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First bike, some questions... (or may be lots of questions)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by tourerL, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    I am new to the forum and to motorcycles in general. The only experience I have is 3 years riding a scooter (not in Australia). Now I just got my L's and having troubles choosing a bike. Dealers are trying to sell what they have and are not really helpful in making a decision.

    I am tall (194cm or 6.35 feet) and sort-of heavy (105kgs). I am planing to use bike for daily rides to work and back as well as occasional rides for fun on the weekends. Not really planning to set any speed/circuit records I really really like the look of sporty road bikes. (ones covered with plastic). I know that some will advice not to get one as a first bike because i will drop it and scratch, but plastic repairs are not an issue for me.

    After visiting a few dealerships, the only bike that I kinda like is 2011 Hyusung GT650R EFI. I like the look and it seems to be the biggest LAMS bike I had a chance to sit on.

    I have read a few forum posts about Hyusungs and their poor reliability. However, there are not many things mentioned about 2011 models. If Hyusungs are not as good, what other bikes should I look at (keep in mind that i need a big one)?

    What about the seating position? Clip-on, I think, it is called? How good/bad is it? It looks cool, but probably is not suitable for long rides (I am not going to do super long trips on it anyway. 100km - max).

    Any tips on first gear choice? Helmet and jacket? What should I look at?

    I guess, similar things has been asked a few times. But after a few days of research I wasn't lucky to find answers to all my questions, so I appreciate any help.

    Many thanks!
  2. gsf 6fiddyf or whatever it's called.

    clipons suck ass for road use. but can be modded for a small degree of comfort.

    helmet that fits properly. shark, agv, shoei, arai, nolan. for cheaper brands look at their top shelf variants. AS standard can be found on the worlds shittest helmets, means nothing. (300 bucks minimum)

    jacket, just go for a cheap 3 season with armour (200 bucks), then upgrade back protector, and/or all the armour. (price varies, look for sas-tec types and ce2 rating for back)

    good boots (300 bucks min) and gloves (50 bucks min); both more important than jacket.

    pants, kevlar minimum. shop around (100 bucks min)

    optional> vid cam, first aid, learning how to ride a bike after you get a licence to do so. all will be money well spent though (ongoing cost that never ends)
  3. insurance and speed tax other things to budget for if in Vic.
    both are outrageous
  4. The best advice I got when starting out was to set a budget, then buy all my gear. Once you've done that, buy a bike with the change. That way you'll have the right gear from day one rather than getting a helmet, then a jacket next week when you get paid, then boots the week after, etc. etc.

    Set yourself up properly from the beginning.

    The bare minimum gear wise is helmet, jacket, pants, gloves and boots. IMHO you should not be riding with anything less than this. Buy the best that you can afford.

    As for the bike, the GSF 650 (as above) is probably one of the better choices out there, I ride a Ducati monster and am just shy of 6', any taller and it would be horrible.

    Also, 100 km max? You're dreaming. :p Wait until you've done your first group ride, it's an addiction and there is no cure.

  5. try a suziki lams, gsx650fu, gladius etc. not much more than Hyo, and decent 2nd hand ones about
  6. What the difference would be Suzuki GSX650 vs Hyosung?

    - reliability-wise (Suzuki's parts will last longer?)
    - build quality (what is that? how does it affect a bike?)
    - performance (i am guessing will be similar)
    - price-wise it is only 1k difference for the new one which is bearable
    - what else? Handling, maybe? How about availability of parts for both bikes (i am hoping not to crash the bike, but who knows...)

    Also, could i get more comments on that 'clip-ons' thing? How can it be modified? Why is it bad for road use?
  7. Welcome, tourerL
    GSX650FU is quite heavy for a first bike. It might fit you size-wise, but it will take you longer to become comfortable and therefore confident on it. It's not impossible, however.
  8. Thanks for valuable info, NiteKreeper.
  9. Just my opinion mate, don't make the mistake of taking it as "information"...
  10. I think you're right NK, but since he's bigger fellow he is best suited to a larger sized bike. That of course, also means heavier. I think his size will balance out the weight factor.
    OP!...don't forget the honda cb400, with abs. An excellent first naked bike, to compare with the suzuki.
  11. Thank you guys for all the responses advices and help. After reading a lot of forums and coparing prices I am seriously leaning towards GSX650FU. Reasons behind that decision are:

    - I didn't find enough information about Hyosung
    - Hyo and Suz are the same price-wise
    - Kawasaki 650RL seems to be appealing candidate but I have read that rear suspension is a bit soft and 90kg+ rider will be squeezing it to max.
    - Kawa is more than 2k more expensive (but looks much better then Suz)
    - I will do more research on Suzuki and most likely will pick it up Wednesday next week.

    Does anyone on the forum knows the difference between 2009-2010-2011 GSX650FU models? Shame that they only come in one colour :)
  12. So what happened!? Whadidgaget?
  13. Being on L's sucks test ride wise, and why I can see a lot ask on these forums "which bike"
    Making up your mind on a bike before you have ridden it.........not always a good move.
    Get the list down to three and ride them both twice unless one gels instantly.
  14. I am 96Kg and I cant get the bike to max on the suspension at all I can not getmy feet flat on the floor as well
  15. dunno if you're still looking at the hyosung, but i have a 2011 650R as well.
    The clip ons take a lil getting used to. Once you used to them, i don't find any issues commuting to work n back (about 30mins ride). Then again, i work shifts, so no peak time traffic either.

    i've had mine for just over 5 months now and haven't had any issues with them.
    They are a good learner bike and very forgiving :)
  16. Hi tourerL and welcome!

    Can't help you with a bike I'm afraid- I'm not familiar with bigger bikes.

    As for gear, if you don't want to spend too much try AMX outlets. They are a bit of a drive but you can get some discounted gear. There is also Bikers Gear in Ferntree Gully. A bit of a trip but worth it. They manufacture their own gear so it's cheaper and very good quality.

    My tip for insurance is Insure My Ride- costs are not outrageous there but if you have an accident the premiums are significantly more than other insurance companies. SO just don't plan to have an accident! :p

    Good luck!