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First bike - which to buy and new/used?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by pancho, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. I'm new to the bike scene and also this forum but am keen to get started with my first bike. Having done some looking around it seems like CB250s are quite cheap second hand and i've also looked at the CBF250, VTR250 and GS500. Which of those (or others you can think of) would present the best option for a new rider? Further in regards to second hand bikes what should one look for in regards to mileage i'm unsure what is deemed reasonable on a bike and it's effect on value. Lastly, I do have the cash to purchase a new bike but am reluctant to spend it unless there are significant pros to the option (warranty seems a big one) what are your takes on learning on a new bike, mindful that i may well upgrade once i get an unrestricted license and as such resale value is significant.

    Thanks heaps


  2. hey mate, this sort of question gets asked all the time here.. have a search through the treads.

    To help you we need to know what your budget is? what type of riding will you be doing? (commuting, weekend, work, track)
    What type of bike appeals to you? naked, full fairing , sports, cruiser?
    How tall are you?

    Have a look around at shops, sit on a few bikes and see what feels comfortable for you.

    generally under 30-40,000kms is good for a 2nd hand 250. over that kms is still fine but expect a lesser price obviously. just like a car.
  3. +1

    Welcome BTW

    You gotta try them to see what you like.... simple as that and work within your budget
  4. Just been through all this myself. Buy new advantage is you know what your getting , and the warranty.Absolute peace of mind i call it.

    I had 2 bikes for a short period the cb250 and a fzr250 , Cb 250 is fun to ride but gutless, fzr250- no fun, slow and harder to ride.I ended giving the fzr250 away for free.

    Go the gs500f i bought a brand newie and loved it , exciting ,easy to ride , fast for first bike , and has good street presence plus i got an excellent trade in price on the new bike, because everybody wants them and bike shops sell them like hot pie's on cold days.

    Don't rush do the bike shop tours and ride everything and eventually you will ride something and fall in love !