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First bike: Suzuki GSX250F

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by kungfupigeon, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. got my Ls and my first bike here for $2600, not too bad for something to learn on. It's called the Suzuki Across, only seen one or two, not many of them around, mainly see the RRs and Ninjas for the learner bikes around my area :-(

    It's got a convenient boot where the tank for most bikes are. It fits a XL helmet or whatever you want during parking or riding, quite convenient! :]


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  2. nice looking bike and good price

    how old and how many K's?
  3. The manbag is well known on these forums. They are a great learner bike, you'll have fun on it.
  4. Haha (in Nelson Muntz voice) a handbag!!

    Good choice, they're a grear beginner's bike, although I've always found it hard to figure out why Suzuki put 913 on the side???
  5. From what I have read X913 was the project number of the across and they put it as a decal to make it appear to be a bigger bike. Seems pretty stupid to me, but then again, it is a Suzuki.
  6. it's 1998 and got around 70000km on it, but runs fine and the feeling's a bit better than my brother's ZZR... well to me anyway :]
  7. Nice bike! I've got a '98 Across is black and teal. They're awesome fun and the storage thingo is my all time favourite bike feature. Mine's always full of crap. Haha.
  8. Well done K.P

    My first Road Bike was an Across ('94 Candy Apple Red).
    Loved it!! I have nothing bad at all to say about it. Great Bike.

    You'll have fun I'm sure.

    When the Warden suggested I get another Bike, I came very close to getting another Across. But I'm a few Kilos heavier than I was in the '90s. 8-[, and I wanted something new so I went for the GSX650F (coinkidink).

    A mate from work passed his Pre Learners earlier this week (Congrats =D>) and he's looking at the Across as an Option.

    I'm seriously considering putting away all my overtime and getting another one just for commuting, and upgrade the 650 to a Busa (drool).
  9. I looked at a bunch of across's when looking for a learner bike too, nice bikes and nice and cheap... should be good :D
  10. I love my manbag lol:rofl: Nice and easy to ride and quite good throughout the corners, and the storage area is bloody handy. Although after growing from 6 foot 1 when i got the bike to 6 foot 4 now i might have to look for another option as im starting to not fit it quite so well :(
  11. I almost got one in the same colour! The only reason I didn't is that between the time I looked at it and called back (12 hours) it had already sold!

    I did think the "boot" was cool though, and having the fuel filler at the back behind the seat is interesting!

    Have fun!
  12. seems like this bike was a bit more popular than i thought 0_0 that's awesome!
  13. yeh i got one too, the candy apple red color, they are great fun to ride and since owning mine(about 3 months now) im actually seeing quite a few around.

    (im also hanging tho to upgrade, just gotto wait on restrictions :()
  14. Im still on one even with a full license.

    Its just a money issue, but the across is doing me fine for commuting. With a tailbag and the built in storage, it has tons of space for lunch and all your gear.

    But yes, even being one of the "fast" 250's, its slow.