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First bike want your thoughts

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Jeffo, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Hey guys i am about to go for my licence in QLD and was looking around at bikes to get in the 250cc range.

    Now i'm a tall boy bout 6'4" and i weigh about 130kgs. So i want a bike that is going to be good for me. Now i know due to my size a 250cc won't be as fast as it could be with a small bloke on it but i just want something to carry me through for a year or so till i can get a bigger bike. Does anyone know of any bikes that would be best suited for me.

    I also found this bike below however it sounds to good to be true with only ~10000kms on the clock. Also it isn't in QLD would anyone know how much it would cost to get someone to look at it and find any problems, and also what postage costs would be (I think it might be a little big for a standard envelope)?


    Thanks for any help
  2. Whatever you get, I would run from the ZX2R you posted here as fast as I can.
    That advert screams "I've had the ass caned off me" and an import with those km on it like any import is suspect of odometer interference.
    That aside, you are way too big for that bike.

    Suggest a Hornet, or Hyosung as they are larger framed 250cc bikes.
  3. I would wonder why it says "UNDER 10,000KM ON SPEEDO". Why specify "on speedo"? Sounds like they're not genuine km. And +1 Tweet, it does sound like it's been thrashed.

    I test rode the ZX2R for my 2nd bike. It was definitely a fun bike, but very different to what you would have learnt on if you've done any practical training. The bikes Tweet has suggested are probably easier for learning U-turns, etc. Certainly the newer ZX2Rs are quite small, but I think the older ones are larger. Not sure of years. Considering size is an issue for you, I wouldn't even consider one without sitting on it first. The CBR250RR would definitely be too small for you.

    Go to some shops and sit on their bikes to get an idea for what feels good. I believe you need to be as comfortable as possible to get the most out of your bike.
  4. Are the Hyosung GT650R's learner legal up there. As tweet says the hyo's are bigger. I'm 6 foot and 95kg, and i barely fit on my cbr250rr. Also the advantage with the 650 is you can get the restricted one and replace the carby slides with those from a suzuki sv650 and its as good as unrestricted. Extra power could be good for someone your size.
  5. He would have to have held his drivers license for min 3years, and he could enrol in Q-ride to ride unrestricted category bikes.
  6. Considering your dimensions and the fact that you mentioned 250's I would say that you should either look at:

    a) Maybe a bigger cc bike such as a 500 (GS500 etc.) or the Hyosung with the 600 frame but 250cc engine.

    b) Look into 2-strokers such as the NSR250, RS250 and the RGV250 which are surprisingly friendly to large people. Also they have crazy power to weight figures.

    Hope that helps!

  7. Hey guys

    Yeah i thought it was too good to be true and the "on speedo" was screaming that something was wrong.

    I've only had my car license for 2.5 years but you have to have it for 5 to go straight to unrestricted so i have to have a year on my 250cc bike or i can wait a year then go to bigger bike.

    The hyosung was mentioned however from what i have heard and read around here they seem to be the Hyundai of the motorbike world. Also i read somewhere that they were single cylinder bikes does this mean less power or torque?
  8. have you thought about a dual purpose bike? they look bigger than the road bikes. something like a drz250 or klx250?
  9. Hey, congrats on getting into the bike world.

    I honestly suggest you wait 6 months. You only need your car license for 3 years from the past 5 to be able to move on to unrestricted straight away. (sourced from: http://www.stayupright.com.au/q-ride.htm).

    I know you probably don't want to wait any longer, but there are not many 250's that will fit your frame, I'm 6'1 110kg and i have troubles with enough bikes.

    If you do go that route, then you can get a gs500/f or a sv650 or er6n/f, all of which great new bikes that won't be overly powerful, but good better then the 250s.

    If you honestly can't wait, then hornet 250's are a very big frame, the hyosungs are the same as their 650 chassis, if you have to go for a faired bike, maybe a zzr250, or even a cbr250r (not the RR model, more upright and better footpeg positioning).
  10. fcuk YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was reading the whole thing wrong i thought you had to have a cr license for 5 year however it is 3 years within the last 5. So if i wait for 6 months i can go for my P's and go straight to an unrestricted. This is awesome.

    Thanks everyone for the advice.

    Now on that note is there any bike that i should stay away from due to my height and weight. Do the bikes get bigger as the engine gets bigger.
  11. a push bike :LOL:

    when shipping a bike to another state you will need to rego the bike to do that you need compulsive third party insurance, road worthy certificate and previous rego paper signed by the previous owner. In NSW you also need consumer information notice which can be a hassel to get but lucky for you most ZX2R are imported by a company in queensland. Good luck with your bike shopping. Make a list and start eliminating round 1 :grin:
  12. Already got one it isn't fast enough hence the motorbike :grin:
  13. Generally bikes do get bigger with capacity.

    Taller riders generally suffer on sports bikes., particularly those below 750cc. some cruisers are cramped for taller riders too.
  14. Looks like i'll have to just go try and sit on heaps of different bikes.

    I do like the look of fully faired bikes however there are some naked bikes that look alright.