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First bike, riding home from other side of town! =S

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by AcidTrip, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. So I've purchased my first bike. A 2006 Kwaka ZZR250 with only 3,100 clicks on the clock. Here's my dilemma. It's located in Boronia, I need to get it home which is Hampstead Rd in Maidstone. There's two ways to get home, both involve long distances on a freeway or two, a tunnel, and one path has a big bridge with two massive flags on top. Luckily for me I should be doing it this Thursday night so traffic should be minimal!

    I think I should be right, but I'm definitely feeling the nerves! I did two days on the CB250's at Stay Upright weekend just passed and I was very confident on those bikes, but that was only at 40kph max! I'm not going to pay someone to stick it on a trailer, the dude can't deliver it and there's no-one who can sit in a cager behind me, so it all comes down to me and my nerves. I'll ride around Boronia for a bit to get up some confidence before hitting the freeway. Nothing like a baptism of fire I reckon!

    Point of this post, any pointers people could dish out? It is a long ride but the ZZR is a capable bike and pretty idiot-proof, so I think I should be fine but still, never hurts to ask ...
  2. Doesn't sound like the bike is idiot proof
  3. take it steady, watch traffic, freeway is pretty cruisey once you get used to going 100, just again, gotta watch for cages merging into you. the less traffic around the better.
  4. Heh, I'll accept that. I'm not the sort of person to cover myself in cotton wool and hope for perfect conditions. I have to do it eventually so may as well get it over and done with!

    Cheers for the useful advice! It'll be around 9 - 10PM on a Thursday night before I get to the freeway, so traffic will be minimal. Definitely looking forward to it!
  5. remember that (i know its gonna be warm thursday day, butmaybe not at night...) the roads will be cooler and yours tyres will take longer to warm up.

    i think a baptism by fire is a good way to go if you reckon you can pull it off, and night riding is great fun (just gotta gt used to it!)
  6. Freeway... not much traffic, you'll have a ball. Just take it easy.
    At night a bike is harder to see from the rear, when you are stopped at lights, and there is no car stopped behind you, keep it in gear, and keep checking your mirrors. Pump your brake on and off when you are stopped to make your brake light flash.

    Mostly, try to enjoy yourself.
  7. Be careful.. get used to the brakes.. keep your gaps with any vehicles in front.. take big breaths.. stay relaxed... and enjoy!!!
  8. Cheers for the tips guys! I don't think it'll be that hard, provided I keep my cool about me. I did get a bit over enthusiastic on the CB250's at Stay Upright, sc****d the hell out of the highway bars by leaning too much so I'm pretty confident on the bike but I need to keep that in check!

    I had a choice between several Hyo GT250R and the ZZR250, definitely didn't feel confident on the Hyo and wouldn't have liked riding that home for the first time. Felt flimsy and plastic. The ZZR felt far more solid and I'm looking forward to taking up to 100kph =]
  9. ZZR goes fine on highways mate, I've done it a few times you won't have any problems.
  10. Mate you sound a bit pumped which is fantastic but seriously try to keep things in perspective. You've done 2 days on a different bike, in a controlled environment at speeds below 40KM/hr.

    By all means enjoy yourself but please note that braking, cornering and riding in traffic at highway speeds will all be new to you. So as you say, keep yourself in check and remember your task for the day is getting yourself and the ZZR home in one piece. You will have ample time after that to lean the bike as much as you freaking like.

    welcome to 2 wheels, enjoy the ride.
  11. If you're talking about the Westgate bridge, it is fine even on a windy day. Ever since they installed the anti-suicide fences, the wind level on the bridge is low...it is before and after the bridge that has the highest cross winds, but that only lasts a minute or so (assuming it's windy). Tunnel you have nothing to worry about, all cars go the speed limit due to speed cameras...just keep a buffer around you. Also Citylink is free, so you can also take the Bolte Bridge and then Tulla/Calder.

    Eastlink isn't free, so if you plan on taking Eastlink/Eastern it might incur cost unless you bypass via Springvale Rd and go on Eastern from there.

    Either way, it should be a quiet ride home at that time of the night, unless there are road works, which does happen most of the time on the Westgate bridge.

    If you were to leave earlier (6-7) I could escort you straight after work. I work in Clayton and live in Fear Park.
  12. Congrats on your new bike... Let us know how you go getting home.
  13. The riding at night has its advantages when you start out - less traffic and can be easier to be seen in some circumstances. However, its much more difficult to pick up hazzards on the road and you need to look out more for wildlife. Best to take it nice and easy I reckon. Hopefully you have a clear visor?
  14. congrats on your bike, do you have 'L' plates? nobody asked so thought I better.
    coming from east, as menitoned above, do eastlink, you can carry staright through roudn parkville on to racecourse rd, epsom rd then you're home. Dont speed! Keep your eyes peeled and if you shit yourself, pull over, even if you have to get off the bike and kick a rubbish bin, better get your anger out 'off the bike' then riding without a clear head. no rush, as stated above, relaxe, enjoy and keep your eyes peeled.. so you gonna get your arse down on sat morn for your first prac session? oh yeah, welcome to NR :)
  15. This is very good advice. My first ride down the highway I was getting a bit scared, so pulled into a bus stop for a minute or two's breather. Took a few deep breaths, looked around, shook out my hands, and realised I was OK, so started her up and (after stalling it) kept going. Goddie is right; better to be in a good frame of mind, so if you start getting nervous, pull over.

    He also mentioned Saturday practice. Check out the thread and come along.
  16. how did you go mate? all good?
  17. Pretty sure he said he is picking it up on Thursday night...it's currently 12:09AM :p
  18. Kanga - Good to know the ZZR is up to it! I read a bucketload of reviews and all said the ZZR is more than capable of long rides on freeways which is why I picked it specifically.

    Comrade - Definitely going to keep myself in check! I'm a bit nervous this morning knowing what's ahead, but I'm absolutely pumped to hit the freeway for my first ride! As said before, I've always given myself a baptism of fire with everything i've struggled. Before I turned 18 I couldn't swim, and when the Army found out they threw me in the ocean and said "swim or die, your choice!" Kinda worked!

    Phongus - My girlfriends bro used to ride scooters (no comment ...) and he said the same thing, the suicide barriers cut the wind factor down dramatically! My route home tonight will be take Boronia Rd onto EastLink, then across the Eastern and through Alexandra Pde, by Ascot Vale and straight on to Ballarat Rd. I live on Hampstead Rd so it's pretty straight forward!

    Brmmm - I'm very familiar with the roads I'm taking, but that's trapped in a cage. Will definitely keep my eyes peeled for any crevices and ruts on the roads now I'm on two wheels. And yes, will definitely be the clear visor tonight! I've got a dark tinted visor which will live in the fairing storage for day time rides, but for the first few weeks it'll be clear visor and sunnies until I'm comfortable. Pinlock system of the Shoei helmet makes it very easy to change!

    Goddie - Yeah bought my L plate yesterday when I bought my jacket! Went to AMX, Peter Stevens and a place on Old Geelong Rd to try a tonne of jackets and although I didn't want to spend more than $400, I tried on a Dianese leather jacket that fit like a glove and was supremely comfortable. $550 later ... At least they gave me the disc lock and L plate for free =]

    Greydog - Where's the Sat morning practice thread? I had a look for it but I couldn't find anything! I definitely wouldn't mind coming down, particularly seeing as it's meant to be raining this Saturday. I'd rather deliberately expose myself to riding in the wet in a good mental state as opposed to getting caught in the rain after an 8 hour work day!

    steltzer - Picking it up tonight with any luck! Bike's gone in for it's roadworthy today and all should be good. It's a 2006 with a genuine 3,100 clicks on the clock which does concern me slightly, but I've taken the day off work tomorrow to give the baby a real good going over!
  19. Good luck with the trip tonight! Don't panic even if you stall at lights ect, take your time and don't let cars freak you out and you'll be fine. I was a wreck my first solo trip too but it gets awesomer and easier each time ya jump on. :D

  20. i am such an idiot LOL