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First Bike - Take 2

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Comrade, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. After close to 20 years of wishful thinking, my bike dream was finally realised when I bought a gorgeous VTR250 last year. Many a happy moment was spent learning to ride at first and funner things after that. 6 Months into motorcycling and a SIMDSY later I was sidelined for 3 months. The VTR250 however has been sidlined for life.

    Loved the vtr but decided to try something different. Not really that different since just about every Learner bike is either a vtr or a gs500.

    Here's hoping to a longer stint on this bike. Can't wait to get back on the road again, just need to get it regoed next week.


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  2. Good stuff.
  3. Welcome back Comrade! Hope all is well.

    Nice Bike BTW. (y)
  4. heard good things, good luck!
  5. Thanks LL, hoping to make the choc mill run this year.
  6. the epitome of the UJM

    enjoy :)
  7. Welcome back, we've all missed you.

    Would be great to see you on the road to gold.
  8. Awesome. Will be good to see you again.
  9. Great news Comrade....i see you didn;t join the GS Fairing Club... probably a good thing as i nearly hopped onto to Ludey's bike more than once last weekend!
  10. nice work. great to have you back.

    Back on the road and oh my oh my how I've missed that feeling.
  12. congratulations :)
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  13. AWESOME. (y)

    See you tomorrow at St K?
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  14. Excellent news!!!
  15. Good work comrade.....Glad you're back on the road and loving it...
    Haven't seen you in ages mate - make sure to come along to a practice session and p0rn out the new machine (y)