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First bike service (250cc) - $1000 =(..anyone ever copped it?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by agelow, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. argh! thought id share my angst with you guys.

    just bought a bike about 1 month ago. beautiful suzuki across. exactly wat i wanted.

    brought a mechanic mate with me to check it out. few things wrong but nothing really bad.

    however once i got it home and been riding it around a bit.. notice so many things that require changing.

    called up for a quote on what i need done.. about $1000!!

    gahh.. i feel like I am obligated to ride this 250 into the ground to get my moneys worth!!

  2. Sounds like a plan.
  3. Unless there is something included in the $1000 that could end up being a major safety risk, for example the brakes aren't working correctly, then I'd be riding that thing into the ground. Fix what you can yourself, change the oil and filter when needed, little bits and pieces just to get you out of trouble. Apart from that some your $$$.

    That said, have you got a list of things that the bike mechanic believes needs fixing? You could post it here and get the opinions of others as to what should be a priority and what can wait/not be done at all.
  4. (y)

    +1 Nucleotide

  5. Welcome to the world of motorbiking where nothing is cheap
  6. So what sort of things does your bike need?
    share the pain here so we can advise accordingly
  7. Mmmm, more info. Is any of this "work needed" stuff that should have been done for it to be passed rego ??? You've only had it a month.
  8. Who quoted the grand,
    You need a tune up only, Nothing else, And that requires a new filter if the old one is stuffed,
    A tune will get your motor running smoothly,
    The rest you can do your self,
  9. Fixed!
  10. Did you buy it privately or from a dealer,
    Gives us some more info,
    we cant help you with out it,
  11. Got it privately. Service history didn't come with it (stupid of me to get it without it).

    Its done 37000km. suzuki across

    Bike needs:
    • minor service (whatever comes with a minor service... oil etc?)
    • rear brake pads
    • carby needs retuning/cleaning out. (At the moment the bike idles at 3000)
    • major service for suzuki across. (have to replace aircleaner, brakes fluid, spark plugs? this is what they have said needs to be done when bike is around 36000km.
    • headstem bearings (possibly not sure.)
    quoted from Redline, 60 degrees and madbiker for all that up there.

    To be honest I don't know heaps about bikes and dont know anything about mechanical stuff. So not sure what HAS to be done and what can be left.

    I'd prefer to keep this bike running for a while also.

    bike manual = http://www.dixonarchive.com/across/gsx250f_service_manual.pdf
  12. Nothing worse than pushing a bike.
    Oil... Big yes. For mine air filter too. All the above really.
    Head stem bearings are your only maybe. Well, how does it steer ??
    Put the bike on it's side stand. And stand to the left at the seat. And pull the bike into you till the front is off the ground. Take the weight of the bike on your thigh. Your trying to pivot the bike on it's side stand and back wheel. That's why I say pull back when you first lift the front. Keep most if the bikes weight on the back wheel and not your hip.
    Now swing the bars side to side till it hits it's stops and listen to the sound it makes. If it's a dull thud the bearings should be ok. If it resonates then they are more than likely dry and could be shagged or bent over anyway..
  13. You could buy, or loan, a few tools and do most of the basic servicing yourself .
  14. Anyone living around the Vermont South area?

    Would love for someone to come down and spend maybe 20 minutes just looking at the bike and teaching me a thing or two about bike maintenance
  15. If you can get it to Lilydale, straight up Canterbury road, I will show you how to do it,

    Im walking, so I cant go any where,
  16. sounds like a very opportunistic quote to me, as the other folk are saying, is it itemised, if so, post it up?
  17. lol, i have an across as well with similar K's and was quoted similar prices for servicing, i've been doing it myself and have no problems with it so far.

    I was told when i first bought it to replace the steering head bearings and i've still yet to do that lol.
    Oil filter isn't too hard to reach, the air filter and changing the oil is dead easy, they aren't too hard to work on.
    I also need to have it tuned due to some serious vibration, but don't have the money, so i'll get it done with a major service down the road.

    Also idling at 3000 is pretty high, try adjusting the idle with the idle knob on left hand side, it should idle comfortably at around 2.

    msg me if you have any questions...
  18. Thanks Bryan, but lilydales a bit out of my sphere of experience to ride to. =/

    most reasonable i found was

    550 -> major service for 36000km on across. valve clearance, carby retuning, brake fluids, replace airfilter, oil etc
    100 -> brakes for rear
    250 -> headstem bearings

    thats about 900... said expect up to $1000

    yasirbad, whats ur maintenance scheulde like? is it strict and worth copying? im not sure wats expected of the across
  19. Have you got a workshop manual download one and read it
  20. Ask for a tune up only, tell them, Dont touch any thing else on the bike what so ever,

    Plugs, air filter come with the tune, and carby adjustment and clean only if necessary,

    Get a mobile bike mechanic to come to you, ask on here for one thats recommended,

    In a month or so, you will be riding good enough to bring your bike up here and we will go through it and fix any thing thats needed.

    Brake pads for mine $50-00 per set X 3 sets,

    Oil $20-00

    Brake fluid $20-00 about,

    Check the head stem bearings and any thing else you might need,

    It wont cost any thing for me, I am just another biker, I dont like to see people ripped off,

    I just dont do tune ups, But I do all the rest,

    Start a new thread for your lessons on riding your bike,