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First Bike!! Wooo!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jpdeyoung, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. Just thought I'd take a minute of everyone's time to show off my first bike - 2005 Aprilia RS 125! :D:D:D

    Just picked it up this morning from the shipping depot and went for my first ride. A bit intimidating being in traffic on a motorcycle for the first time, especially since the fastest we went during the RiderSafe course was 30kph! But I made it back to the house safe and sound. Now I just have to wait for the temp to drop a bit below 39 so I can go outside without feeling like I'm going to die, haha.

    (Sorry for the large photos - couldn't figure out a way to properly resize them)

  2. Congratulations - enjoy and stay safe. All the best!
  3. thats a sweet lokoing bike :)
  4. Congrats mate!
    Nice colours
  5. Many thanks. Just got back from short-ride number 3 for the day and I'm starting to get comfortable with the bike. Finding it a bit hard to remember to cancel my indicators after I've made a turn, but aside from that things seem to be going smoothly.
  6. Congrats on your purchase.

    Happy & safe riding!
  7. looks awesome man! have a blast on it..
  8. Good stuff mate, awesome first bike IMO...not that I'm biased or anything haha.

    Lets us know how it goes, and if you have any troubles with it be sure to give myself or one of the other RS125 owners a yell. You may also want to check out my thread in modifications and projects, although personally I reckon I wouldn't touch anything on your bike - it looks brilliant!

    Cheers, enjoy that powerband - boingk
  9. jpdeyoung, I completely missed your thread!

    Schweet looking RS dude. I love the stealth look and it looks very clean indeed. How are you finding it so far? Me, I just hate the traffic due to the low torque, but I don't regret buying a bike that can provide a challenge.

    Well done and bet you have no regrets with your first acquisition!! :D
  10. Congrats. Very pretty first bike. Hope all goes well!
  11. Many thanks! I'm pretty happy with my decision. I think there's still quite a bit I need to learn about the bike, but it's going well so far.

    I'll check out your thread and have a look at your project, but I'm not in any rush to change anything about it for the time being (y) - I still need to get it registered in my name... :eek:

    The low torque is a bit annoying - I still haven't found the magical combination of revs and clutch to get me off the line at a respectable pace. I'm still coming off at about the same speed as the other cars - totally unacceptable [-X

    That aside, once I get to about 7-8k the thing just takes off! So any feelings of inadequacy left over from the stop light get left behind in a hurry!
  12. :biker: Congrats on a schmick looking ride.
  13. look hot, how much was it?
  14. Enjoy it, they think, wow that's slow, and then bam you're away.

    Just like turbo lag, gives them the idea they have a chance!
  15. Very nice, very nice.
    A dude in my area rides one and flamin heck he only rides in one speed..........fast:)
    Enjoy it mate
  16. Many thanks. I managed to pick it up for $4,000 from a private seller in Melbourne. Given the condition that it's in I think I could have easily paid another $1,000 and still got a decent deal.
  17. Lovely bike. You did really well riding through traffic first up. Congratulations, youre going to have a lot of fun!