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First Bike RVF400

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by rvf400nc30brad, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. Honda RVF400 1993, 22,000 when i bought it for 7,500, already up to 24,000 after less than a month :S

    Fastest Lams approved bike, i did not know this until after i bought it and i was reading Just bikes and saw a nice add about my bike, it made me quite proud =D>

    Cant wait to see you all out there!
  2. done 2000k's in a month? wow.

    ;) enjoy it mate. I'm currently in the market for a little 400.
  3. Very nice mate! Read a couple off off-the-cuff reviews on them from the old Used Bike Guide website, wouldn't mind taking one for a blat at all.

    One question though - how do they compare to a CBR250 in terms of physical size? Are they much the same or more like a 600?

    CHeers - boingk
  4. i havnt seen it next to one yet so i couldnt tell you, but im under the impression they would be around the same size, its quite small...
  5. yeah, these bikes are tiny. but awesome!
  6. I own one and they're pretty small, i'm 6ft and 85kg but they still rip and handle superbly! ENJOY RVFBrad!
  7. completely different... very much like a 600. whereas the 250 is more upright the rvf has quite a hunched over racing type position, very much like the r6 if i had to give you a comparison