.JPG Hey guys so here she is with some of the Mods I wanted to put on
    Painted the rocket covers, air filter cover & brake cover matte black.
    new V&H ShortShots Matte Black
    New Rearview Mirrors
    New Headlight
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  18. Wow! That bike looks scary just standing still. I have 2005 XVS Classic which I am loving.
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  19. fcukin mint!
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  20. Very nice looking bike.. lovin' the black!

    And those skeleton hands... priceless...
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