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First Bike vs. First Car

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Matt J, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Hey all, I'm Matt.

    I'm a first year uni student and I'm making a decision. I'm still learning to drive a car but it doesn't exactly thrill me - it just seems to be practical monotony, getting from point a to point b. I've wanted a bike for a few years now but I always seem to worry myself out of it - what if I crash, what if I end up hating it etc. But I can't seem to get the idea of getting a motorcycle out of my head.

    Any tips anybody?

    Thanks for reading,


  2. Mate here's a tip, GO FOR IT.
    I never even bothered getting a car untill I got married and we had kids and then it was just to transport the family, I still only use the car for transporting the kids and for work if I need to carry anything big all the rest of the time I take the bike.
  3. go out and book yourself in a Pre-L's course. There's nothing mandating you then have to go get your license, but it'll give you two half days of learning how to ride, how it feels on a bike, etc... its a good and cheap way of trying it out!
  4. Get a better car.
  5. Thanks very much guys. Appreciate all the advice (even the better car one, cheeky bugger).

    I was watching a motorcycle doco on tele the other day about a trip round the world, and one of the guys said he hoped their trip had inspired people to just do stuff instead of getting bogged down in the what ifs. Sounds like a good plan to me.
  6. My advice would be to go do the Pre-L course and get your license. Won't hurt to try, if you don't like it, move on.
  7. Get a car if your incompetent. Theres so many distractions when riding eg. chicks, animal crossing, chicks, vroom vroom, glug glug etc.

    Im saying this so you have more experience with road rules and other drivers before removing the cage and experiencing free range traveling !!
  8. Might seem somewhat obvious but did you really think you would be overrun by people telling you to keep going and get your car :grin: :grin: :grin: . This is a rider forum after all :LOL: I think most opinions in here might be a bit bias on the question :LOL: :p .
    The fact that you are asking that question in here tells me that deep down you already knew the answer you wanted to get GO GET YOUR RIDER LICENSE.
    I am in a similar boat and have wanted a bike for about 15 years but have always been halted by the what ifs?. Like you I have had a revelation and figured that I don't want to be sitting around when I am old and fraile look back at my life and say 'well if only i had.........'.

    Just ask yourself would you rather be hit by a bus crossing the street tomorrow or have a blast on a bike enjoying yourself and let fate run it's course. There's nothing gained by worrying about things you can't control. :roll: . Now only if I can convince my wife of that :? :grin: :eek: .

    Anyway that's my 2 cents......
  9. Haha, yeah. I totally wanted the bike. I've booked my pre-learner's course for July. Thanks guys. Helped a lot.
  10. Why not have the best of both worlds and get a cheap car and a cheap bike? If you need too, you have the car for carrying things and people and the bike for commuting/playing.

    Aus_dragon: I was similar to you, I thought I'm no longer going to be held back by what-ifs and similar rubbish fears over what-may-happen. Luckily my wife is all for it - she's even getting her Ls next month! Though that will cause other problems all in itself.[/quote]
  11. from my personal experience, i found it helpful to spend a few years on the road, have some time learning how to predict traffic ,as well as learning to drive a manual car. i nearly bought a bike when i was 19, but chickened out. three years later, i feel a lot more confident with my decision to ride a bike. (but then... i am a girl) :p
  12. +1 to driving first then getting a bike. When i ride the bike i dont have to worry about being in traffic as much after driving in it. When i first started driving i was a bit nervous only because i wasnt use to the traffic.
  13. It's always good having your car licence first. Not only will it give you experience with road rules and negotiating traffic, but you will have something to fall back on. If you only have a motorcycle licence and its raining heavily/very windy or you need to transport friends/something heavy, then you are screwed. At least with a car licence you can then use a friends to get places, or an old cheap one you might have.

    Not saying you shouldn't get you riders licence, just that it's always good to have a car one handy.
  14. [/quote]

    HAHAHA :LOL: Agreed. Other problems indeed, hopefully my wife will come around, she reckons she has no urge to get her riders but we will see....... :p

    Danielle the fact that you are a girl shouldn't have anything to do with it in my books, we are all equally on the blacktop - except for those rotten cages :twisted: , big bullies that they are :twisted: .......almost forgot I drive one everyday (unfortuantley have to for work :cry: )

    GOOD LUCK IN JULY MATT :LOL: :grin: !!!! Where abouts are you doing the test i am trying to get in during July in Sydney, but looks like the earliest spots are in Newcastle - ROADTRIP :p :LOL: .
  15. I'm down in tassie so the waiting list went something like this -

    Me: G'day, I'd like to book a learner's course please.
    The lady on the phone: How is Thursday and Friday for you?

    I'm still gonna drive and get my car license - this isn't an either/or thing for me. So I'll be able to borrow my brother's or my mum's car - the bike is just for me.
  16. I got the car and then the bike after a while. Never had the heart to sell the car though. I love my 1st car way more than my 1st bike. Running a car and a bike is expensive (in QLD anyway). Even a cheap car adds up... especially on a student budget.
  17. I went car first, but i ended up getting a bike...

    I still havn't sold my car, mainly because i only have 1 point on my bike license left, so jusssssst in case...
  18. Ummm, I think you'll find that you have one license with one set of points, lose them all and you can wave your car goodbye as well.
  19. nah, i'm on my red P's for the bike, which only had 4 points to start with, green P's for the car, which had 8 points... I got done for rolling through a stop sign (he only pulled me because i didn't put my foot down), so i'm only on one point on the bike, but because the green P's had 8 points to start with, i have 5 remaining on my car...

    I worried about it to, what if i didn't like it or something went wrong, all this money wasted...

    But ill tell you what, i cant imagine my life without it now! I love it!

    I drive the car as little as i can and ride as much as i can!

    And once you start meeting other riding buddies and do some group rides (ya duff and yak! :beer: ) its gold!

    Anyway, do the course and see if you like it. The course only offers so much tho.. but its a good learning point before deciding to invest more money.

    As for me, there are no plans to buy a car, just another bike or....2 lol.