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First Bike: VT250 Spada

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by BCains, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. Finally, after looking on and off since April 10' I have bought something... what took me so long! Had it not even 48 hours and lovin' it to bits.

    It's a 1988 Honda VT250 Spada with 27xxxkms on the clock, paid $2,405 (dealer) total that included 12months rego, revs and rwc.


  2. please excuse my ignorance - looks a bit like a "naked" CBR single R maybe around 89ish?
  3. Congrats B, that's a pretty good deal you got there too.
    I love my Spada too - perfect for commuting, but keeps the big boys honest in the twisties too.
  4. Naw, the SPADA is quite a different bike aside from displacement. Most obvious difference is that the SPADA is a V-twin (visible in the first photo) while the old CBR250R is inline-4.

    SPADA is the older, higher-revving aluminium-framed uncle of the current VTR250.
  5. Nice, I like the look of the Spada of that vintage!
  6. there you go hey. I was always into sports bikes. And being young and dumb I paid no attention to anything other than sports bikes. It is a nice looking machine. Hope you have heaps of fun on it.
  7. Thanks guys! :D
  8. Loved my Spada - if you've searched these forums for Spada info you probably already know that! ;)

    I wish you much enjoyment and learning with it.
  9. Nice bike and even better price. Is it mechanically A1 and do electrics function as they should? A few family members will be buying bikes and I advised them to take a look at VTR250's but if they don't want to stretch their budget that much than a VT250 would do the job just as well.
  10. Yep, runs and rides great (novice) haven't come across anything, really happy with it!

    Anyone get their bike serviced at Hinterland motorcycles (GC)? I bought the bike there and not too sure whether source out another mechanic or continue to go there since they know the bike.
  11. Nice purchase there.
    I myself am thinking of the VTR250 or the Hornet 250 if any available soonish around QLD.
    I was gonna check out Hinterland Motorcycles yesterday but didn't get there in the end.
    Did you happen to notice a Honda Hornet for sale there (blue), cause on there website they got 1 advertised but an older model.
    cheers & happy riding
  12. When I picked up mine on Friday it was still there, looks nice! also they recently dropped the price on a GS500 to like $3,200 or something.

    Good luck!
  13. seems like you got a good deal with the added 12 months reg, had a look on Bikesales and only a few at that price area.
    where abouts on the Coast do you live?
    i was going to do some test rides on Saturday maybe if your home could pop by for a look at your bike as well?
    Im at Currumbin Waters anyway.
  14. Congrat's! A terrific bike and a bit of a bargain. : ) I used Hinterland Motorcycles for my first few services on my old 250. No issues.
  15. Hey sorry won't be home Saturday.

    Yeah def go out a test ride heaps of bikes, Paul @ Hinterland let's you go off with a bike for 10mins or so (solo) and test ride, where as teammoto take you around the block once. [-(

    Sheepy, thanks will go there for a the first few and see how it goes. Where do take yours now?
  16. no probs actually is a silly idea to ask ya when you just got yours, i wouldnt let some leaner touch it :p
    yea ill hit em up tomora for a spin.
  17. Shono - Probably wanna try them early. I went last Saturday and they were closed by 12pm. Actually, pretty much everything was except for Team Moto. :/

    BC - I'm north Gold Coast so I use Lindsey Donai Motorcycles in Upper Coomera. He's pretty cool and a nice bloke too.