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First bike: Suzuki GS500F?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Rurnip, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. Hi there,

    First post! I'm totally new to riding and am doing my L course this weekend.

    Thinking about what LAMS bike to get to start my riding career :)

    Initial instinct was for a cruiser but having researched online, I thought perhaps a 250 would get boring too quickly, whereas recent model Honda VT400 and Yamaha XVS650 are slightly above my price range of around $6k. I'm not overkeen on Hyosung or one of the lesser known brands.

    Thinking therefore to startvwith a tourer/naked bike, something with enough power to keep me interested for at least the first year, but not too much to scare me. I would then look at trading up to a non-LAMS cruiser when I'm unrestricted.

    Research to-date is pushing me in the direction of the Suzuki GS500F. Price seems to be reasonable - not overexpensive but reasonable for re-sale; reviews rate it highly for beginners and it'd meet my criteria of keeping me interested without breaking the budget. It also has heaps of pedigree and has been around for a while - so would seem to be proven.

    For $6k there are a number of 3 to 4 year old examples available from dealers.

    I'd be really grateful if anyone could offer any experience or feedback about this bike, or suggest any similar alternatives.

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. I would highly recommend it very impressive bullet proof bike.

    Or get a LAMS SV650 & De-restrict once you get enough experience under your belt.
  3. Thanks Popeye. Are they easy to maintain also?
  4. You can't really go wrong with the GS500/F. Its reasonably priced and definitely simple to maintain, with a decent amount of power for a Lams bike. What about the naked version ? You should be able to pick one up cheaper and it'll be cheaper to repair if/when you drop it.
  5. Hello there,

    I am a GS500F owner and in all domains I am happy to recommend it. Cheap to run, easy to maintain, cheap to service, gentle when you're learning (gear changes took me a while, the GS was nice about it), it has the power for highway riding and it's happy at walking speed, bumper-to-bumper in Sydney traffic. I get about 200KM out of an $11 tank (I haven't pushed it to reserve yet, so who knows how much further it could go - the dude I bought it from just told me that's when he refueled). It is capable of giving you that unadulterated sense of glee as you nail a corner, but I've never found it overpowered or scary. It is light, easy to manoeuvre and an overall pleasure to own.
  6. It may depend on how the bike fits you personally, depending on your dimensions and mass. I'm on L1, still looking for a bike and have test driven 3, one of which was a 2007 GS500. After taking it around the block I'm convinced it's the bike for me and I'm now looking for a another example of the bike. Plenty of power to keep me happy for 18 months and very comfortable to ride. The one I rode had oil leaking around the top of the right cyclinder head, which put me off. After a bit of research I found that this could be a very simple fix or perhaps a more expensive and involved fix depending on the source of the leak. I also found somewhere, GStwin forum I think, that 2007 models were prone to this and couldn't be easily fixed, It may pay to have a good look around the cylinder head for signs of oil.
  7. Slow, fairly heavy compared to rest of the LAMS bikes and the parallel twin vibes are annoying compared to a 4pot. Very reliable and cheap to run and service though. Get a naked and do most of the services yourself. A Haynes manual is $50 and will save you more than that if you do a single service

    I think the GS is a great bike to start on. If you're a heavier rider or like doing spirited riding, re-spring the front forks for ~$300
  8. Excellent tips - thanks mate - will defo keep a look out for oil leaks
  9. Thanks for the input guys - much appreciated. Having thought about is a bit I'm tending towards the GS500 without fairing.

    Other options are the CB400 - which is more expensive - or an ER5 which is obviously a bit older.

    I guess I'll go sit on a few and see what feels right!
  10. I'd go for the cheapest option. You will get bored with them after a week and be looking for a new bike for when you get off restrictions
  11. Recently traded in my 2009 GS500F.
    Was a great bike to start out on.
    Comfortable, solid on the road. Enough power to do what you need in your first 12 months without being hard to handle.
    highway riding i was getting 360k's without flicking over to reserve.
    reliable and cheap to maintain.
  12. I'm a new rider too and i've had my naked GS500 for about 5 weeks now. There is always a good chance you'll drop it being your first bike hence suggetions to go with the naked version. Spend your real money when you can get what you want.

    As for the bike itself I love it. Couldn't be happier with it, it's fun and plenty zippy enough for me at this point.
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  13. couldn't agree more!
  14. Yeah looks like the naked is the way forward. There's a few on bikepoint which I'mm going to go look at this weekend.

    Cheers for the tips guys.
  15. Hey guys - picked up my GS500 today - got the faired version in the end but only because the example I saw was immaculate and well-priced. 2010 model with 5500km on the clock.

    First rides around my neighbourhood this arvo - feels good, nice and sturdy, gear changes are easy, comfy riding position and looks good too.

    I'm a happy newbie!!
  16. Photos or it did not happen!!

    Congratulations. They are a good learner bike. I cut my teeth on a GS500.
  17. Gah - how do I upload a pic from my desktop? It should be in my avatar now...
  18. Congrats on the bike. GS500 is a great learner machine.

    And I have no idea how to upload a pic from your desktop. You could upload to Photobucket or similar and link from there...

    And get yourself over to Homebush for the learner sessions on Saturday at 1:00PM.

    Details --> https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=97506

    Fun Ha!
  19. A word of advice, buy OGGY KNOBS for it!!
    oh yeah, and congrats :)