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First Bike - Suzuki Across 250f

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by agelow, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. Hi guys! first bike. Really love it. The bootspace is SO convinient. carry my books and laptop to uni in it.

    Wallet, keys,phone bike lock all goes in there... and helmet too.


    Will be wanting to keep this bike for years to come!

  2. Great looking bike, featuring some cool engineering, and high level of specification. It's a shame there's no longer a market for that in the 250 class. Hope you have a blast with it!
  3. You could have at least washed it first :p

    The Across is a fun little bike though, and if you add a rack bag you'll be able to cart around a lot more stuff than most bikes.
  4. thanks guys! yeh its a beaut. I havent named it yet tho. yeh should have cleaned it but was too excited to post a pic up

    im going to see if i can secure a 60litre box (for my aquarium cleaning business) to the back.. will need some occy straps and creativity
  5. I love the Across. It was my first bike ('94) and I still to this day want another one.
    Congrats on your new bike.
    p.s. You can get a 52ltr top box.