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First Bike Suggestions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Popollo, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. I'll be taking my learners course in about a week and have been researching what bike to get. Although new is nice, I don't have the budget for it and would probably want something different in a year or so. The possibility to drop it is also there. My budget is about 3-4k (bike) + 1k for gear. I'm 38, 5'8" 76 kg and want to use the bike for commuting to work. This is around 40 minutes of 60-80km/h in the morning and 15 minutes of highway on the way home.

    So far I have the following 3 in mind:

    Honda CBF250 - Within budget but perhaps under-powered?
    Honda VTR250 - Kinda over budget unless below year 2002 or damaged
    Kawasaki GPX250 - Seems like a good package and within budget but not naked

    Does anyone have any other suggestions or any comments on the above 3 bikes? I have the ability to test and or buy a 2007 Kawasaki GPX with only 10km's on the clock from my manager at work but I didn't want to get it just because it is convenient if something else might suit better. I plan on sitting on some of these bikes this weekend but won't be able to test ride anything yet. Thanks for any suggestions.

    Deciding on my gear will come down to just going to a store and trying some stuff on and then finding better online prices. Stuff I see online for a retail store looks about like the following but I might be able to find better prices from an online only store once I figure out sizes (except for helmet):

    Helmet - 300-500
    Gloves - 60
    Boots - 150
    Pants - 250...kevlar jeans or something in waterproof textile that is all seasons. As I am commuting, would probably like some pants that go over my work jeans.
    Jacket - 250...something textile that is waterproof and all seasons

  2. Suzuki GS500, not too sure on how much they go for though.

    Suzuki GSF250V Bandit, Yamaha FZX250 Zeal and Honda CB250F Hornet, all are naked 4 cylinder 250's, older..

    Edit: Nothing wrong with an older VTR..
  3. BTW, feel free to contradict me folks, but I've noticed that "waterproof" doesn't equal "all seasons". Waterproof stuff is hot. Get a set of waterproofs (pants and jacket) to go over the top of your normal gear. Not very expensive, and you can take/leave it off when you don't need to ride in the rain.

    Also agree with older, well maintained VTR being an option.
  4. Waterproofs are the best for riding in the rain. They can be rolled up and placed in a bag, etc, and are MUCH better than a dri-rider or the equivalent.

    To the OP, I would steer clear of the kawaka's in the 250 range. Any naked Honda would be a reliable bike, and won't cost you an arm and a leg to repair if you drop it.
  5. ZZR250

    And trying stuff on in a store to get sizing, then running off to buy online is a bit rude mate. You're not helping the local traders at all, but you're wasting their time and money in serving you. Also, you might have warranty issues buying online if something goes wrong down the track at all. I know in the skiing industry, pretty much nothing bought online is warranted by the local bricks and mortar traders, even if they are authorised dealers in the brand you purchased.

    buyer beware
  6. Interesting how the ZZR Kawasaki gets overlooked. This model ran concurrently with the GPX but was more expensive due to it's more upmarket bodywork. Consequently the GPX was much bigger seller.
    Today, the used ZZR tends to sell cheaper than the GPX.
  7. I would go for either of the hondas. Although it comes to personal preference...all three or a zzr would be good first bikes for commuting and a bit of fun.

    I agree with doonx.. using a dealer to get sizes then going else where is pretty wrong. We should try and support local businesses where we can.
  8. A friend had a cbf that i rode, god it was a piece of shit.
  9. The whole "support Local" is obselete, IMO: If they were giving us, the Consumer, a fair price in the FIRST place (Instead of trying to make Double, or Triple Profit, every SALE) we'd not have to keep searching elsewhere!

    It's much the same as Computers and Games: we pay MORE then double the price as mostCountries: and it has more to do with the Sellers "Aggreeing" to rip off the consumers, by setting a RRP that is far higher then anywhere else in the world.

    You can say we are a small market, sure: but aren't we actually CLOSER to where most things are manufactured in the world? Should less Distance to transport offset this "extra" cost of dealing with a smaller market? Of COURSE it does: but the people with money in this Country don't mind handing out more then twwice the amount things are actually worth, because, somehow, in their heads, if they pay more, it is somehow better?
  10. I'm still up in the air about the bike. If all goes well I will at least be testing a GPX this weekend. I am guessing people are suggesting the naked bikes over this mainly due to the repair factor if is gets dropped.

    I ended up going to MCA over the weekend and picked up my starter gear. The jacket, boots, and jeans were last season and running out of stock so I saved some money there. I ended up getting an Arai Vector 2 plain helmet.
  11. In sydney, everything has dropped dramatically becau they are now buying with the good dollar. I saw a full suit for $499! the other day. Full suits were never under $1400 before. I think you are talking about the past because its not happenin anymore....or you are shopping in the wrong places.
  12. If you don't mind naked bikes i would say the VTR is a good option. It's what i learnt on and have roughly the same commute as you.
    Btw im selling mine, and it is within your budget :)

    Good luck with the learners and your bike hunting (y)
  13. Hmm...pity you are not in the same state as me or I would have had a look at your VTR. In anyone's estimation...is there a point when buying a used bike when the km's are a bit too high to risk the purchase?
  14. is that 'cos it Couldn't Be Fk'd?

    aahahahahah... haha... haaah.... ehhhhh