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First bike ..... XVS650.. Brand New .. good or bad decision

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ralph, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. I am new to bike riding. First and only time i have rode a bike was at the pre Learners course.

    I really want a cruiser style bike. I'm not that interested in sports bikes, more interested in the crusing aspect.

    Question one:
    Is the yamaha XVS650 a stupid bike for a learner to get ? I dont care if hire a bike to get my P's. More worried if its going to be really hard to learn on. Too heavy to control?

    Question two:
    Is a new bike a stupid decision for a learner ? or should i get a crappy bike for $3k first then loook to up grade in a 6 months or so??

    Do learners often drop/come off their bike?

    Thanks heaps for any advice people can give me!

  2. If that is the style of bike that you want then it sounds perfect, go for it.
  3. Re: First bike ..... XVS650.. Brand New .. good or bad decis

    Welcome Ralph

    They do come off, probably more so when commuting in all kinds of weather and traffic conditions. And so to on weekend runs when trying to push that little bit harder trying to keep up with the more experienced.

    Would look for second hand, who knows, you might grow tired of the Crusier look, or once off you P's want to get a bigger one in 12 mnths time. A good used bike will hold it's value much better and any small dropsie wont be the end of the world like on a new one

    And from what others have said, Cruiser's aint ideal for the test due to bigger rake and larger U turn. But are OK to learn on as they have upright seating postion and low centre of gravity

    Have fun shopping
  4. Learners come off their bikes, experienced riders come off their bikes. Browse the forum and find out how many of the more experienced riders have had offs :grin: Don't not buy new just because some people scream you'll drop your bike. Some learners DON'T drop their bikes. However there are plenty of good 2nd hand XVS650's out there if you choose to buy 2nd hand and you may well score a bargain.

    If you're going to drop your bike on the ground, a cruiser will come off better than a faired bike. Not all those fairings to crack and smash.

    If its the bike you want then yes, its a good choice for you. It's not ideal to do the test on if you're inexperienced as it isn't as maneuverable as other bikes, but as a learner bike it is good due to the long wheelbase, low centre of gravity and weight - it will be very stable and easy to ride.

    If you do decide to sell it and upgrade later on, the yammie cruisers keep their value pretty well.

    Really the choice is up to you - you should always buy what YOU like not what others tell you that you OUGHT to buy :wink:
  5. if thats what you want go get it.. save some coin and go second hand by a year or two.. wouldnt use it for the p's test.. you could but using a hired CB is an instant pass.
    go for it my son.. you dont have to fall off the thing if you dant want to.
  6. My car should be sold tomorrow.... which means free cash to buy my bike....

    Still can't decide.. should i get a POS (as per the forum article) for 15 months or so until i am off my p's.. or should i get the new XVS650... (a 2006 one will save me about 2k i'm guessing) .... more comments people.... help a newbie who is unsure.... but just wants to get into cruising....
  7. Go new, just get engine gaurds and panniers with it. Then if you do drop it most of the bike is protected. Light bar is also a good idea, makes you a lot more visible.
  8. It's not that you're especially likely to actually crash your bike - it's really more that you'll have a low speed or stationary drop doing something like mundane like manouvreing it into a parking space.

    A naked bike or a cruiser won't have expensive fairings to fix up. A second hand cruiser could be good value - they usually have understressed motors and are rarely thrashed as hard as a more sporting bike.

    Look for a s/h model and you'll save some money and perhaps not worry quite as much about the possibility of a scratch or two.
  9. There's nothing wrong with an XVS650, it's not like they're hard to ride or anything. They don't go, stop or corner much, but neither does any cruiser and that's what you're after.

    Having said that, a new one is what, 8, 9 grand? Plus comp insurance, which will be a fair whack too. Given that first motorbikes, particularly big f*cken heavy ones, tend to fall over now and then (white lines in the wet, sidestand not down right, sidestand sinks into wet earth, or god forbid rider error on the road), I reckon you're better off getting a secondhand v-rag, intrder or vt250c and flogging the bollocks off it. If it's a bit scratched up and you get it for cheap, more's the better.

    But if money's no object, go for it and get the one you like.
  10. ur a learner mate, start with something simple.

    i bought a 1990 Suzuki GN250, years ago before i got my license for $800 with rego.

    Look out for a bargain and work your way up from there. You will prob drop the bike (i have) so best to start on something cheap.

    ive still got the GN... most reliable bike i have ever rode. Thrashed the absolute balls out of it, mono's, off roading, taught my gf to ride on it... beaut bike. all i have ever done is replace the oil and pads - hasnt needed anything else.

    its such a good bike im gonna hang on to it for a long time to come.

    anyway enjoy the riding
  11. If you go second-hand, have a read of some of the threads about how to check out a bike before you buy it. Obviously you won't be able to tell if it has ever been thrashed, but at least you'll be able to see if it has been crashed or dropped or raced or routinely ridden hard.

    Second-hand has a couple of advantages over new, such as cheaper insurance and less stress about that first drop. You also won't feel so bad about replacing bits if you do bend a lever or anything.

    On the other hand, new bikes come with warranties. Also if you are not sure about doing your own maintenance then there is no disadvantage in going with a new bike because that way you get the full service history as you go. Some dealers will throw in a transferable extended warranty with a new bike, which means that if you do sell the bike after 12 months you can sell it with warranty to make it more attractive on the market.

    There really are pros and cons to both sides of the argument. If you want to learn to work on your own bike, definitely go second-hand. (Otherwise you have to sneak around and tinker with your bike while trying not to void the warranty.)

    To be honest, I think that the best test is to sit on a few bikes - ride them if you can - and see which one feels the best to you.
  12. NEW or USED??
    After several weeks looking around for a good used XVS650, I realised that the price difference between new and good 2ndhand was very small, around 10-15%. Factor in the unknown history and the random availability of a 2ndhand ,and then the warranty on new one and I bit the bullet and bought new (delivered monday week :grin: ). I'm probably going to scratch it at some point and I will be disappointed when I do, but that wont stop me from riding with a big grin, scratch and all.

    650 or something else??
    Like has been said if thats the bike you want then thats the bike to get. Given the powers that be have said its learner legal I'm guessing its going to be ok to learn on, assuming your not built like a lady jockey.
  13. Excellent point - when I looked at a 2nd hand cibby 125 the dealer was asking the same as the place next door was offering for new. I chose new. :)
  14. zenali - there are private sellers who are letting their cbr125's go for good deals with only a couple thousand on the clock.. did you ever consider that?

    with second hand bikes, dealers always rip u.
  15. Give the lack of 650's and my inability to do mechanical things, i bit the bullet and put a deposit down on a new silver xvs650... also got myself about 1700 worth of riding gear...

    Black Helmet. Leather Jacker, Hornee Jeans, gloves and boots. I have to wait for the bikes to arrive, so hopefully in the next couple of weeks

    Fingers crossed i can handle it... i am fairly built... but new to riding.. i will know in the next month if i just made a great decision or a really poor one.
  16. Just take it slow and steady and good things will happen. Well that's what I tell myself and so far it's been working :wink: You choose a great time to buy a bike, the weather is getting warmer, just need to get rid of that damn gale force wind....
  17. good time weather wise, not so good with the bike buying... i think sa and maybe vic just opened up their learner approved bikes to include the 650, so getting stock is tough, giving more power to the seller, as its now a fair bit harder to obtain them.

    hopefully that will pay off in a couple of years and the resale is still fairly good.

    2-3 week wait for my toy! cant wait...
  18. You might be getting a little confused when hearing about new riders always dropping their first bikes.

    A lot of "dropped my bike" tales can relate to not riding it scenario's, like the poor bloke who was washing it on the front lawn. Got a bit carried away rubbing it with the wash cloth and rocked it off the stand. Or just wheeling it around in the driveway. Bikes seem heavy when you first get them and a SVX650 is what? 200 kilo's?
    It doesn't matter how much of a beef cake you are (no insult intended), but if your moving the bike and it starts to fall over away from you, even Arnie won't be able to hold it up standing on the wrong side. Moving a bike around is an experience thing just like riding it is, so just be aware that a lot of "drops" occur when you are not even on the bike.

    Oh, and good luck with the SVX650. That's the cruiser I'd have bought if I was going for a cruiser!