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first bike: spada vs. gpx250?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by hippo, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. hey all, still being really indecisive, but have narrowed down the hunt to those two bikes.

    they've both got nothing but great reviews, but considering there's a close to 10 year difference for them (for roughly the same price, that is) is the ninja the better choice?
  2. Assuming you're talking about a new Ninja, then, yes, of course. You get warranty, and no-one else has been using it as a parking marker somewhere.

    But if it's your first bike, you may like to consider the possibilty that it's going to have a tough life, and buy the Spada and save some cash to buy a new, bigger bike after your restrictions.
  3. I don't think he's talking about new Ninja, given that there's a lot more than 10 years difference between that and a Spada (try 18 or so). And for a 99 or so GPX, I dunno... I personally (biased) reckon the Spada is a decent comparison. Wouldn't pay more than about 3 grand for a Spada, but if you can get one for that I think the nakeyness and coolness beats the rather boxy GPX of the era I'm guessing you're looking at.
  4. No no, a 2nd hand ninja. My budget is about 3.5-4.5 for a bike, and those 2 fall within that range.
  5. I've been riding a 1992 GPX and I can't fault it - for a 250.

    And aren't a lot of Spada parts hard to find?
  6. not sure. i was hoping that since it came over both as a grey and official import, there'd be parts around.
  7. I had a GPX ... good bike.... nice an torquee for a twofiddy...... I would go the GPX
  8. I'd go the spada - no expensive fairings to replace or get damaged in the event of a drop (first bike, chances are that it'll happen), V-twin has alot of low down torque and is great around town

    looks alot better too :LOL:
  9. Spada bits are available, you just have to know where to look. I always recommend Steve Wyers at Caringbah Motorcycles www.caringbahmotorcycles.com.au
  10. Considering the number of Spadas that have been brought in and subsequently binned by learners, there's no real issue with parts availability.

    +1 for the Spada. Brilliant learners bike...
  11. Spada.... i'm not biased at all.

    just make sure your are ok with the seating position... i think the Spada is a touch more sprty than the GPX as far as ergonomics go.

    Vtwin for the win!!!
  12. (the simple fact that those of us who ride or have ridden Spadas are such one-eyed fans says something in itself!)

  13. Aaaarrrgh, that be so.

    i had the some choice when i wass buying GPX or SPADA.

    Glad i went with the SPADA. Low down torque is really good if doing a lot of around town riding.

    And cruises well at 100 -120+.
  14. Purely from a looks side of things - i personally think its no contest, the Spada looks good while the GPx looks "old" to me.
  15. a spada will run $2500-$3K

    a dealer would charge in your budget for a fresh off the boat import spada

    your budget is in the region of a VTR250 , case in point just sold 2000 model 35k a little weathered , rego , serviced , good consumables for $3500

    $4500 would give you near new GPX , after all they are run about $6K on the road

    end of the day you need to decide do you want fairings or not, or just keep looking till the right one pops along, there is a couple in the FS forum that would be worth looking at
  16. 's funny that the "old" looking GPX is still being sold new, while the "good" looking Spada is almost 20yo now... Gotta admit though, the Spada was a milestone in bike design, a thing of rare beauty...
  17. I've got plenty of love for my Spada. I think they're one of the better looking bikes around in any class, and great for city riding.

    I've never had issues with getting hold of any part needed from Beaconsfield Motorcycle Supermarket, and found them affordable and good to deal with too.

    Repairs on a faired bike would have run to a lot more than new brake lever and mirrors, too, from the several times I dropped it while practicing U-turns and the like.
  18. gpx is sexy. and it looks like oldie sport model, can't go wrong in term of 'aerodynamic' question
  19. go for the SPADA, great 250, in fact probably one of the best 250's out there. if i had a 250 it would be a spada.

    Get the spada because:
    It looks better,
    Sounds Better
    Cheaper Parts, (especially if you drop it)
    It's a v-twin
    Easier to Self service (ie sparkplugs etc are easier to find)
    Its more of an iconic bike than the gpx. go the SPADA!

    I could go on about Honda's and Kawasaki's but i think I might receive something of a backlash... :LOL: go the SPADA!

    The GPS is ok, but if you drop it the damage to the fairing will be much more extensive than that of a spada. go the SPADA!

    Honestly the spada and the gpx are incomparable bikes, im surprised that you are looking at both because one is a naked and one is full fairing.

    Basiclly its up to your personal preference, but if it was me i'd go the SPADA. :LOL:
  20. I narrowed it down to these two because of all the bikes that i could afford, these two seemed to have very few drawbacks..

    i do prefer the nakedness of the spada, but it looks like for what i'm prepared to pay, i should look for a vtr250 instead. the only drawbacks for the spada are its age and the 6 speed gearbox - i think 5 is fine lol yeah i'm lazy