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First Bike SV650S: Search and Acquisition Complete

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Bennett, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. Well, thanks to all who provided info on my various posts over the last few weeks. :)

    Today I picked up my brand new SV650S K5 .... 'tis a lovely shade of red. :D

    It is a joy to ride and I'm looking forward to many days of great riding ahead.

    See ya's out there. :)
  2. many great YEARS fella, be optimistic :wink:

    well done, i couldnt afford one of them despite wanting one THAT fuggin bad :?
  3. LOL! Sorry, it's that damn 'glass half empty' syndrome. :oops:

    Incidentally I was very keen on trying out a YZF600. Alas even though there were a few online, none of the dealers actually had them on the floor (ie. they'd sold em off). :(

    But that's okay, I love this bike anyways ... must've been fate. :)
  4. Congrats...any pics?? :D
  5. Yep ... finally. :D

    Oh, and happy to make these linkies instead if embedded images are undesirable. :) [mod: very undesirable! changed.]





    Oh, and the new helmet I picked up ... sorry, couldn't resist showing it off. :D
  6. FWOAR!!

    [blah blah blah...messages too short]
  7. nice choice mate, looks great!